Cindy Sheehan endorses McKinney

Green Party Watch reports that antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan has formally endorsed Cynthia McKinney for President on the Green Party ticket. The posting consists of two videos presenting Sheehan’s speech at the Mercury Cafe in Denver

8 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan endorses McKinney”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    Is this a bit of a surprise? I thought Nader was a supporter of Sheehan and appeared with her in Denver.

  2. Green in Brooklyn Says:

    Both Nader and McKinney support and endorse Sheehan, but she can only endorse one of the two, and Cindy and Cynthia have a long relationship thru the anti-war movement, which Nader has not been as involved in, so this is not a surprise to me.

  3. Mike Says:

    Odd. I actually thought she was going to endorse Nader.

  4. David Gaines Says:

    Why can’t she endorse both? The 1st amendment says you can endorse anybody for office you want to endorse. Lots of people are publically supporting both Nader and McKinney. I’m fine with her endorsing CM (I do, too), which I presume is because of their personal relationship, and both being women and supportive of female candidacies. But she has appeared with Ralph at public appearances and I’m sure she has no problem with people deciding to vote for him.

  5. DL Says:

    >Why can’t she endorse both? The 1st amendment says you can endorse anybody for office you want to endorse.

  6. Laine Says:

    I would have hoped she would endorse Nader considering he gave her a spot to speak at his Super Rally in Denver. But I respect her choice to endorse McKinney though it will have no impact on Nader as my choice for President.

  7. GreenGenes Says:

    Cynthia McKinney is building a political institution. Listen to Cindy Sheehan’s endorsement. It’ll take such an institution (Green Party) to actually change anything and 5% results in MILLIONS of dollars for the Green Party as well as the next presidential campaign. Creating such institution can result in ballot access for state parties and the ability to WIN local elections. That’s the BIG difference between McKinney and Nader. The presidential campaign has to result in something ENDURING to create change.

  8. hsmith19 Says:

    When will Green Party acolytes stop repeating this canard??? ANY candidate who gets 5% is entitled to federal funds for the next election, whether they are an independent or the nominee of a nominally national party like the Greens. Ross Perot’s independent candidacy in 1992 is what enabled him to build the Reform Party for the next election. If Nader gets 5% this year, he’ll get the same chance in 2012.

    The biggest difference between McKinney and Nader is that Nader has a remote chance of approaching 5% this year. McKinney doesn’t—she’s polling in Cobb territory. The Green Party has worked very hard over the past eight years to reduce itself to an irrelevancy, and it’s getting closer and closer to succeeding.

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