AKIP continues to support Chuck Baldwin

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The Alaskan Independence Party is continuing to stick with Chuck Baldwin as its presidential candidate. The party has turned in its paperwork to have the Constitution Party national nominees on the AIP’s line.

According to an interview with Bob Bird, the Alaskan Independence Party’s U.S. Senate candidate, posted here, the Alaskan Independence Party is not currently pleased with Sarah Palin. Palin supports a natural gas pipeline from the North Shore of Alaska through Canada and down to the lower 48 states. The Alaskan Independence Party prefers a natural gas pipeline south to Valdez, where the natural gas could be liquefied and sent in ships to various ports on both sides of the Pacific, North American and Asia.

3 Responses to “AKIP continues to support Chuck Baldwin”

  1. drifter Says:

    So they are not happy with palin on ONE issue? If that is the case, I know palin and baldwin differ on many, so they really must disagree with baldwin on a lot.

  2. Cody Quirk Says:

    If they did, then Baldwin will not be on their ballot.

    They previously supported Alan Keyes, but didn’t have a problem with the national convention results.

  3. Red Phillips Says:

    I really never did get why the secessionist AIP supported Lincoln loving anti-secessionist, Alan Keyes. That really makes no sense whatsoever. Had they declared their independence during a Keyes administration, he no doubt would have sent in the troops.

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