Libertarians wrap up WV ballot push

Tomorrow, August 1, is the deadline for petitions to be filed in West Virginia. A news story in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch reports that the Libertarian Party is “shooting for 22,000 signatures, although just more than 15,000 are needed to pass the initiative.”

A Bob Barr spokesperson, Andrew Davis, said there are about 40 or 50 people across the state pushing for signatures:

“We’re not asking for your vote,” Davis said. “We’re just asking for a fair chance to compete.”

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  1. Impeach Bush Says:

    Good job supporters! Lets get Barr on the WV ballot!

  2. Derek Says:

    I wish there’s a way ballot access could be reformed. I like Ron Paul’s bill in Congress but I wouldn’t turn my nose down at some simple reform that says that for a party to get automatic ballot access, it would need to get a certain number of votes. In this case, with WV, if the Libertarians had decided to run someone for the most important race 2 years ago and gotten 15,000 votes, it would’ve gotten automatic ballot access.

  3. Dr.Gonzo Says:

    To be honest, 15,000 isn’t really an unreasonable number. That is only about 7.5% of the population here in West Virginia. Personally I think the threshold should be 3%, but this is doable.

    Ballot access isn’t really the big problem. The big problem is media access. Since the raised the threshold to 15% to make tv debates, it is impossible.

  4. drifter Says:

    I think ballot access is the problem - if we did not have to spend so much time and money to get on the ballot, we could have started 15 months ago with the rest of them on the 15% to get into debates

  5. Glenn Brown Says:

    I see the news media forgot the Constitution Party again.
    If it so easy to get on the West Virginia ballot. Why aren’t more parties on the ballot there ?

  6. Dr.Gonzo Says:

    If it so easy to get on the West Virginia ballot. Why aren’t more parties on the ballot there ?

    Who said it was easy? I only stated 7.5% of the population isn’t an unreasonable number. It should probably be lower, but that number is not impossible to reach. Especially if you keep people in the populated areas of the state.

  7. Jonathan Says:

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Organizers for the Bob Barr campaign for president plan to turn in petitions to the West Virginia Secretary of State Friday. The signatures are expected to surpass the 15,000 needed to gain ballot access in West Virginia.

    Organizers have been collecting signatures for the past couple weeks to get the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate on the ballot.

    The group will hold a media briefing immediately after turning in the required signatures by the deadline tomorrow at the state capitol.

    Barr served as a congressman from Georgia from 1995 to 2003.

  8. GoNolzOhio Says:

    Dr.Gonzo is 110%, absolutely, dead-on correct. Media access is a far bigger problem than ballot access. The Dempublicans could flat-out give us ballot access for free and I am not sure how much good it would do us.

    If you aren’t on t.v, you aren’t getting in the polls, and you aren’t getting into the debates.

  9. Petitioner Says:


    Did you help in the ballot access efforts in WV?

  10. Dr. Jonathan Says:

    Doctor Jonathan says ballot access is the first priority . If you are not on the ballot no amount of media matters

  11. Jonathan Says:

    Dr. Jonathan is 110%, absolutely, dead-on correct.

  12. Dr.Gonzo Says:

    Petitioner, I answered in the other thread. I haven’t been in the state for the whole month so I have not been able to help out.

  13. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    Actually, it is miraculous that ANY news outlet would cover a candidate simply getting on the ballot. It is hardly news. Afterall, the democrat and republican parties are already on the ballot, and never got any news coverage that they were on.

    Most people aren’t aware of the trials and tribulations that opposition parties face to simply get on the ballot.

    To get news coverage, a party or candidate has to DO something. Obama went to Afghanistan. What is YOUR candidate doing?


  14. GoNolzOhio Says:

    Dr. Johnathan,

    The LP has been on the ballot in all 50 states on more than one occasion, and it hasn’t made a difference. You make the implication that ballot access and media coverage are somehow logically connected, that you need ballot access before getting media coverage, and that is incorrect.

    Dr. Gonzo was just pointing out, and I happen to agree, that we are dealing with two distinct problems, of which ballot access is actually the easier problem to solve.

  15. timothy west Says:

    well, since they went and spent the money, it’s good that they are going to make it. It gets Barr on…... but a good governor candidate is what they need in the future to regain major party status and not have to petition in the first place.

    Every effort of the fledgling new WVLP should be to recruit and fund a good governor candidate that will rip some votes from the hide of the Mountain Party and send them back to the minors.

  16. Richard Winger Says:

    Republicans and Democrats in West Virginia don’t need any signatures to get on primary ballots at all; they just pay a filing fee. The West Virginia primary ballots are not crowded with too many names. There is no sound reason for these big petitions. West Virginia’s percentage (2% of the last presidential election year vote) is tied for 2nd worst in the nation. Only Oklahoma is worse, and North Carolina is tied with West Virginia for 2nd worst.

    But, I also agree with the people who say exclusion from the general election presidential debates is an even worse problem than ballot access. The irony is that Barr is an accomplished debater (he has debated about civil liberties, around the USA, on behalf of the ACLU) and he would do very well in a general election presidential debate.

    If either McCain or Obama had any sense, they would realize that if either one of them championed at least one inclusive general election presidential debate, that would win a huge amount of good will for whichever one of them was brave enough to call for it. There are lots of independent-minded people who would say, “THANK YOU” to whichever one of them proposed it. They have both been asked. They reveal themselves as the same-old self-serving politicians, by not acting.

  17. timothy west Says:

    maybe Richard Winger will chime in and confirm that he percentage of the WV governor vote is what determines access here. It was in 2000 but maybe they changed the law since then.

  18. timothy west Says:

    that was fast. Richard. Is it different now from what it was in 2000 when I ran? It was based on Governor totals, not POTUS.

  19. Clark Says:

    ...i recently sat in on a discussion concerning ‘politics’ amongst some apparently really, really, really, loud and stooooooooooooopid republicrats…

    ..they were working their french-fry chutes about ‘the problems of third parties,’ etceterot.. reminded me of the old ‘miller lite’ commercial$ remember..”Tastes great!..No, less filling!..No, tastes great!..No, less filling!”..etc, ad goddamned nauseam..

    ...instead, these republicrats and etc. assorted swollen, festering peckerheads were arguing amongst themselves, “Ballot access!...No, media coverage!..No, ballot access!..No, media coverage!,”..etc ad goddamned nauseam..

    ..i remained quiet and polite as i am disposed thusly, but..i couldn’t help thinking,...

    ..”don’t these fucking fools get it?..these republicrat elections/campaigns/etceterot are a fucking fraud..apparently they always have been..whining/crying about how the republicrat media won’t let us into their fucking puny, phony, etc., ‘debates’ is moronic.. you ‘third party’ republicrat numbskulls think that when your 3rd party republicrat candidate gets 30 seconds to answer a fucking stooooooooooooopid question asked by some stooooooooooooopid fucking republicrat media scum that you’re going to ‘score big points’ amongst ‘the voters?’... appears OBVIOUS that until you ‘3rd party’ stoooooooooooooopids realize and ACKNOWLEDGE LOUDLY AND FREQUENTLY the absolute fraudulent nature of ‘the media,’ ‘the debates,’ ‘the campaigns,’ ‘the elections,’ etceterot, thinking people will laugh at you in disgust, ignore you, etc…

    ..another systemic problem in republicrat ‘politics’ appears to be that, for whatever reason(s), the most stooooopid, most desperate, grasping, etc., dinks in society tend to seek ‘public office’..

    ...people similar to you, west.. people constantly working their bong holes about improving ‘the illion dollar economy’..whilst worse than ignorant as to the REALITY of the origin, nature, etc.. of even one ‘dollar!’..

    ..but have a good day anyway!.. ;o)


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