Pennsylvania hearing to remove Barr changed to Sept. 5

Ballot Access News reports that “the Republican Party challenge to Bob Barr’s Pennsylvania ballot position has been moved from September 4 to September 5 (Friday). It will be at 10 a.m. in Courtroom One, Widener Bldg., 1339 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Experienced election law attorney Sam Stretton will be defending Barr.”

The GOP is seeking to invalidate Barr’s petitions because his name was not on the petitions, even though by June and July the Libertarian Party knew who its candidate would be.

Says Ballot Access News:

But, under that theory, the party would have been stuck with two separate petitions, one listing Rochelle Etzel for president, and another one listing Bob Barr for president. Neither one would have had enough signatures, and there is no procedure for combining two different petitions with different names on them.

Stand-ins are well-recognized in Pennsylvania law. All petitions carry a substitution committee, which has the authority to appoint the new nominee after the stand-in withdraws.

7 Responses to “Pennsylvania hearing to remove Barr changed to Sept. 5”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    What is coming this November 4th. Please click on THUMBS UP

  2. Roscoe Says:

    Stretton is a well-known liberal Democrat crusading lawyer who stands up for the little guy in civil liberty suits and cop-abuse cases. I hope he tears the GOP turd a new asshole in this suit.

  3. Joseph Oddo Says:

    Interesting that neither of the big two parties had their candidate’s named before Barr either…

  4. inDglass Says:

    I guess this means Barr should sue the GOP off the ballot for not meeting the Texas deadline.


    We are all donating $5 today to show support in challenging the Texas ballot for the dems and reps

  6. GREEN DAD Says:

    63 days left , Diamond Dave is right , please donate and if you can more than $5 please do so.

    BTW, I liked your article Jonathan.

  7. Mik Robertson Says:

    This objection to Barr on the ballot is absurd! The election laws cannot say the Libertarian Party is not considered a political party then penalize the Libertarian Party for not being considered a political party. If the LP is considered a political party, then it has already been established that signers of nomination papers only put the party nominees on the ballot, not the specifically named candidate on the papers. Otherwise the election laws cannot pass constitutional muster.

    The Republican Party should be ashamed at this thinly veiled attempt to remove a political rival from the ballot, something McCain pledged he would not do nor allow his supporters to do. This case should take five minutes to decide.

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