Constitution Party reports on ballot progress

The Constitution Party offers this chart listing, state by state, its progress in getting on the ballot. Entitled “Presidential Ballot Access Progress Report,” it lists 26 states where the party is already “On Ballot!”

NOTE: A Third Party Watch reader asks: “What does the Constitution Party know that I don’t? They’re saying Chuck Baldwin is on the California ballot?”

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  1. Bill Lussenheide Says:

    The CP party website has recently taken a short term lesser priority behind the website. The site has recently gone thru an extensive overhaul. The CP webmaster has had his hands full with that project.

    The information about the California ballot access will be just fine, in light of the victory that will be achieved in California Superior court just 6 short days from now on August 26th.

  2. Frank Says:

    I believe Ballot Access News has a more updated list than the CP has on their sight. BAN shows the CP ballot qualified in 28 states excluding CA.

  3. georgia jawjacker Says:

    Great news! Glenn Beck was just talking with Penn Jillette on Beck’s HNN show this evening and said he was probably going to vote for Bob Barr!

  4. NewFederalist Says:

    As of today the B.A.N. site has changed the total to 27 from 28. What happened?

  5. Jeff Becker Says:

    Make that at least 27 states - WEST VIRGINIA just confirmed
    I just got off the phone with the WV Sec of State ( 1-866-SOS-VOTE ) and the Elections Division confirmed that the CPWV submitted 15732 valid signatures (exceeds the 15118 presidential minimum) and will be sending us an official letter confirming that our Baldwin/Castle ticket IS ON the 2008 West Virginia ballot.

    Jeff Becker
    Chairman, CPWV
    PO Box 4300
    Martinsburg, WV 25402

  6. Bill Lussenheide Says:

    Great work Jeff, and “in by a nose” by a a whopping 614 signature margin!

    Kudos to all of you in West Virginia!

  7. Cody Quirk Says:


  8. Larry West Says:

    NewFederalist: The change from 28 to 27 was due to changing a state from “already on” to “finished”. [MA, I think.]
    I noticed that BAN has Connecticut as “finished,” but the Constitution site has it as “write-in”.
    I also noticed that Illinois, Iowa, and Rhode Island list Baldwin as “Independent” on the CP chart, but according to the BAN chart, party labels are allowed.
    Maryland and Ohio have “signatures filed” on the CP chart, but “already on” on BAN.
    Pennsylvania has 18,000 on the CP site, and “disputed” on BAN. 24,666 sig’s were due by Aug. 1st, so I don’t think they made it.

    I have the following as totals as of yesterday (based on the BAN chart)—can someone correct me where I am wrong:

    Libertarian (Barr): 40 states (442 electoral votes) maximum possible: 47 (519) off in DC, ME, OK, WY
    Green (McKinney): 25 (274) max.: 39 (405) off in AK, GA, IN, KS, MO, MT, NH, NC, OK, PA, SD, TX
    Constitution (Baldwin): 29 (241) max.: 39 (349) off in AZ, CA?, DC, GA, IN, ME, NH, NY, NC, OK, TX
    Independent (Nader): 25 (254) max.: 46 (456) off in GA, IN, NC, OK, TX

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