Barr: Two-party system has left U.S. in ‘constitutional wilderness’

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr as stating that the current two-party political system has left Americans “wandering in a constitutional wilderness.”

“The government now wants to subject us to full-body X-rays just to board a plane,” said the former Republican congressman from Cobb County. “The only way you have to prevent that is by voting for the Libertarian Party.”

Of the Libertarian party, Barr said, “We understand the Constitution, we believe in the Constitution, and we know that if we don’t get a handle on it very, very quickly, it will be too late … unless we start electing Libertarians to the House of Representatives and the Senate.”

20 Responses to “Barr: Two-party system has left U.S. in ‘constitutional wilderness’”

  1. TJ Says:

    DIGG IT!

    Have to say I agree. There is always more than two sides to an issue.

    The two parties have to take opposite views on every issue leaving free thinking individuals left with no representation in our current govt.

  2. Adam Says:

    As a right libertarian, there’s really no place for me in the two party system. Yeah, there was Ron Paul, but how many other Republicans are like Ron Paul, that are in office? I hate the two party system. To quote Bob Barr “I have no problem with the two party system, as long as libertarians are one of the two parties”. Actually, what party has the exact opposite ideology of the libertarians? None, so you’d have no have more than two parties. I want to see a race, where, Bob Barr gets 30% of the vote, Chuck Baldwin gets 7% of the vote, Cynthia McKinney gets 3% and Ralph Nader gets 19%. I know it probably won’t happen, but I have faith that one day, third parties will break through. Remember, at one time ALL parties were third parties.

  3. theCardinal Says:

    And what did Bob Barr ever do to break the two party system? when did he care about it soooo much? Oh, yeah…it was when he decided to run for president as a third party member - convenient.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    We have a golden opportunity as Independents, as Libertarians, as libertarians, as Third Party rooters to back a BETTER alternative to McCain and Obama and do some damage. The Libertarian Party will be on more ballots than any other Third Party and thus Barr is our messenger.
    Let’s unite and send a message.

    But we need your help , we are at $725,000 please contribut today and urge just one friend to do so today..


  5. Derek Says:

    TheCardinal, yeah, how convenient that Barr has suddenly felt something’s wrong about the two-party system when, years ago, while running for re-election in Congress, he lost his seat thanks to the Libertarian candidate.

  6. DebbieKat Says:

    Adam, I’m with you, but I’d like to see Ralph with a larger percentage than 19%! :-)

    I’m so DONE with the 2 party system.

  7. DebbieKat Says:

    Actually, if we really want to see these things happen, become activists for instant runoff voting or range voting. Our current system will continue to instill fear into the average citizen who will keep voting the lesser of two evils till this is changed.

  8. Roscoe Says:

    Is there no redemption? Will we spurn the help of sitting politicians who come to see our viewpoint because they have, in the past, opposed it?
    Obviously, Bob Barr’s “conversion” is not trusted by many Libertarians.
    What will it take to convince these people or is it always to be “once a statist, always a statist?”

  9. Richard G. Says:

    The sad state of affairs this country is in is quite dramatic. Do you realize that if Hitler ran today as a Republican and Stalin as a Democrat, that the American voter would elect one of them because the American voter believes you have to “vote for the better of two evils” so your vote “is not wasted on a spoiler” because a “third person just can’t win anyhow.” Never mind that you really have more options. Just pick from who we tell you to.

  10. Ferenc Says:

    No matter what, in your districk vote independent or third pary candidates.
    Tell your friens and relatives to do the same. We all must stand up against this two party dictatorship in november. I must corect Mr. Barr. Unless
    we start to electing Libertarian party candidates in to the House of

    Representatives and Senate. Mr. Barr many places no Libertarians runing for office. But we have others like CP. Reform, America First, Independent Party, and on and on.
    God Bless

  11. Jonathan Says:

    Sick of Obamamania?

    - Tomorrow night, August 26, Bob Barr will appear for his second time on the Colbert Report. - On both Wednesday and Friday mornings, Bob will be appearing on CNN. - And on Thursday, Glenn Beck will be taping another full hour with Bob Barr!

    Check out updated daily.
    Let Freedom Grow !

  12. Eric Dondero Says:

    Richard G., the reality is that in today’s Democrat Party BOTH Hitler and Staling would feel quite comfortable. At least with the GOP there’s still a slither of libertarians like Tom McClintock, Jeff Flake, Leon Drolet, Bob Hedlund, Butch Otter, Sarah Palin, In the Dems, there’s not even a shimmer of hope for liberty.

  13. Bill Wood Says:

    It wasn’t Bob Barr’s idea to run for President. He was asked and begged to run. I’m glad he finally relented. If you look at the facts and not the fiction Bob has probably done more for the Libertarian Party than any other LP Candidate. Media, Polling, new Members I see nothing but positives for his Campaign. If he gets the vote totals that he is polling in some States, the LP will have a lot less work to do in the future getting Candiates on the ballots.

  14. Jonathan Says:

    59 thumbs up so far

  15. Joe Says:

    Bob is having a fundraiser in Denver on Thursday, the 28th, while BO is delivering his acceptance at Invesco Field.

    I will attend but now the campaign is beginning to nickel and dime.

    First it was $100 to attend, $500 to sit with Wayne, and $100 to sit with Bob.

    Now it is $20 to order a cocktail. Previously, just pay for cocktails.

    Who knows what it will be upon actually showing up at the door.

    I was in downtown Denver today wearing my Barr ‘08 button and was not once demeaned, why the sudden shift by the campaign?

    I will show up, pay my $100 and drink (and pay for) my glass of wine but don’t expect more.

  16. Joe Says:

    Sorry, typo, $1000 to sit with Bob.

  17. Clark Says:, it’s fucking amateur-hour around here!...(?maybe some government-schooled, political ‘science’ students..heads stuffed with fucking ooga-booga..)

    ...firstly, we don’t really have an honest ‘two-party system’..we have a CONTROLLED ‘one-party system’ peopled with (LARGELY) $50 haircuts on $5 heads…

    ...very few of whom—VERY fucking few—can/will talk intelligently about the origin, nature, etc.. of the very ‘money’ about which they are frequently found working their hot-dog holes..for one of many examples.. other words, people who are no/little threat to the exi$ting, stinking, fucking, rotten order/monetary order/etc. will tend to move ahead in ‘politics’...

    ...failure to recognize and frequently acknowledge this political/election fraud makes you ‘3rd party’ blowbags look like some naive, goddamned fools!

    ...btw, imo the institution of ‘the negative vote’ (i.e. having the ability to ‘take one away’ from the worst of the republicrat fuckwads, instead of being coerced into casting a ‘positive vote’ for a lesser of evils) would be an eye-opener…a very good thing…as many of you republicrat dummies appear to have no clue how much your candidates, ideas, etc. disgust people..)

    ...but have a good day!.. ;o)

  18. Clark Says:

    BILL WOOD IF HE COULD: “It wasn’t Bob Barr’s idea to run for President. He was asked and begged to run.” (End)

    ...i sense the apparent fucking republicrat idiots you cite here are looking for a place to hide right about now… ;o)

  19. jonathan Says:

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  20. Tannim Says:

    How much of a commission does Jonathan get for his endless shilling? It’s bad enough that they overwork my spam email filter…

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