IAP candidate’s website up and running

The campaign website for Nevada State Senatorial candidate, Janine Hansen, has recently gone online.
While parts of it are still under construction, Janine’s campaign message is loud and clear:

“...I have worked representing citizens and families at the Nevada Legislature every session since 1971, I know how the system works. The Legislature is full of lobbyists representing every level of government. Bureaucrats are constantly there lobbying our elected officials for more money, while families are busy earning a living with no one to represent their concerns. Families are smart enough to decide how to spend their own money. Families would be far better off without the excessive tax burden, which eats up more of the family’s budget than housing, food, health care, transportation, education, and recreation combined.”

“My opponent has supported almost all of the tax increases passed by the Nevada Legislature, which I have consistently opposed as a citizen lobbyist- I will be a voice for families saying no more taxes.”

“Our state is under assault because the federal government has failed to protect our borders. I will sponsor the bill- ‘Nevada Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2009’ to protect Nevadans from illegal immigration just like Oklahoma and Arizona have recently done.”

“In 2003, I opposed SB 312, which as originally proposed would have allowed illegals to obtain drivers licenses in Nevada. Fortunately, after the bill passed the Senate unanimously, it was amended through our efforts in the Assembly to protect the integrity of Nevada’s drivers’ licenses…”

Janine is in a two-way race against Republican incumbent, Dean Rhodes.

She is endorsed by Storey County GOP Chairperson, Juanita Cox, and other prominent Nevada citizens.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

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    Please Please give it a Thumbs UP


  2. Porter Rockwell Says:


    You are a degenerate spam artist…

  3. Eddie H. Nessul Says:

    I am all for open gambling in California, “Vegas Style” in a corridor that is within 70 miles of the Nevada border, especially in the desert region along I -15, ie towns like Baker or Zyyyyzx.

    While states like Nevada suck off of California gamblers coming to Reno and Las Vegas, Families in California face excessive tax burdens, which eats up more of the family’s budget than housing, food, health care, transportation, education, and recreation combined.”

    California families are smart enough to gamble their own rent money, kids shoes money, alimony payments, pawn shopped wedding ring cash etc, right here in THEIR OWN STATE and quit subsidizing Nevada and all of their belly aching needs.

    PS- BTW- The all you can eat buffet at Pechanga in California is a “cant miss” !

  4. Don Gruntmann Says:


    You need to be put to death.

  5. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    Congratulations to the IAP in Nevada! Great work and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL for all youv’e done and are still doing! General Jones is in very good company!

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF
    Nat. Chrm. National Veterans Coalition,
    Constitution party…www.nvets.org

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