Modern Whig Party adds Michigan chapter

The following is a media release from the Modern Whig Party:

Contact: Mike Lebowitz—National Chairman
[email protected]


The Modern Whig Party is pleased to announce the addition of our Michigan Chapter. This brings to a total of 12 state affiliates. In just over four months, the Modern Whig Party has gained more than 10,000 official members to include about 6,500 affiliated with the military. The organization also is on various college campuses as well.

The state and national leadership includes three former high-ranking Vietnam veterans, Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, a CEO, a regionally prominent rock musician, attorneys and other respected professionals. Michigan Chairman Samuel S. Cummings is an executive in the private security sector and is also a telecommunications and computer engineering consultant. Coming from a family of national service, his immediate family has been associated with the federal Departments of Transportation, Treasury, Homeland Security and Justice, he has lived around; and has seen a great deal of the United States. A former mortgage banker and having strong familial and friendship ties with the military, Mr. Cummings considers Veterans affairs and the general economy first priorities in our nation today. Mr. Cummings resides in Livonia, Michigan.

All of our many national, state, regional and campus leadership can be viewed at

The Modern Whig Party national headquarters is in Washington, DC and caters to those who find themselves cherry-picking between traditionally Democratic ideals and traditionally GOP ideals. The grassroots movement seeks to go for a realistic and mainstream approach that is non-fringe. The Modern Whig Party platform generally relates to fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and bold social progression. In addition, the organization recently released its strategy and tactics for the 2010 election cycle (and also 2009 state/local races) that has been described as “innovative, bold and realistic.”

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