Ron Paul compares Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin

In a recent CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, Ron Paul had kind words to say about Bob Barr…

I think [Bob Barr] is running a very important race, and I’m encouraging him. I haven’t endorsed him, but he’s saying the kind of things I like to hear said, and I hope he does real well

and about Chuck Baldwin:

But we also have Chuck Baldwin, who runs on the Constitution Party. His views are very very close to mine, and he worked very hard in my campaign, so for me to pick one over the other is not easy. I hope they both, together, get a lot of votes.

8 Responses to “Ron Paul compares Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin”

  1. ~enemyartistkristofeR! Says:

    I hear what Ron Paul is saying, about being friends with both Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin and not wanting to choose between them, but, Ron Paul was a Libertarian already and LOTS Of Libertarians were supporting Ron Paul and Lots of Ron Paul Supporters became Libertarians. The Libertarian Party is a MUCH Larger Platform to run off of then the Constitution party is, the Libertarians are going to get ALOT more coverage than the constitution party will. The simple fact that Ron Paul isnt running as the Libertarian party is a sad enough shock to have to deal with, the fact that he will not out right endorse and support the obviously smarter choice of Bob Barr and the Libertarian party makes it just that much worse. I personally do hope that Ron Paul will come out and support Bob Barr, but either way I will do all I can to help spread the Message of the Libertarian Party and Bob Barr. Check Out My Blog for Lotsa Libertarian / Bob Barr / Ron Paul and Art and More!

  2. G.E. Says:

    The interview wasn’t recent and those quotes were lifted from IPR. The syntax is the same as the ones I typed up.

    Thanks for the credit.

    Typical TPW journalism ethics.

  3. Ron Moss Says:

    Ron Paul is somewhat at a loss to choose between the liberty and the constitution. But both are necessary. I, like the Mormons, thimk the constitution is a devine document and should be preserved and protected over any nation, like Israeli land or Georgia. Our USA must come first, And any good loyal Jew will agree. Paul should pick the constitution Party for that reason, at least.

  4. Troy Says:

    paul can’t or will risk losing his standing with the party. elected officials are aprehended for things like this.

  5. CQ is an Idiot! Says:

    RON to BARR; “BARR your nose isn’t long enough, BALDWINS the man!”

  6. CQ is an Idiot! Says:
    1. G.E. Says:
      August 25th, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    The interview wasn’t recent and those quotes were lifted from IPR. The syntax is the same as the ones I typed up.

    Thanks for the credit.

    Typical TPW journalism ethics.



  7. Brandon Magoon Says:

    I don’t know if Ron Paul is going to endorse anyone but we can figure out who he will be voting for pretty easily. Baldwin isn’t on the ballot in Texas and Barr is. Now if only Barr would put a little effort into building a grassroots movement. The major reason Barr is getting a lot of media is because they think he has a significant support base. He needs to get one before it’s to late.

  8. David Franke Says:

    This is for everyone other than G.E., so you have “the other side of the story,” as Paul Harvey puts it.

    G.E. must think the world revolves around him, saying “those quotes were lifted from IPR.” Funny, I thought they were lifted from the video. And the truth is, I don’t look at IPR, and it’s hard to lift something from a site you don’t look at.

    At any rate, I got those quotes from the writeup on, and acknowledged that by directing readers back to that website.

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