Look what happened 100 years ago…

On the website of the Libertarian Party of Allen County, Pennsylvania, Robert Enders notes what happened 100 years ago:

What else happened in 1908? A mysterious object exploded over Siberia. The Cubs won the World’s Series. And a guy with a mustache was elected President. None of these things have happen since. But sometimes, things have a way of surprising you….

The Cubs are leading their division this year. Hey, if there’s hope for them, anything can happen.

Which leads Phil Marx to ask: “So you’re expecting Bob Barr to explode over Siberia?”

4 Responses to “Look what happened 100 years ago…”

  1. Roscoe Says:

    What surprises me is Allen County has apparently moved to Pennsylvania.
    Craving that scrapple and Tastykakes, eh?

  2. Stewart Flood Says:

    Did you have to remind me that there’s no scrapple south of the Mason/Dixon?

    Geez…now I’ll be contemplating driving up to Philly to the farmer’s market across from the 69th street terminal. Only a 10 hour drive or so…

  3. Mik Robertson Says:

    Mmmm…Scrapple! Everything but the oink.

  4. Stewart Flood Says:

    When did they remove the oink? Geez…the gov’t regulates EVERYTHING these days…

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