Will the odd couple be on the ballot in Virginia?

We told you on Tuesday, August 19 that the Independent Green Party of Virginia had succeeded in getting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the ballot in Virginia.

Then we also told you yesterday that the Independent Greens also got Ron Paul on the ballot as Bloomberg’s vice presidential running mate, but that Ballot Access News (Richard Winger) reported that this was just a ruse; that Virginia allows substitution of candidates and the Independent Greens plan to substitute the Constitution Party ticket headed by Chuck Baldwin.

Well, it appears that this is not only the oddest couple currently qualified for a state ballot in the U.S. of A., but also the most hotly contested election story involving a third party. Your editor got a telephone message last night from Carey Campbell (leader of the Independent Greens) saying unequivocably:

“Richard Winger’s story is wrong! Richard Winger’s story is not correct! We’ll keep Michael Bloomberg on the ballot and we’ll keep Ron Paul on the ballot. If they agree.”

Richard Winger, meanwhile, says (see comment No. 5 to his own article):

I stand by my story…. Carey Campbell has promised the Constitution Party that Baldwin is their nominee.

Also note: Reason magazine’s always-interesting blogger David Weigel has this interview with Carey Campbell, in which he talks about expanding this ticket to other states, and this reaction from the Ron Paul camp—they’re not encouraging this, but they’re also not going to fight it.

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  1. V Says:

    The Independent Greens are viewed as quite kooky in Virginia by the few people who have actually heard of them and not associate them with the usual run-of-the-mill not as kooky regular Greens. Whigs in Virginia just wrote a short posting on the Independent Green candidate for Senate, a woman named Gail Parker. Her sole issue is high-speed rail for Virginia. Not sure if she would fit with the Constitutional Party fringe, as they strike me as all about so-called moral preaching and not so much practical issues like traffic congestion.

  2. Sivarticus Says:

    Write and tell them to keep an alternative ticket, but put Ron Paul at the top. Even if this extended to just a few other states, it would rev up all third party votes and knock McCain to the floor.

  3. Sherman Witcher Says:

    Thank You for posting the correction to Mr. Winger’s story.

    Richard Winger is an outstanding American. He got this story wrong.

    Here’s Indy Green latest press release calling for immediate reconvening of Green Party Convention and or other third major minors.

    News Release

    Nominate Bloomberg now!

    Indy Greens call for National Green Party to reconvene convention in New York City this week and nominate Bloomberg/Paul ticket for President

    For Immediate Release:
    Contact: Joe Oddo 703-338-0200

    Independent Greens of Virginia

    Thursday August 21, 2008


    [email protected]

    Independent Greens of Virginia urge America’s three major minor parties to nominate Bloomberg/Paul. Indy Greens want Green, Constitution, and Libertarian Party nominees to form alliance with Michael Bloomberg and Ron Paul.

    Who: Independent Greens of Virginia have Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the ballot for President, and Congressman Ron Paul for Vice President in Virginia.

    What: Indy Greens call on Green Party’s Cynthia McKinney, Libertarian’s Bob Barr, and Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin to form a post partisan, independent unity alliance with Michael Bloomberg and Ron Paul to form America’s Third Major party.

    How: The Green Party should reconvene their convention now, and nominate Bloomberg/Paul, as could the Libertarian and Constitution Parties.

    When: This week.

    Where: New York City

    Indy Green state Chairman, and national chair of the Committee to Draft Michael Bloomberg for President www.DraftMichael.com, Carey Campbell, “ We have time to put Bloomberg on the ballot with Independent and Green Parties on enough state ballots to elect President Bloomberg.”

    Joe Oddo, campaign coordinator, “This is our time. Let us band together today. Harness the energy Bloomberg/Paul have generated to offer positive solutions for America. Imagine debates with a third alternative.”

    Gail “for Rail” Parker, “We need to cut dependence o n foreign oil, build solar, wind power, and rail across America. Bloomberg/Paul make America safer and more secure.”

    The Independent Greens of Virginia have been contacted by state Green Party leaders, and Independence Party representatives urging action today.

    Carey Campbell, State Chairman, Independent Greens of Virginia www.VoteJoinRun.US
    [email protected]

    Glenda “Gail for Rail” Parker, State Secretary Independent Green of Virginia

    [email protected]

  4. Jones '08 Says:

    Likewise, there is still enough time to put Star Jones on the ballot in Lousiana, Vermont, and Mississippi is we can find people willing to be volunteers and/or electors in those states. Please reply in the comments if you are interested.

  5. Cody Quirk Says:

    Doesn’t matter, I believe the CP got enough signatures to be on the Virginia ballot anyway without the Independent Greens.

  6. Richard Winger Says:

    No, the Constitution Party did not even circulate a petition in Virginia. They got an agreement from the Independent Green Party of Virginia to do their petitioning for them. This was decided months ago. Joseph Oddo, 2nd in command in the Independent Green Party of Virginia, told me on the phone last night that the Independent Green Party will keep its commitment to the Constitution Party.

  7. Phil Sawyer Says:

    Ralph Nader for president and Matt Gonzalez for vice president!

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