Mayor Bloomberg on Virginia ballot

The New York Daily News reports that the Independent Greens Party of Virginia has received confirmation from the Virginia Board of Elections that its petition drive to get NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the presidential ballot has been successful.

The Independent Greens are affiliated with the Independence Party of America, a national organization set up by New York Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay in anticipation of the never-realized Bloomberg presidential bid. Its chairman is Carey Campbell, an associate editor of Third Party Watch.

“Yes, it’s true,” an exuberant Campbell declared. “In eight months and 15 days, we collected over 70,000 signatures. Right now, we’re the only state in the nation that has Michael Bloomberg on the ballot for President.”

There’s just one catch, notes the Daily News’ Elizabeth Benjamin: “Bloomberg has until Sept. 5 to decline the Virginia ballot line.”

3 Responses to “Mayor Bloomberg on Virginia ballot”

  1. Chris Moore Says:

    Ron Paul was nominated as Bloomberg’s running mate, as well.

  2. Jones '08 Says:

    First off, I apologize for hijacking the thread. Would anybody in the states of Lousiana or Virginia be willing to serve as an elector for the Star Jones/Jimbo Wales presidential ticket? Would anybody in the state of Lousiana be willing to collect $500 to place that ticker on the ballot? Would anybody in the state of Virginia be willing to collect signatures to put the Jones/Wales ticket on the ballot?

  3. Dan Says:

    umm hate to break it to them but the Indy Greens are just using that as a placeholder for Baldwin/Castle

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