Donate to Chuck Baldwin’s ‘Moneybomb’ this Sunday

The following is a fundraising letter from the Constitution Party’s presidential campaign:

Dear Constitutionalists and friends of the Republic,

We have a magnificent opportunity in 2008 to turn the tide in America and begin to restore constitutional government of, by and for the people! More than any year in recent memory Americans are coming to the realization that something is desperately wrong in our country. Perhaps it is because, despite the continuing rhetoric and promises from Democrat and Republican politicians, things continue to get dramatically worse almost daily. As a result, Americans are finally starting to wake up to the fact that these politicians aren’t going to solve their problems, because, in fact, they ARE their problem.

Our Constitution Party candidates for President and Vice-President, Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle, offer not only a vision, but solutions that will lead to our reclaiming of the American Dream and restoring of the Republic. No other candidates offer the same opportunity for America’s salvation.
It is absolutely urgent that every American voter becomes aware of the choice that Chuck Baldwin, Darrell Castle and the Constitution Party offer before casting his or her vote in 2008. And remember, in this day and age, a great number of people vote by absentee ballot weeks before election day in early November. So, we have our work cut out for us and a short time to accomplish the job. Right now, I will come directly to the point. Like seemingly every other Presidential campaign in the 2008 season, including those of John McCain and Barack Obama, the Baldwin/Castle Campaign has suffered some glitches, frustrations and false starts.

Now, however, we are on the move again with fresh plans and new hope. Of course, in order to implement these plans, maintain this new hope and wage an effective, competitive campaign all across America it will take money and lots of it. The Baldwin/Castle Campaign needs your financial help…and, frankly, it is needed it NOW! This campaign will have to be financed by the people.

We can’t expect any institutional “Conservative” or so-called “Values” organizations to ride in on a white horse, from the outside, to save the day. Most of these groups, while saying all the right things, unfortunately have proven themselves to be more interested in maintaining the status quo and preserving their own fundraising base than in preserving America as a free Republic. That’s just the way it is, so what we are able to accomplish in 2008 will depend greatly on our own efforts and God’s providence.

Many of you may be aware, by now, of the next major Baldwin/Castle 2008 fundraising event which is scheduled for this Sunday, August 17, 2008, known as the “No New World Order” MoneyBomb. It is of utmost importance that every person who is able, participates, digs deep and makes the maximum possible contribution at this most crucial and pivotal time. I am asking everyone who can possibly make a minimum contribution of $100 to please do so. If that is not possible, every contribution IS, of course, greatly appreciated.

I can not overstress how important your most generous contribution is at this time. With your help now, there is still time for Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle to take YOUR message to every community in America through personal appearances, paid media and effective distribution of Baldwin/Castle campaign materials. You can make the difference with your financial support NOW!

If you are in a position to make a more generous contribution than the $100 I previously suggested, please do not hesitate to do so through the aforementioned “Moneybomb” or by going directly to, up to the maximum per person limit of $2,300.
If you prefer to pay by check please mail it to:

    PO Box 131,
    Palmyra, New Jersey 08065.

In the event you can make a greater contribution, you may choose the option of donating up to an annual limit of $28,500 to the Constitution Party. Such funds may be used for ballot access and other purposes that will benefit the Baldwin/Castle’08 effort.
To make a contribution to the Constitution Party, please go here or call (973) 764-0923.

To mail a contribution to the Constitution Party please send it to:

    Constitution Party
    23 N. Lime St.
    Lancaster, PA 17602

This is a grassroots effort of sincere Americans whose only goal and only reward will be to restore constitutional government so that the United States of America may once again proudly and honestly claim to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. The cause is nothing less than America’s future…..the need is great… and the time is now to Let The Truth Be Heard! It is my earnest hope that we can depend upon you, at this time of crisis in America, to join with the Baldwin/Castle’08 Campaign to take back America for the American people and to insure that in January 2009, “the New World Order comes crashing down!”
God bless you all and thank you for your support.

Gary Odom,

National Field Director,

Constitution Party/Baldwin/Castle’08 campaign

One Response to “Donate to Chuck Baldwin’s ‘Moneybomb’ this Sunday”

  1. Dana Says:

    I’ve had it with the Republican party paying lip service to tradiational conservative values and then acting like liberal Democrats. I used to scoff at people that would vote for third party candidates but I’ve seen enough apthy toward the American people and egotistical hubris on both sides of the aisle in Washington to last a thousand lifetimes.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if elected John McCain will try to force amnesty for illegals once again on the American people while continuing to do nothing to secure our Southern border.

    How could we have fallan so far so quick? Where we once had great men like Ronald Regan and Barry Goldwater we now have men like George W. Bush and John McCain.

    I will be voting for Chuck Baldwin this fall whether or not he is on my state’s ballot.

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