Prof says Green Party hurt by green Democrats

The Green Party has a history of supporting progressive environmental policies, says Kenneth Waltzer, a professor at Michigan State University. But because “green issues” are now gaining attention in mainstream politics, he says, green-conscious voters have no reason to vote for a Green Party candidate.

The State News reports that state Green Party spokesperson Fred Vitale says Michigan has just under 1,000 party members.

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  1. chris wozny Says:

    There has been virtually zero coverage of the green party’s nominees in the news. Isn’t there a law promoting fair and equal coverage of parties? Can’t the Green Party, or McKinney herself, sue media companies for the silent treatment? Nothing kills a candidate like silence - witness John Edwards’ campaign: he only got a front page story when he dropped out.

  2. Kathy Cummings Says:

    There are plenty of reasons green conscious voters should be checking out Green Party candidates and voting for them!

    Peace for one. The Green Party is the only party for peace. The Ten Key Values include: social justice, equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, grassroots democracy, community-based economics & economic justice, gender equity, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility with a focus on a sustainable future.

    IL Green Kathy Cummings for US Senate,
    she walks her talk and can’t be bought!

    Kathy’s website:


  3. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    John Edwards [no veterans stand so ever] has a lot more problems than media neglect!

  4. DebbieKat Says:

    Just because Democrats talk about green issues, doesn’t mean they’ll do anything about them. The Democrats are in corporations’ pockets. That’s reason enough not to vote for them. At this point, there are only a few exceptions where there are Democrats I’ll still vote for. If Kucinich was my representative, I would vote for him, for example…

  5. Elvis Johnson Says:

    Look this is just another know nothing Professor.

    All Theory.

    No action.

    Most of these guys have never been on the ballot for anything.

    They do NOT know real american politics …real Green Party politics.

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