Interview with Chuck Baldwin

Global Pundit offers a three-part audio interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin:

In our three-part interview we discuss the essential differences b/w The GOP, The Libertarian Party, and Constitution Party. We touch on Immigration Issues, Abortion Law, The Defense of Marriage Act, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights - we also touch on a number of surprising touchstones that are the reason why the Constitution Party has the 3rd largest membership tally of all the U.S. political parties.

“Would you be surprised or sad to hear someone say ‘When I’m elected, the whole New World Order comes tumbling down’?” asks Global Pundit editor Sven Eric Balabanoff. “Walls of Jericho anyone?”

3 Responses to “Interview with Chuck Baldwin”

  1. Robert Stark Says:

    please check out our show’s interview of Chuck Baldwin under the web adress. The Show I co-host is called 15 Minutes of Freedom on the Freedom Broadcast Network.

  2. Stefan Says:

    Nice interview. Baldwin just forgot to mention the 2004/2005 radio interview he did with Bob Barr and was all about Barr’s opposition to the Patriot Act. He also did not mention or know about the pro-life group in the LP and that Barr is personally still pro-life, as mentioned in recent radio interviews. Barr also want to “federalize” the drug issue, as opposed to “Federalize” (e.g. the Federal govt.). Baldwin did not mention anything about medical marjuana, does he reject this for suffering patients? How compassionate is this to deny patients a pain relief?

  3. Cody Quirk Says:

    Barr isn’t as Pro-Life as Baldwin is. Barr also was sympathetic to the CP some time ago.

    BTW, the CP views on medical marjuana and drug laws is that that is up to the states and local governments to decide.

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