A place on the ballot in Massachusetts

From the Boston Globe:

Bob Barr is being denied a place on the Massachusetts ballot and has filed suit to gain access, supported by the ACLU. Here’s an opinion piece by W. James Antle III that argues Barr deserves a place on the ballot and would actually be good for the Massachusetts Libertarian Party, even if some of its members disagree with Barr’s presence in the party and his views.

Antle concludes:

Barr is another candidate who could win over disgruntled Republicans and improve Libertarian vote totals. His party has earned a place for its official nominee on the ballot. And even third-party voters and right-wing Republicans deserve a candidate of their choice.

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3 Responses to “A place on the ballot in Massachusetts”

  1. Cody Quirk Says:

    You know whats funny? Just like in West Virginia, Baldwin may be on the ballot in Mass. and Barr will not.

    Mass. has grown a strong CP presence lately, and they started petitioning early too.

  2. DIAMOND Says:

    Congratulation Phillies you got what you wanted, you did it again

  3. Brandon Magoon Says:

    Two observations:

    Baldwin won’t be on the ballot in Texas so that pretty much rules out any chance that Ron Paul will endorse him.

    So Clinton will be on the Ballot in Massachusetts? She did win the primary. Because if she isn’t then on what basis is Massachusetts denying substitution? Seem like a point that should be made when this goes to court.

    Please note I’m not a hard core Barr supporter as he hasn’t made his case yet. These are just observations.

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