Barr campaign: Not broke, just ambitious

An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution puts the Barr campaign’s urgent fund appeals in perspective, based on an interview with campaign director Russ Verney:

Russ Verney told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Barr has enough money to maintain his campaign at present levels. But that’s not the goal, Verney said.

“We’re able to raise enough money to execute our plan, but we’ve got ambitions and that takes even more money,” Verney said Tuesday.

Those plans include getting Barr high enough in national polls to participate in the national television debates later this year.


Daniel Adams, chairman of the Georgia Libertarian Party, said it’s important to keep the current crunch in perspective. Barr, by polling as well as he has, is on pace to be the best-performing Libertarian Party candidate ever.

“We’re miles beyond any past Libertarian candidacy, so we’re in unchartered territory,” Adams said.

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  1. Karsten Says:

    Yeah, but it bugs the hell out of me that they raised 500,000, but didn’t even have the 43,000 in time to get on the ballot in West Virginia, so they had to do a crash fundraising drive to try to raise this money! That is some serious lack of foresight and planning, because in my opinion getting on the ballot in all 50 states should be the number 1 goal. What the heck could they have done with the 500,000 within the first few months that was sooo important?!?

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Russ Verney/ Jim Varney [‘Earnest’]: google this guy, he has a history. Talk to a dozen [so called] reformers—-they will give you 13 opinions!

    Ya wanna shake hands with this guy? Just count your fingers after wards!

  3. timothy west Says:

    Barr will be crucified is he does poorly and he will be crucified if he were to win the Presidency. In the first case, it would be because he was “the reformer” candidate and the reformers are not libertarian ( means not anarchist ) and if he were to win the office in question he would be crucified as having gained the office by “sacrificing libertarian principles”.

    Meaning again: He’s not a anarchist and hasn’t drunk the kool aid.

    It does not matter to them how Barr does, because it only matters if he’s ONE OF THEM or not. If Mary Ruwart had won and gotten the nomination, and proceeded to get .007% of the national vote, it would have been celebrated as a great victory for the Movement. You see, she’s ONE OF THEM.

    Barr will be Ed Clarked. If he sucks, it will be because he was “the reformists” candidate. If he gets 15% and gets into the TV debates, it will be because he “sold out libertarian principles” to get the votes.

    he could become President Barr and they would still hate him and attack him- he has to be ONE OF THEM or he’s not a libertarian, you see.

  4. Bill Crain Says:

    Question: How is the money being spent?

    We’ve been through campaigns before where the campaign itself was nothing more than a fund-raising engine and the actual expenditures (beyond office and staff) were primarily directed at more fund-raising.

    The operation of the candidate’s Leadership PAC, while apparently both within legal limits and even business-as-usual for members of Congress, has to raise some concerns.

    So far it’s been free media, right? Is there substance on the way?

  5. Michael Seebeck Says:

    “Barr will be crucified is he does poorly and he will be crucified if he were to win the Presidency. ”

    Well, the first one will just prove the point that he’s not as libertarian as some (most) think he should be, so big deal. The second one will happen just before the flying pink elephants land in formation at LaGuardia, we break the light and time barriers, aliens from Andromeda arrive on the White House lawn, and gas drops back to $1 a gallon. (Note I didn’t mention the Cubs winning the World Series, because that is actually quite possible this year!)

    As for the title of this piece, it should be, “Barr campaign: broken ambitions”.

  6. Chuck Says:

    This is good to hear. I was worried they really were broke. It would be fantastic if he could get into the debates though. At least 50% of Americans must find his platform preferable to McBama’s, if they would just open their eyes and have a look. Finally, a libertarian not obsessed with fringe issues.

  7. kenneth Says:

    Barr, Redpath, Starr, Holtz and the pragmatists ran on raising $5MM, getting 5 MM votes, and 50 state ballot access on the basis of junking the LP philosophy and basic financial controls. Anything less than what they promise is failure.

    Their success formula? To that end they fired experienced staff, sacrificed 85% of actives and membership, shut down half the affiliates until their people got in, attacked party leaders from Nolan on down, purged over 60% of our people in government, lost archives nationwide, kept Jesse Ventura out of the 2008 convention, and halted efforts to put 1000 people in office locally by 2008 and legal attacks on ballot access laws.

  8. Thane Eichenauer Says:

    I reside in the state that chose to nominate L. Neil Smith for President in 2000 (Arizona) instead of ‘shifty’ Harry Browne have read and heard plenty of comments on Barr both favorable and unfavorable.
    I am 80% through Bob Barr’s book “The Meaning of Is: The Squandered Impeachment and Wasted Legacy of William Jefferson Clinton”.
    I think if anybody wants to really understand Bob Barr they should order a copy on Amazon Marketplace (mine cost $5.00 including shipping in near new condition). It tells quite a bit that you wouldn’t know if you believe anything you read in a newspaper (or on the TV).
    Some people who get special mention… Rep. Ron Paul for being 1 of the 17 house members willing to cock the hammer of the impeachment.
    Now Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney even is covered in several paragraphs on page 182 - very informative. (Hint: You can read the page for free on )

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