Military veterans turn to Modern Whig Party

The “Whigs in Virginia” blog reports that the old Veterans Party is, in effect, defunct, and most of its military members have migrated to the Modern Whig Party:

The military has a long tradition of having its former members well-represented in politics. In fact, veterans have long engaged in public demonstration and advocacy dating back to the days of George Washington and even the Articles of Confederation. It is only fitting that the revitalized Whigs are the ones to grab this mantle and be the “political party of the military” as quoted in the Army Times newspaper. But the numbers do speak for themselves. The Modern Whig Party has more than 7,000 members so far, with 5,000 of them either active or former members of our military. According to the party, their ranks go from E-2 (private) to 0-6 (colonel, Navy captain), and even one retired brigadier general.

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  1. Heather Says:

    Third Party Watch,

    Thanks for picking up the posting from “Whigs in Virginia.” The organization is actually moving closer to our initial phase goal of 10,000 members. Due to some recent important backing of various prominent military and non-military proponents of our movement, we are currently in the process of upgrading our Web site, which can be seen at The new site is not yet complete as some tabs are not up, but we expect it to be fully functional very soon. We also have recently released our strategy and tactics for the 2010 election cycle (and also a 2009 state race) that has been described as “innovative, bold and realistic.”

    The Modern Whig Party caters to those who find themselves cherry-picking between traditionally Democratic ideals and traditionally GOP ideals. We go for a realistic and mainstream approach that is non-fringe. Thanks again!


  2. Sid Cundiff Says:

    We already have a Whig Party. It’s called the Republican Party, and it’s a continuation of the Hamiltonian Federalists and the Henry Clay Whigs.

    The Whig party(s) have been around since the exclusion bill of 1678, thus making it the oldest party. It’s platform hasn’t changed in over three centuries:
    1. Utter centralizaton in a federal government with States/Provinces/localities merely franchises of this central government: e.g 1707 Act of Union, Lincoln’s War.
    2. control of the currency by this central government by a bank (e.g. the Bank of England, the Bank of the US, the Federal Reserve)
    3. Corporate welfare
    4. A constitution with an all power executive (the Prime Minister, the President)
    5. imperial expansion
    6. opposition to the Catholic Church.

    Jeffersonianism opposes all these plank.

  3. Heather Says:

    I think it’s safe to say that the Modern Whig Party has changed the game quite a bit. Our new site will reintroduce our platforms in the next day or two. I certainly welcome you to take a look and comment once you are better informed of what the current incarnation of the “Modern” Whig Party is all about. The basic premise for our platform is actually to empower the states with much more than they have now, but to do it with ideas that are realistic, common sense and within the mainstream mentality of America. Our campaign strategies and long-term goals are vastly different than those of current third parties as we do not want to be marginalized once we do make our move. We have an executive committee based in Washington, DC as well as recognized chapters in 10 states so far. And the fact that our membership is comprised of thousands of active military members makes for a compelling additional element. Again, please comment once our upgraded site is further along.


  4. Roger Lee Says:

    Just checked and the Modern Whig Party platform is back up on their new site. It definately is worth a look and prime for debate.

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