Oklahoma: Give voters the kinds of choices they have as consumers

Dustin Hughes, Managing Editor of the Sand Springs Leader, scolds Oklahoma politicians for their determination to keep political choices limited to the Republican and Democratic parties:

Oklahoma has one of the most restrictive ballot access processes in the nation. In most any other state, you’d be able to pick from about five or more other parties. Greens, Libertarians, The Constitution Party, and others regularly appear on other states’ ballots.

In Oklahoma, just the two: Republican and Democrat.

The incumbent politicians, who of course like this duopoly, say having more choices on the ballot would “confuse” voters. Yet, Hughes notes,

I go to a vending machine, and there’s eight different kinds of pop to choose from. I go to the gas station, I can pick from four different grades.

I turn on the TV, there’s at least 100 different channels. Even when I buy cat litter, there’s an entire aisle of choices at the store.

In modern-day America, we have dozens of choices for anything we want, no matter how trivial.

But when we go to the ballot box, there’s almost always only two: Republican and Democrat.

Hughes tells about the reforms proposed by Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform, and concludes:

I have no illusions that a Libertarian or Green Party candidate would be elected into the White House or national-level office during my lifetime. But enough may take seats in city, state, and county governments to force the two parties to wake up and begin serving regular Americans again.

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