Rosa Clemente rocks Brooklyn

A blogger for Green Party Watch admits that “when Cynthia McKinney first announced that Rosa Clemente was going to be her running mate, many greens (myself included) zipped over to The Google to find out just who the heck this woman was. What exactly is a hip hop activist?” He found out she was having a hip hop rally in Brooklyn and decided to attend:

I’m the first to admit it - I’m about as white as they come. Sure, my musical tastes run to a pretty wide variety, and I’ve been told that I have pretty good rhythm for a white boy, but when it comes to hip hop artists, I’m pretty clueless, and was definitely not a big fan….until tonight.

What he found was that “in an event that was literally thrown together in less than a week, Rosa managed to assemble some of the biggest names on the NYC hip hop activist scene,” and “all of them are fighting to reclaim the medium from the misogynist rappers and gangstas that have been such a destructive force in communities of color. ”

Photographs of the rally are included in his report.

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