Montana governor says Barr could help hand state to Obama

The Raw Story reports that “Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a moderate Democrat elected in 2004 for pushing a bipartisan agenda, said some of his constituents would not vote for Republican nominee John McCain because of disagreements with the Arizona senator on issues like gun rights.”

The story continues:

While gun owners might not necessarily come into the Obama camp, Schweitzer noted they would have another option on the ballot.

“Those Republicans who are single issue voters, they might vote for Bob Barr,” Schweitzer said during a brief appearance in the Big Tent, a workspace set up for bloggers and New Media journalists covering the Democratic National Convention here.


Schweizer noted that the most recent poll in Montana had Obama and McCain tied with 47 percent support. He said that a decent showing by Barr could allow Obama to win with as little as 48 percent of the vote.

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  1. ciborium Says:

    Thanks for the pseudo-endorsement.

  2. Richard G. Says:

    Aw. Too bad. Like we care if McCain loses or wins. Go Barr/Root!

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