Barr is the only presidential candidate on the Texas ballot

The following is a media release from the Barr presidential campaign:
Interview Contact: Andrew Davis
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (202) 731-0002

Barr Only Presidential Candidate on Texas Ballot
Republicans, Democrats miss deadline to file presidential candidates in Texas

Atlanta, GA - Bob Barr is slated to be the only presidential candidate on the ballot in Texas after Republicans and Democrats missed the Aug. 26 deadline to file in the state.

“Unless the state of Texas violates their own election laws, Congressman Barr will be the only presidential candidate on the ballot,” says Russell Verney, campaign manager for the Barr Campaign and the former campaign manager for Ross Perot. “Texas law makes no exceptions for missing deadlines.”

The Texas Secretary of State Web site shows only Bob Barr as the official candidate for president in Texas.

“We know all about deadlines,” says Verney. “We are up against them constantly in our fight to get on the ballot across the nation. When we miss deadlines, we get no second chances. This is a great example of how unreasonable deadlines chill democracy.”

“Republicans and Democrats make certain that third party candidates are held to ballot access laws, no matter how absurd or unreasonable,” says Verney. “Therefore, Republicans and Democrats should be held to the same standards.”

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr represented the 7th District of Georgia in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003.

32 Responses to “Barr is the only presidential candidate on the Texas ballot”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I hope we can sue over this and get publicity.

  2. Vincent Darrah Says:

    You know good and well the R and D will be on the ballot no matter what, either that or you are a moron living in la la land

  3. Jonathan Says:

    It is crucial evryone here asks someone not involved for a donation to the Libertarian Party and Bob Barr. Without money, word will not get out to the average American. Today Barr will be on CNN for one full hour. Let us do our part by sending a donation to the campaign. It is a sacrfice well worth it. If you aregetting paid this Friday, please send $25 in. There is only 68 days left to election and every dollar counts. We are at $772,000 and counting which is basically same amount Badnarik rasied at this point. We all know Badnarik’s results in the past election. We must do better but we cannot do so without money. Money is crucial to get the word out on The Libertarian Party and it’s success this election.
    Won’t you make a donation today at ?

  4. Stewart Flood Says:

    Wow. Is there any other possible reaction to this news?

    This is absolutely fantastic. The possible outcomes of this and their subsequent effects on other states are staggering.

    Jonathan is correct: Bob and the party need money, money, money! And of course everyone needs to talk about this issue at every possible opportunity. It can only help.

  5. disinter Says:

    we should require that we get 50 state ballot access for this.


    We are up to $774,000 I just posted a request to all my friends in FACEBOOK, this is a great way to creat awareness and ask for donations. We need to have a strong finish in money this month. 4 days left in August and 68 days left for election. Everyone who supports the Libertarian PArty it’s time to set aside 30 minutes and email everyone, ask for donations, ask them to watch Glenn Beck tonight, email Lou Dobbs email him at [email protected] and ask him politely to invite Bob Barr, write editorials to your local newspapers. Every day now is precious, every vote counts

  7. GREEN DAD Says:

    Great idea on Lou Dobbs and thanks for his email. I just called the Commission on Presidential Debates at (202) 872-1020 and asked them politely ofcourse to include Bob Barr in the presidential debates and surprisingly they thanked me for the phone call and were very nice. They said they will pass along the message. I know my phone call won’t do much but if everyone calls it sends a strong message. It’s all about Unity and Urgency.

  8. formerlpmember Says:

    Although I am not crazy about Barr , I just donated to his campaign as it is important to support The Libertarian Party and after all he is better than McCain and Obama.

  9. DebbieKat Says:

    just checked the TX secretary of state site and indeed, no republican or democratic presidential candidate is listed. Other than Barr, the other minor parties are listed as write-in candidates. No republican or democrat. That’s so damn funny.

  10. Maureen in MA Says:

    I also just check the SOS site and here’s their list of write-in candidates:

    Brian Moore/ Stewart A. Alexander - N
    Alan Keyes/ Marvin Sprouse, Jr. - N
    Ralph Nader/ Matt Gonzalez - N
    Cynthia McKinney/ Rosa Clements - N
    Jonathan Allen/ Jeffrey D. Stath - N
    Thaddaus Hill/ Gordon F. Bailey - N

  11. Mike Says:

    1. The SOS cannot list a candidate until he is chosen so ignore the website for now.
    2. Bush was not chosen until September in 2004 so expect both the D&R to be on the ballot.

  12. Brandon Magoon Says:

    I hate to point this out but this will get no attention in the media. Obama and McCain will get on the ballot no matter what the law says. This isn’t the first time some thing like this has happened. The law isn’t for our masters, it’s for us.

  13. Jonathan Says:

    here is an article I just wrote. Please show me the love and click on THUMBS UP once you read it

  14. Gary Odom Says:

    The Constitution Party DID file our write-in paperwork and have proof of it, but screw the D’s and R’s, if they have failed to comply with the law.

    Some people may consider the CP and the LP competitors, but I say don’t let the D’s and R’s on the ballot—Let Barr be the only one on the ballot if that is what is right…and God knows I would rather be on with him. Right is right. I would love them to have he balls to tell the D’s and R’s that “sorry you are too late.”

    I am not holding my breath

  15. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Good release, it means the Barr folks are listening. Hopefully, they’ll follow up on it to keep the DP and GOP off the ballot.

    It would be hilarious if the TX SoS actually upheld the law, making TX a fat tossup state and throwing the entire election into chaos.

    Hey, we can dream, can’t we? :)

  16. Richard Winger Says:

    The Republicans were not in violation of the Texas deadline in 2004, because in 2004 the deadline was 60 days before the election. It was the legislature in 2005 that moved it to 70 days that made a problem.

  17. RockHoward Says:

    If the Democrats were smart they would fight to keep McCain off the ballot in Texas even though it would mean that Obama would be off of the ballot in Texas as well. (Of course I would hope for that as I am one of the electors for the Texas LP and we as a group would almost certainly get to decide the outcome of the election in the electoral college unless Obama manages to clinch the Presidency outright.)

  18. Roscoe Says:

    $5 says the requisite papers have already been backdated and will be found floating around in a misplaced file.

    The gloves-off approach in states where Barr/LP has had to sue is to go to the state chair of whatever party controls the statehouse and tell him or her that the matter be quickly and inexpensively cleared up or the LP is going to target one incumbent in a toss-up district next election and put all resources into defeating said incumbent. For instance, Pennsylvania has one or more incumbent congressmen who barely won in 2004 but have no Libertarian opposition this time around.

  19. Richard Winger Says:

    The problem with Roscoe’s theory is that it would have been impossible for the Republican Party state chair to certify whom the v-p nominee is. Only John McCain and his closest advisors know, and even they probably didn’t know for sure on August 26, the day the form was due in the Sec. of State’s office.

  20. Arizona Indie Says:

    Bob Barr would probably find a way to lose to one of the write-in candidates.

  21. Free Al. Says:

    This is great news. The Republican and Democratic parties will almost certainly BREAK THE LAW and put their nominees on the ballot, but its still great to see them get bit in the @$$ by their own regulations. Karma has finally come around to give the Republicrats what they deserved. I just hope it continues to do so by preventing John McCain and Barack Obama from placing their names on the Ballot illeagally, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  22. Andy Craig Says:

    I smell a lawsuit.

    I trust Barr will be trumpeting this on Glenn Beck tonight.

  23. Ayn R. Key Says:

    Good point about how the Democrats should support the LP in enforcing Texas State Law.

  24. Jonathan Says:

    Thanks to appearing on TV we are up to $799,000
    Let’s get to $800,000 tonight , come on people get to the phones, email and write articles and letters.

    Here is one article I wrote , give it a THUMBS UP please

  25. Richard Winger Says:

    If the law were enforced, Obama and McCain couldn’t even be write-in candidates. The deadline for filing as a write-in in Texas was also August 26. That is an absurdly early deadline for a write-in candidate to file, but that’s Texas for you.

    Nader was kept off the ballot in 2004 in Texas because he turned his petitions in two weeks after the independent presidential petition deadline. He turned them in on the deadline for minor party petitions, and then he sued, but Judge Lee Yeakel said there was nothing unconstitutional about forcing independent presidential candidates to submit petitions 2 weeks before new party petitions are due.

  26. Jonathan Says:

    wow, I really hope we sue not to have the Democrats or Republicans on, regardless what the outcome will be. What’s the worst that can happen, we get some publicity?

  27. Ayn R. Key Says:

    Here, finally, I see something good about the Barr campaign, and I hope Barr lives up to it.

    In 2004 Bush failed to file on time in two states that he eventually won. Had he been disqualified as he should have been according to law, he would not be the president today.

    Nobody, neither the Democrats who stood to benefit, nor the Libertarians just for the hell of it, nor the Greens seeking to mitigate the alleged damage of splitting the left vote, challenged in court the placement of Bush on the ballot. I think Badnarak was just too nice a guy.

    Barr can rise up to the occasion and finally win my undivided support. Until now I’ve been trying to build even tepid support, but he can have my whole hearted support. He’s been using lawsuits to force the ballot issue - he must file one in Texas if Obama and McCain are placed on the ballot. The case is on whether or not Texas should follow Texas law.

    If he files, I will donate. If he files, I will vote for him.

  28. Cork Says:

    Did anyone see Barr on Glenn Beck tonight? It was awful. He said that he would have invaded Iraq if he thought Saddam had WMDs. He said we need to get involved in the Georgia conflict and dole out foreign aid. He said we need “confront evil” at home and abroad.

    The guy is still a neocon.

  29. Clark Says:

    ...only ?67 more days to suffer through this fucking miserable embarrassment..

    ...hopefully then, we can wipe the slate clean and start looking for some people who, for example, know what a fucking dollar is…

    ...not merely ignoramu$ republicreeps who smoke dope, are ‘concerned about the iraq occupation,’ are ‘!outraged over high taxes,’ etceterot ad goddamned nauseam!... ;o)

    ...have a good day..

  30. formerlpmbr Says:

    $802,000 raised so far with 67 days left. I am on board for the good of the Party. I wasn’t going to vote but I realize that my position is not the right thing to do. This is not about Bob Barr it’s about advancing The Libertarian Party. Success now will only help us next time around.

  31. Thomas Jeffeson Says:

    Well, I would hope that someone at least looked into the possiblity of sueing, if in fact it would violate State law to allow the DNC and RNC candidates to be on the ballot or to be a counted write-in vote. Just a thought.

    The LP has had this nagging problem for a number of years. Many conservatives will make quasi-libertarian arguments for one reason or another, Reagan was especially good at this, and that often ends up with the LP making rather odd political and cultural coalitions with conservative Republicans.

    This is partly why the LP has split into two major factions—Boston Tea Party—and why the Free State project—for all its buzz—rejects a libertairan label.

  32. James Aiken Says:

    lulz. look again

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