Chuck Baldwin officially on the Ballot in West Virginia

From CP Field Director, Gary Odom:

“It’s official: 15,732 valid WV signatures for Baldwin/Castle’08 put the Constitution Party over the topand on the ballot in the Mountaineer State for the first time ever!—Hearty Congratulations to Jeff Becker, Denzil Sloan and all the great West Virginians whose hard work and perseverance has paid off!”

CPWV Chairman Jeff Becker confirmed this in a post on TPW-

“Make that at least 27 states - WEST VIRGINIA just confirmed!

I just got off the phone with the WV Sec of State ( 1-866-SOS-VOTE ) and the Elections Division confirmed that the CPWV submitted 15732 valid signatures (exceeds the 15118 presidential minimum) and will be sending us an official letter confirming that our Baldwin/Castle ticket IS ON the 2008 West Virginia ballot.”

The Constitution Party of West Virginia was also have Baldwin and Castle speak at their 2008 Convention this Saturday.

In other CP news, the Party has just qualified for the ballot in Virginia, Iowa, and recently, in Maryland.

14 Responses to “Chuck Baldwin officially on the Ballot in West Virginia”

  1. RLP Says:

    Latest Zogby poll has Baldwin at 0.1%, which is honestly higher than I thought it would be.

  2. Eric Dondero Says:

    The Libertarian Party should seriously investigate how to qualify Bob Barr as an official write-in. There are many Libertarians in the State who will not be able to stomach voting for Baldwin. We need to give them an option.

  3. Nexus Says:

    Eric, give the lawsuits a chance. It is at least possible Barr could be on the ballot.

  4. IamanAmerican Says:

    BARR?! might as well vote for McBama. Baldwin is no flip-flopper. Baldwin can be Trusted.

  5. Richard G. Says:

    Baldwin maybe no flip-flopper, but he represemts a truly theocratic party. Barr doesn’t.

  6. V Says:

    Perhaps I am not a true third party advocate, but can someone please explain to me how a person who may otherwise vote for Barr would automatically have to vote for a fringe theocrat like Baldwin if Barr wasn’t on their state ballot. Although Barr is essentially a Republican, Baldwin is way out there and I would imagine McCain would be closer to the Barr values. Is it just some kind of boycott of the major parties no matter what?

  7. Sivarticus Says:

    Funny that Dondero is concerned about Libertarians not being able to stomach Baldwin. I think almost any would vote for him if their only other choice is open borders, neo-liberal McCain.

  8. Cody Quirk Says:

    How is Baldwin a Theocrat when he made this statement:

  9. V Says:


    You are absolutely right. Chuck Baldwin is not only fringe, but he kind of reminds me of Jimmy Swaggert. Wow!

  10. Joe Dirt Says:

    From the comments, it is quite obvious that Third Party Watch is actually Libertarian Party Watch and anything that seriously challenges that mindset really gets their utopian pipedream panties in a bunch.

    Good job Constitution Party. Now PULL ON ‘EM HARD and give these libs their well deserved wedgie!

  11. Green Shale Says:

    Oh Look! An innuendo smear campaign. I take it you guys have a history of working on republican and democratic campaigns since you use their honorless dirty tactics.

  12. Lee Says:

    Joe Dirt has it all wrong… Some of us just like to resist turning our nation into a theocracy. And I’m not a Libertarian Party member, I’m a Modern Whig. This means that just about everyone in the established third parties dismisses us for being moderate with GOP and Dem values. Finally, Third Party Watch is a very good source of not only Libertarian info, but also Green, Nader, AFP, yes Constitutional, and many others, without the pretentious air about themselves as other sites.

  13. Allen Says:

    Jimmy Swaggert for President what a thought. Could we have a Swaggert/Baldwin ticket?

  14. Tennessee Mike Says:

    I’d vote for Swaggart over Baldwin, for sure!

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