Nader also plans GOP counter-rally

Ralph Nader will be in Denver to protest opposite the Democratic National Convention - and now he’s announced that he’ll be in Minnesota to protest opposite the Republicans, too.

From the Boston Globe:

Ralph Nader announced today that he will hold a rally in conjunction with the Republican National Convention, as well as the Democratic gathering, to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—and to press to get into the presidential debates.

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3 Responses to “Nader also plans GOP counter-rally”

  1. Ed Says:

    The Nader campaign is looking for volunteers in Denver.

    Turning to the US presidential race. As they prepare to rock Denver, the Ralph Nader - Matt Gonzalez campaign opened up their Denver headquarters today. The office is located in Suite 111 on 1155 Sherman Street, a tree-lined street whose intersection with East 12th Avenue makes it very accessible becuase East 12th is a bus route. The office is wheel chair accessible. Jess spoke with Junue Millan this afternoon about the opening and the news confernce which was attended by at least five media people including Univision. The office was “specifically created” for the Super Rally that will be held in Denver (at the Magness Arena) on August 27th. They are expecting between 5,000 and 7,000 people to attend and are currently working on a website just for the Denver office.

    The Denver event will take place as the Democratic Party stages there convention and there is a great deal of excitement for the Super Rally and volunteers are needed to help with fliers and getting the word out. Those interested in assisting can e-mail Junue Millan at [email protected] as well as call the office (303) 832-2509 or walk in. They intend to be open from nine in the morning until nine in the evening Monday through Friday as they work to pull together this large project. Both Ralph and Matt will be speaking at the event and, as the event gets closer, they will begin announcing some of the guest speakers they’ve already confirmed. Artist, activist and rocker Jello Biafra is among those who will be participating.

    The Super Rally in Denver (September 4th, a Nader Super Rally will be held at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, during the GOP convention) will start at seven o’clock p.m and will PUT ON THE TABLE the issues that the two major parties refuse to address—the Iraq War, single-payer universal health care, corporate crime, impeachment and more. It will also challenge the two-party duopoly by insisting that the presidential debates be opened. As Kat noted last night, ” I really find it offensive that Ralph Nader, Bob Barr and Cynthia McKinney (or Chuck Baldwin for that matter) have to fight to get into the debates. They are presidential candidates and should be in the debates. What are the Democrats and Republicans so scared of? Are their candidates so weak that they can’t hold their own against Ralph, Bob, Cynthia and Chuck? Do John McCain and Barack Obama get the night sweats just thinking about being on stage with the other candidates? In a real democracy, debates would be open to all on the ballots. This nonsense that you have to meet X% would be called out. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s supposed to be a race for the presidency.”

  2. Darryl W. Perry Says:

    The Republicratic Duopoly knows that if “third party” candidates are on the stage with them, they will be forced to talk about REAL ISSUES, as opposed to what songs are on their iPod.

  3. Derek Says:

    Well, good for Nader on this counter-rally in Minnesota. Maybe he can bring in many people to Minnesota for the Rally For The Republic as well, since Ron Paul is having a rally himself.

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