Green congressional candidate states policy on education

The following is a media release from Rodger Jennings, Green Party candidate for Congress from Illinois:

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School District Refuses to Register Students
Green Party supports the restructuring Educational Law

Alton, IL, July 28, 2008 - Rodger Jennings , US Candidate for US Congress in District 12 was approached today by a concerned parent who was turned away to register her children in the Bethalto School District because they did not have the $60 to pay for their registration.

“It is intolerable for any school district to turn away any child from what we call a FREE education”, said Candidate Jennings. “The concept of a free education is a misnomer, and our government has caused students to suffer consequences because parents are unemployed”

With unemployment rising due to the failing economy, schools are being squeezed with tighter budgets as well. “Just because a parent has suffered financial set backs, does not give the school district any right to deny this child an education,” said Mr. Jennings.

Rodger Jennings is running in the 12th District in Illinois, with a pledge to work on removing the “leave no child left behind” laws. “The school systems in this country are in shambles, and parents need to know that I will be working to change the current structure of the education system” according to Mr. Jennings.

Mr. Jennings is in support of the proposed plan presented at the NEA meetings in Washington DC in July, which is titled, “Great Public Schools for Every Student by 2020.” The goal of this program is to change the schools in the US to achieve a new balance in the Federal role to the schools. “Until we give more control back to local school districts and quit making teachers teach to a test instead of teaching to the complexities required to produce self sustaining young adults, our nation will continue to lag behind other nations in the world”

In regards to the parents that have been denied access to registration, Mr. Jennings has offered to pay for the child’s registration to ensure they are enrolled in time to start school. “The Bethalto School District needs to understand that no child should be denied an education, no matter the parent’s financial situation,” said Mr. Jennings.

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  1. Kathy Cummings Says:

    As a former public school teacher, I can attest to the fact public education needs a big overhaul.
    Free education, indeed, should not mean being limited to an education that fails to prepare students for the future we are moving into.

    How many teachers are teaching about conserving energy? How many teachers know what “Peak Oil” means and are preparing our youth for what life will be like without petroleum?
    We need students to know the truth and be prepared to offer solutions and be part of the solutions. Our children should not be fodder for more wars to steal fossil fuels from other countries.

    The Green Party is the only party talking about real issues that we will be facing sooner than we might be thinking!

    The Green Party is for peace, social justice, equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, grassroots democracy, community-based economics & economic justice, gender equity, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility with a focus on a sustainable future.

    IL Green Kathy Cummings for US Senate,
    she walks her talk and can’t be bought!


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