The latest on Bloomberg-Paul

Oh well, it was a swell idea.

But Ballot Access News says the Michael Bloomberg-Ron Paul ticket won’t appear on the Virginia ballot in November. (Act surprised.)

Although the Independent Green Party of Virginia did circulate a petition for president with those candidates’ names on it, Virginia law explicitly gives the petitioning group the right to substitute. The Independent Green Party of Virginia has promised to place the Constitution Party national ticket on the ballot, via substitution. Meanwhile, the Independent Green Party of Virginia has been enjoying the publicity.

Ballot Access News also has something to say about those 70,000 signatures obtained by the Greens.

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  1. will Says:

    wow the constitution party? those folks in the indy greens are not only stupid, but i guess also open to fascism and homophobia

  2. Andy Craig Says:

    These people seem to fall for the bizzare fallacy that all non-GOP/Dems are natural allies. Outside a few common problems like ballot access, fringe lefties (Greens, Nader), fringe righties (Baldwin), libertarians, and centrist independents (Bloomberg) really have little in common. They all want to move the country in mutually exclusive directions.

    Also, what the heck kind of “Green” Party nominates far-right theocrats with a strong Anti-Federalist streak?

  3. David Gaines Says:

    Please correct this statement: “those 70,000 signatures obtained by the Greens.”

    Neither the Green Party of Virginia nor the Green Party of the United States had anything to do with these petitions. This group calls itself the Independent Green Party and was founded by a person who was kicked out of both the D.C. Statehood Green Party and the Northern Virginia Greens and was about to be kicked out of the Green Party of Virginia when he took off on his own and founded this bizarre group.

    This was several years ago and there is still, apparently, a need to correct these misstatements. Actually I’m surprised that a website that exists specifically to focus on these parties doesn’t understand the difference, as Richard Winger and Ballot Access News do.

    Andy Craig’s question is a good one. And the answer is that the IGP isn’t much of a green party at all, outside of their obsessive focus on one single green-related issue, the establishment of light rail all over Virginia.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Long live Theocracy. I want to be more like IRAN . Please vote for the Constitution Party. Please support Chuck Baldwin for President !

  5. Richard Winger Says:

    Groups need not be “left” to be pro-environment. I do think the founders of the Independent Green Party of Virginia have been consistently pro-environment. Carey Campbell always talks about the importance of Petra Kelly in his life (Petra Kelly was a leading founder of the German Green Party). Having the IGP emphasize light rail over cars is “green”, and also shows that the party is influenced by how western and central Europe handle transportation.

  6. Freelancer Says:

    SAY WHAT?!!

  7. Freelancer Says:

    The Independent Greens nominated Balwin? This is a strange political alliance to say the least.

  8. Michael Says:

    The idea of a Electoral College deadlock on Election Day was nice while it lasted.

  9. Jeremy Bauserman Says:

    Good news for Obama in Virginia.

  10. Mike Says:

    Very odd. At least they are trying to fight the two party system, but come on. Greens substituting the Constitution party??? I like the first ammendment, so no vote for the CP for me.

  11. Jonathan Says:

    If you like the above article please give it a thumbs up. it is an article I wrote

  12. Paul K. Says:

    It may also be a freelance operation to hold signatures for whoever needs them at the last minute - for a suitable consideration.

    How much would the Constitution Party (or any other that needed ballot status ASAP) pay for a lock. VA isn’t impossible, but it’s easy to mess up and needs enough signatures to require a fairly major effort. Would $50K be too much, provided the funds were available and it was your only chance?

    Just saying.

  13. stevo Says:

    the objective is to get 10% of the vote in a statewide race, which would give the party ballot access in any VA race for the next four years. nobody is under any illusion that VA can elect a US president on its own.
    Why bother? Simply for the sake of putting more 3rd party candidates (of various stripes) on state and local ballots. It doesn’t matter who the party uses to get the 10%.

  14. stevo Says:

    3rd parties and independents have been known to pay circulators up to $5 per signature to gain ballot access. IGPVA appears to be giving away enough signatures to qualify candidates for all of the federal slots in VA this year.

  15. Teflon Ron Says:

    Dr. Paul’s campaign manager was a gay man, Kent Snyder.

    So you all need to stop fearing gun wielding free spirited blacks and gays.

    Chuck Baldwin is not a theocratic fascist. He is a great man and like Dr. Paul niether a homophobe nor racist.

    Bloomberg Shloomberg, WTF is this about.

  16. Deran Says:

    It makes complete sense that the IGVP is connected to the NYIP. They sound very, Fulani-Newmanesque.

  17. Jonathan Says:

    $128,000 raised so far in August.
    Come on guys let’s make the goal of $201K by August 24th

    We have 3 days left , please email the world

  18. Andy Craig Says:

    At the end of the day, the CP is an explicitly Christian political party that advocates laws based on their interpretation of the Bible. The national CP platform, while taking a nominally anti-Federalist position, makes perfectly clear that the party is hostile to pornography, prostitution, gambling, and “offensive sexual acts”. On the ARCP site I found this under a list of things that Baldwin supposedly believes-

    “The homosexual lifestyle is a perverted lifestyle and is wrong.”

    Whether or not Baldwin would put it that bluntly is less important than the fact this shows the clearly bigoted, theocratic attitude that defines the institutional culture of the LP.

  19. Andy Craig Says:

    D’oh. CP, not LP, obviously.

    The LP is the party of porn stars and pot.

    /and I don’t mean that in a bad way

  20. John Lowell Says:


    “... but i guess also open to ….. homophobia”

    Now. Will, is it really a fear of homosexuality that you’re identifying here or it is more just an expression of a common sense ability to distinguish between health and disorder? Would you think it odd if someone were not put off by the outward signs of, say, compulsive drunkenness? I mean you can’t normalize abberances by stigmatizing those that rightly call them abberences, you know, even though there would very clearly seem to be a concerted effort to do just that among homosexuals and lesbians today. At core, a campaign of this kind - and I call it a campaign because it is one - is simply a fools errant born of a kind of adolescent petulance. Some of us think, it would seem, that we can undo at will those things that are presented to us as given. Might we call that naturophobia, perhaps? Are you a naturophobe?

  21. Jonathan Says:

    what about the abortion check? lol

  22. Richard Winger Says:

    Even if the Independent Green Party of Virginia did put Bloomberg on the ballot (and they aren’t), he wouldn’t get many votes. In 1952 the Christian Nationalist Party put General Douglas MacArthur on the ballot in 7 states. He was passive and let them do it, but wasn’t a candidate. He got a tiny vote.

  23. Jonathan Says:

    we have raised so far 129K in August
    The goal is 201K by Aug 24

    3 more days to raise $72,000

    We need everyone to email and blogg for help.
    I know we can do it.

    We are on 40 ballots now and need your help
    There are 75 days left until election.

    Every day is precious, every email is precious.

    Let Freedom Grow !

  24. Jones '08 Says:

    Oh well. We can still get Star Jones on the Louisiana ballot if nine people were willing to serve as electors.

  25. Craig Says:

    We all should have petitioned to put Ron Paul on the ballot in every state. Obama or McCain sounds worse every day, and none of the third party challengers is showing any signs of gaining traction.

  26. John Lowell Says:


    Yes, Jonathan, what about the abortion check? Barr’s campaign gripes about rough treatment in Maine and Pennsylvania when Republicans there try to keep him off the ballot, yet when this question comes up on their own blog, they censor it. Attracting lots of pro-life voters, are you? Hadn’t noticed. Barr’s campaign is going into the tank and deservedly. Doubt if you’ll poll 1% when all is said and done.

  27. Stefan Says:

    John L: wow you are positive. I wonder who are you supporting. I already know some who you are not supporting: Paul, Barr & Baldwin and most probably pro-choice Obama.

  28. Stefan Says:

    Jonathan: good nolanchart article, gave you thumbs up :-) As to Baldwin, he is NOT a theocrat, unlike Huckabee, who propose Amendments to the COnstitution to make it the 10 Commandments. (Ron Paul was very correct when he mentioned Sinclair Lewis in response to Huckabee’s “Cross” Christmas add and his support of the war and big govt. -indeed a type of corporate fascism). The issue that Baldwin was and is a preacher lead some to think this of him, but it is not the case. He has taken views that differ from others in the RR in the past.

  29. Allen Says:

    If people signed petitions under false pretenses, then that’s fraud, pure and simple.

  30. Cody Quirk Says:

    wow the constitution party? those folks in the indy greens are not only stupid, but i guess also open to fascism and homophobia

    Fascisim is big government and imperialism, I recall that the CP does not advocate either.

    And on Theocracy:

    The Constitution of these United States provides that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” The Constitution Party supports the original intent of this language. Therefore, the Constitution Party calls on all those who love liberty and value their inherent rights to join with us in the pursuit of these goals and in the restoration of these founding principles.”

    I guess the early US was Theocratic then?

  31. Clark Says:

    ANDY CRAIG WRITES: “..fringe lefties (Greens, Nader), fringe righties (Baldwin), libertarians, and centrist independents (Bloomberg) really have little in common…” (END)

    ...oh, how miserably wrong/naive you are, Andy!.. FUCKING HUGE commonality amongst the people in the groups you mention is their ALMOST UNIVERSAL ignorance/brainwashedness of even the basic$ of ‘our’ stinking fraudulent ‘money system’...”money creation,” “issuance,” etc..

    ...(the goddamned republicrat fools worketh their cheesecake chutes about and lust for illion$ absent one honest clue as to the origin, nature, etc., of even one!)

    LOWELL, what great thought$ have you and st thomas conjured as to ‘the money thing?’.. have been $trangely $ilent here!..(btw, methinks that’s a smart move, lowell!) ;o)

    ...but have a beautiful day anyway!..

  32. John Lowell Says:


    Well, I don’t support baby kllers or suspected baby killers so that eliminates Nader, Obama, McCain, and Barr. I also am not likely to support a candidate that finds a conspiracy of “dark spiritual forces” at work in internal relations. So I guess that leaves me at home on election day guiltless and happy with myself.

  33. John Lowell Says:

    Hi Clark,

    “LOWELL, what great thought$ have you and st thomas conjured as to ‘the money thing?’..”

    I know its exciting to be this close and actually have a chance to ask me a question, Clark. But we really must insist that you make your questions clear. I’m simply too good-looking to deal with something like “the money thing” without knowing what you mean by “the money thing”.

  34. Impeach Bush Says:

    Hey Lowell, as much as we have disagreed on certian issues, I still think you should not stay home election day, and stand up for your beliefs. Even if there isn’t a single candidate you can vote for, you should at least do a write in of “None of the above” or something along the lines of it. As pointless as it may sound, you are still taking a stand. In doing that, you are showing you care and are there to participate, but you can’t agree with any of the above candidates. Consider it. Don’t let any politician make your voice unheard.

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