Independent Greens seek broad third-party coalition behind Bloomberg-Paul

The following is a media release from the Independent Greens of Virginia:

For Immediate Release Contact: Joe Oddo 703-338-0200
ndependent Greens of Virginia
Thursday August 21, 2008

Bloomberg/Paul ticket on Virginia ballot for IGVA

Independent Greens of Virginia urge America’s three major minor parties to nominate Bloomberg/Paul. Indy Greens want Green, Constitution, and Libertarian Party nominees to form alliance with Michael Bloomberg and Ron Paul.

Who: Independent Greens of Virginia have Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the ballot for President, and Congressman Ron Paul for Vice President in Virginia.

What: Indy Greens call on Green Party’s Cynthia McKinney, Libertarian’s Bob Barr, and Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin to form a post partisan, independent unity alliance with Michael Bloomberg and Ron Paul to form America’s Third Major party.

How: The Green Party should reconvene their convention now, and nominate Bloomberg/Paul, as could the Libertarian and Constitution Parties.

When: Within the week.

Where: New York City

Indy Green state Chairman, and national chair of the Committee to Draft Michael Bloomberg for President, Carey Campbell, “ We have time to put Bloomberg on the ballot with Independent and Green Parties on enough state ballots to elect President Bloomberg.”

Joe Oddo, campaign coordinator, “This is our time. Let us band together today. Harness the energy Bloomberg/Paul have generated to offer positive solutions for America. Imagine debates with a third alternative.”

Gail “for Rail” Parker, “We need to cut dependence o n foreign oil, build solar, wind power, and rail across America. Bloomberg/Paul make America safer and more secure.”

The Independent Greens of Virginia have been contacted by state Green Party leaders, and Independence Party representatives urging action today.

Carey Campbell, State Chairman, Independent Greens of Virginia www.VoteJoinRun.US
703-338-2553 (cell)
5522 Hinton Street
Springfield, VA 22151

Glenda “Gail for Rail” Parker, State Secretary Independent Green of Virginia
703-960-5602 (home)
703-585-0512 (cell)

13 Responses to “Independent Greens seek broad third-party coalition behind Bloomberg-Paul”

  1. Sivarticus Says:

    It might be more of a serious drive if they would give states/parties some leniency to reverse the ticket. Paul/Bloomberg would be much better.

  2. David Gaines Says:

    Uh, yeah, that’s all it would take to make this nonsense “a serious drive.”

    Let’s see….....three minor parties that are virulently opposed to each other on countless fundamental issues are going to nullify the results of their conventions, reconvene brand new conventions (at a cost to be borne by the so-called Independent Green Party, presumably, since this is their idea), convince each of their respective nominees to withdraw their candidacies, file lawsuits in states where they are already certified for the ballot to have the names of two people who aren’t running for anything substituted….....and on and on and on….....because Carey Campbell, whose little group can’t get publicity in Virginia any other way, has a jones for two famous people. Apparently Mr. Campbell forgot his promise to the Constitution Party regarding all the signatures his vast amounts of free time permitted him to collect, after the Nader campaign turned him down.

    Joe Oddo (who, by the way, is listed by the Nader campaign as their “Northern Virginia petition coordinator”....which is it, Joe? Nader, Bloomberg, Baldwin, or someone else?) uses the correct word when he says “Imagine debates with a third alternative” (as if he’s originating that concept), since “imaginary” is the only word that describes this self-promoting, LaRouche-like drivel.

  3. Andrew Panken Says:

    Barr/Baldwin or Baldwin/Barr or Paul/Barr or Paul/Baldwin but
    Bloomberg that is preposterous. Barr, Paul and Baldiwn supporters won’t
    buy into it, including myself

  4. Green Shale Says:

    ?????I must be confused. Ron Paul whose who supports mostly paleoconservative/libertarian policies on a ticket with NYC Mayor Bloomberg, a globalist who supports free trade, maintains NYC as a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, is pro-choice, and bans trans fats as running mates???????As a ticket to be supported by conservatives and libertarians?????OH MY!

  5. Stefan Says:

    Sivarticus: exactly!
    It should be pointed out that Bloomberg himself has called on Independents to unite:
    Unity 08 has explored the possibility of a Paul/Gravel ticket and then Bloomberg-Hagel ticket earlier this year.
    It is a good think the discussion is starting. Third parties need to negotiate cooperation and points of common interest together, otherwise they make themselves laughable and marginalize themselves.

  6. Jones '08 Says:

    Just as the Indy Greens seek a Bloomberg/Paul coalition, we seek a Jones/Wales coalition. If there is anyone interested in helping Star Jones and Jimmy Wales get on the ballot, please say so in the comments of this thread. Think about it this way: Star Jones and Jimmy Wales have more in common than Mike Bloomberg and Ron Paul.

  7. Hugh Jass Says:

    It seems like Jones ‘08 posts here a lot but doesn’t get any attention.

  8. Phil Sawyer Says:

    Ralph Nader for president and Matt Gonzalez for vice president!

  9. Green Shale Says:

    How is anything going to change with Bloomberg, crony of all WallStreet on the ticket???? I hope Ron Paul would never debase his principles with such an alliance. Its just sick.

  10. Mario Franccio Says:

    And I hope anti-immigrant racists remain off of minority parties, otherwise, what’s the difference? They might as well stay either Republican or Democrat.
    Vote for Cynthia McKinney.

  11. Deb Says:

    Anti-immigrant racists? Paul isn’t anti-immigrant. It’s the “illegal” part that rankles his followers.

  12. Ron Ron Run Says:

    Since when is being against ILLEGAL aliens a racist thing? It is about time someone dares approach the topic even though there is always that fear that if we dare to criticize lawbreaking illegal aliens, we will surely be called ‘racists’. Serious.. Get real! We like McKinney’s views on 9-11 truth, and she has even been interviewed in many of Alex Jones/ dvd’s as well as Dr Paul. But she doesn’t have the same backing as Ron Paul. Yes, we know we will get a tyrant in the oval office rather then a patriot like Paul, but that doesn’t diminish the idea that the fight needs to be wages anyhow.

  13. Says:

    Say NO to McBama!

    Say NO to Republicrats!

    Say NO to Establishment media outlets!

    Say NO to bipartisan trashing of the Constitution!

    Cast a protest vote for a 3rd party presidential candidate of your choice.

    Tell everyone why you will vote against the lesser of two evils.

    Tell everyone who you will vote for.

    Tell everyone what you think.

    Be heard:

    “The strongest message can be sent by rejecting the two party system… This can be accomplished by voting for one of the non-establishment, principled candidates.” - Ron Paul

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