Nader appears to lead third party efforts in West Virginia

The Huntington Herald-Dispatch reports that “Independent Ralph Nader appears to be leading several alternative party presidential candidates jockeying to get on West Virginia’s general election ballot.”

Minor party candidates must have 15,118 valid petition signatures in order to appear on the ballot in West Virginia. The Herald-Dispatch reported that “Nader supporters had submitted 24,377 signatures by Friday’s deadline. Of those, 14,036 were validated and around 4,400 were awaiting review, [Secretary of State Betty] Ireland’s office said.”

The Libertarian Party delivered around 800 pages of signatures to state election officials on Friday, the deadline, so there is no word yet on its status. “We’re very hopeful,” said Mike Ferguson, a Barr spokesman. “We’ll wait until the secretary of state goes through them.”

The Constitution Party does not seem to have qualified. The Herald-Dispatch reports that “the Constitution Party has so far submitted 11,314 signatures for its candidates, Chuck Baldwin. Officials had validated 7,442 of those by Friday, with 1,750 more to review.”

Nader and Barr spokesmen both said they expected their candidate to campaign in West Virginia.

2 Responses to “Nader appears to lead third party efforts in West Virginia”

  1. Jeff Becker Says:

    It appears that the Huntington paper does not have their own reporters, just reads stuff from miscellaneous sources and then puts two and two together to come up with three.

    The Constitution Party in WV submitted and ADDITIONAL 971 pages of signatures on Friday for a total of 20610 signatures. Their validity rate is 77.8%, so they are expected to make it.


  2. Cody Quirk Says:

    This article reeks of biased properganda, how pathetic.

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