Third-party candidates petition for Alabama ballot as independents reports that the campaigns of Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, and Cynthia McKinney all hope to make it onto the Alabama ballot. Valid signatures of 5,000 voters must be submitted by September 5.

The Nader campaign already has 5,000 signatures, but continues to circulate petitions and plans to turn in 9,000 names as a safety measure.

The Libertarian Party is a little more than halfway to its goal. “We are not anticipating any problems,” says Stephen Gordon, chairman of the Alabama Libertarian Party.

A professional petition gatherer said he expects the Constitution Party to meet the requirement, while the Green Party campaign of Cynthia McKinney is just getting started. explains:

If the candidates are successful, they will appear on Alabama’s ballot as independent candidates rather than with party labels. The deadline for third parties to get on the ballot was June 3, and no party turned in the 37,513 signatures required by state law, said Rob Johnston, elections attorney for the secretary of state’s office.

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