Barr decries expansion of federal power

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on a recent visitor to the city:

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr said Wednesday that the growth of executive power is one of the main threats facing the United States.

During a campaign visit to Philadelphia, the former Republican congressman from Georgia described the post-Sept. 11 expansion of presidential prerogatives as “dramatic and breathtaking” and the Constitution “in danger of being washed away.”

“I would view the power I would inherit from President Bush as a ceiling not a floor,” Barr said, while Barack Obama and John McCain would see it “as a floor to be built on and expanded.”

3 Responses to “Barr decries expansion of federal power”

  1. John Lowell Says:

    Liberty Bob decrying expansions of federal power, is he? Think he might look for improvements on his own blog where questions about his writing a check paying for his ex-wife’s abortion have been censored.? Could it be that Bob is anti-abortion for everyone but himself and anything but a libertarian when he’s asked about it? Just checking.

  2. Roscoe Says:

    What kind of “campaign appearance” was this, other than to appear on a top-rated radio show? I’m fairly sure the Barr campaign made no effort to invite Ron Paul Meetup leadership in the Phila. area to any event - breakfast, lunch, cocktail party- nor give advance notice to alert them to have meetup members tune in the radio show. Many RP people are sitting on their hands, not knowing much about Barr.

  3. Joseph Marzullo Says:

    I hope you get hit by a train, John. You miserable failure.

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