Nader plans rally to get into presidential debates

From the Boston Globe (blogs):

Ron Paul is planning a rally set opposite the Republicans in St. Paul - and now Ralph Nader has announced that he’ll hold a rally of his own opposite the Democrats in Denver. Nader’s rally is to try and stir up public support for allowing third-party candidates to participate in this fall’s presidential debates.

Nader says several important issues will not be discussed by the two major parties, so it’s vital to have third-party input.

He’s also released a video inviting supporters to the Denver rally, set for August 27th.

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17 Responses to “Nader plans rally to get into presidential debates”

  1. Amy Says:

    This is like sad. Obama is our only hope left for humanity. Nader is so evil to oppose our best shot at change and hope.
    After all, if we can’t change the hope for change by hoping change brings hope, then we won’t change hope and end up with no change or hope which is a change I hope we don’t get.
    People against Obama should be thrown in jail.

  2. Steve Says:

    I agree with Amy. Nader is just another tool of the man trying to keep Barrack Osama down.

    Obama is our first real opportunity in years to get this country out of the control of slick talking big city lawyers turned politician to get rich. We don’t need another phony promising more tax and spend politics of the past. Those other candidates whom cozy up to the media and Hollywood are just trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

  3. Gavin Young Says:

    Nader will also be having a rally by the Republican convention. He is trying to draw attention not just from the Democrats, but also from the Republicans. I would love to see Nader in the debats. I voted for Obama in the primary, but there is a high chance I will vote for Nader in the general election. However I love that Obama is finally began running TV ads promoting his renewable energy and plug-in hybrid and electric car plans!

  4. Gavin Young Says:

    In previous post, the last sentence should say “However I love that Obama is finally running TV ads promoting his renewable energy and plug-in hybrid and electric car plans!” or if you prefer: “However I love that Obama has finally began running TV ads promoting his renewable energy and plug-in hybrid and electric car plans!”

    For months I urged Obama to promote renewable energy in his TV ads (during the primaries), I then gave up that he would ever do this and after he voted in favor of the FISA bill, I then left the Democratic Party and switched to the Green Party. Now that Obama is actively promoting and advertising renewable energy and plug-in hybrids (something so important to me that even created a web site years ago which promotes them), I just might vote for Obama in the general election, but I’m also an ardent supporter of Nader. See the plug-in hybrid and electric car section of my web site at Electric Vehicles - Electric Automobile Alliance .

  5. rw3 Says:

    If he is such not a factor, then where is all the fear and anger coming from. Debate him, and you can put him away forever. Put him on the ballot, and people will be reminded to vote for you instead. But exclude him on both counts and you give people reason to take him seriously. If his biggest detriment to himself, IS himself, then why are you hiding him? This could be so over if you just gave him a stage to implode on. The mess that you have created is your own.

  6. Steve Says:

    rw3 is missing the point. We must provide a united front for Obama. He is the hope this country needs and dissension from the party is not healthy. This is not the time to have members of the party pursue their individual interests. Change will not come from McCain, Obama will change something.
    Let the Republications fracture and become disorientated while we display a united and common message.
    The time for debate was the primaries. As Gore said about global warming, the time for debate is over and we need to act.

  7. Will Says:

    Obama is anything but change.

  8. Laine Says:

    I guess what I wonder is: does he have the drawing power to still fill an arena? It seems like his trying to relive the glory days of his 2000 campaign and could embrass himself in the process. I suppose it’s a risk that he is willing to take but he could either put his campaign back into media focus or he could walk away in shame by only drawing 1,000 people to the event.

  9. Preston Says:

    You people talk as if Obama is somehow vastly different from other politicians. He may (I emphasize: MAY) be marginally better than most other politician. But he still uses as many red herrings and equivocations as every other politician, which makes me skeptical.

  10. End the Empire Says:

    Mushrooms loose @ TPW! LOL-B.O, is controlled by the same people who have controlled every Presisdent in your lifetime. WAKE UP stop being a MUSHROOM all your life. He isn’t change! Just like the Green VP said in her acceptance speech, he is bought and paid for…

    The TRUTH

    B.O. is the LEAST qualified nominee in the 200 plus year history of the Democratic Party. You Disagree? Name ONE less qualified! And can you believe some “KOOKS” want to turn the nuclear football and the safety of mankind over to this novice? That’s INSANITY! Now it’s revealed his policies will even end the low prices at WalMart, also!

    This year America look at ALL your alternatives! PLEASE! Dr.Chuck BaldWIN, Mr. Bob Barr, Ms. Cynthia McKinney, and Mr. Ralph Nader deserve a closer look by all of you. In the grocery store we have 50 plus brands of cereal to choose from, when it comes to one of the most important decisions in our lives WHY do we only have Ds and Rs to choose from? Why do we settle for such limits? Friends, the Ds and Rs have got us in the mess we are in!

    Your vote belongs to you and whom you choose to give it to! Don’t fall for the “wasted vote” propaganda! The only wasted vote you will ever make is giving it to someone who really doesn’t represent your views and is only the “LESSER OF TWO EVILS”! And may we NEVER forget, the lesser of two evils is and always will be EVIL

    ALLOW Dr.Chuck BaldWIN, Mr. Bob Barr, Ms. Cynthia McKinney, and Mr. Ralph Nader in ALL POTUS DEBATES

    Turn the lights on MUSHROOMS! They both work for the same people. Dr. Chuck BaldWIN, Mr. Bob Barr, Ms, Cynthia McKinney and Mr. Ralph Nader are the only change agents in this race! The corparate controlled media grey out and black out these four who truly mean change! These four will have enough ballot access to be elected. Do yourselves and the grandchildren a favor, research them! All four deserve to be heard in this time of MAJOR problems.

  11. Laine Says:

    Woah man don’t insult mushrooms by comparing them to two-party sychophants.

  12. Richard Says:

    Wow, I’m amazed. So I’m suppose to vote for Obama because he talks of hope. What hope? He hopes for socialized medicine. He hopes to enlarge the military even bigger than Bush. He hopes to bail out the banks and brokerages. He hopes to make gasoline impossible to get at outrageous prices. He hopes to tax me out of my home. He hopes to use my earnings to pay for his salary. He hopes we don’t find out how really shallow he is. He hopes to mirror McCain. Haven’t you listened to him lately. He’s like Bush, McCain, Clinton and Mrs, all put together. The inexperience like Bush, the slickster like Mr. Clinton, the arrogant like Mrs Clinton, and the politico like McCain. All of them are no good. Give me a break

  13. OU812 Says:

    Obama stands for more than Hope. He also has Change in his platform.

    He’s forgainst what every you are forgainst. You don’t like something, hope he’ll change it. You like something, you get to hope he doesn’t change it. So it’s really the best of both worlds.

    Anyhow isn’t there some old saying about a hope in the hand is worth change in the bush or something?

  14. George Phillies Says:
    1. Amy Says:
      “...People against Obama should be thrown in jail….”

    Dear Amy,

    Thank you for your proposal that America should become a dictatorship. Actually, I am rather certain that your candidate strongly rejects your opinion on the matter, but you are still wrong.

    George Phillies

  15. mattc Says:

    George, I’m fairly sure Amy was being sarcastic, what with 6 ‘hopes’ and 6 ‘changes’ in the same sentence. So either sarcastic or completely brainwashed.

  16. Amy Says:

    I do get a big kick out of how extremely crazy you can act and still appear to be a legitimate Obama supporter.

    With a candidate like him, I suppose I’ll have to turn the crazy knob up even higher before a joke is taken as such. Maybe I should have included a “:)” at the end?

    But on a serious note, at least the caliber of readers for this website is high enough to disagree with that joke. In my moment of frivolity I also posted a similar comment in a pro-Obama blog. On that site I was met with agreement, which curled my toes and took the fun out of it.

  17. Nigel T. Gully Says:

    I’m thrilled that Ralph Nader is going to hold Super Rallies in Denver and Minneapolis to Open up the Debates! His decades of unwavering dedication to the American people are a true sign that he is the choice for president, unlike the Empty Suit and the Perpetual War Candidate.

    Vote for the Real Deal this November—vote Nader/Gonzalez!

    To learn more about the upcoming Super Rallies, visit today.


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