‘Desperate’ Barr fundraiser, says WSJ

The Wall Street Journal’s “Washington Wire” blog calls it “perhaps the most desperate sounding e-mail solicitation yet this election cycle.” It’s a letter from Russ Verney, Bob Barr’s campaign manager:

Under the subject line, “Have I said or done something to offend you?” Russ Verney writes, “You see, I have to report that unless we receive and immediate cash infusion of $85,000, our progress will stop dead in its tracks. To be very blunt, I am presently faced with bills equaling our bank account balance, and I know there are many more expenses on the horizon.”

Reporter Susan Davis says the Barr campaign “had just $69,000 cash on hand at the end of June, and he raised just under $200,000 last month,” according to the latest report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

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  1. MPM Says:

    ...so where’s Wayne Root with all his millions? Umm, isn’t his purpose as the vice presidential nominee partly to help fund the campaign?

  2. Chris Moore Says:

    Root NEVER claimed to even have enough money to seriously finance a presidential bid on his own, much less that he would. In fact, he had very clearly stated that he would NOT be investing millions in a bid.

    The man is a millionaire. However, do you guys realize that being worth, say, $10 million dollars does not mean that you can write a check for $8 million, or even necessarily $1 million. Hell, I’d be surprised if Root could write a check for $100k like George Phillies DID for his campaign.

  3. MPM Says:

    Well there was an LP candidate a couple years back in Washington state who went so far as to sell his house in order to fund his campaign. Not saying Root has to go that far but one would think he’d have a bit more compassion and contribute about $1 million. But even if he doesn’t want to do that, fine, but isn’t 85k reasonable?

  4. George Phillies Says:

    When we debated, Root specifically said that money was what other people invested in his campaign, and that he had promised his wife that their money would not go to his campaign. Indeed, I found it surprising that he put as much money in as he did. Barr has put some of his own money into his campaign; you can learn from the FEC reports how much.

  5. Brian Defferding Says:

    Is this the first time the Wall Street Journal ever recieved a fundraising email before?

    I used to fundraise for the Minnesota Republican Party for many years back during Clinton’s last term and Bush’s first term. Lines used like that Bob Barr email is pretty common - and it works. The Wall Street Journal knows this, or at least they should, which makes me wonder why they try to paint his campaign as desperate.

  6. Chris Moore Says:

    MPM, the candidate in Washington you are refering to mortgaged his home. He did not sell it. Also, he did this so that he could report having raised over $1 million which allowed him to participate in televised debates. Furthermore, he loaned the money to his campaign and the campaign spent hardly any of it, so when the race was over he got his money back and presumably paid off his mortgage.

    In the history of the LP, there have only been a handful of presidential candidates that sank considerable sums of their own money into what is obviously a loosing race. This cycle you had Jingozian and Phillies, which is actually pretty remarkable. As far as VPs go, there has been only one: David Koch. Koch is a bllionaire. There is a HUGE difference between a billionaire and millionaire. We’re talking a difference of three orders-of-magnitude.

  7. Ayn R. Key Says:

    Last time I received a solicitation from the Barr campaign, I replied that I will donate as soon as my religious equality question was addressed. I haven’t heard from them since.

  8. Jonathan Says:

    Ayn you are as obssessed with this as John Lowell is obsessed with the abortion check. The Libertarian Party holds that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose. We are not the Constitution Party where there is no religious equality. The Constitution Party has religion deeply into their platform.
    Barr is a Methodist and his running mate is Jewish so you see there is no prejudice . WHO CARES .
    Don’t worry your sick little mind Bob won’t take away your citizneship and deport you to Haiti for oyour religion . Jeez you are one paranoid son of a bitch

  9. Ayn R. Key Says:

    The LP holds that. Bob Barr hasn’t always held that, and has never issued any statements on this issue to say he holds that now.

    The LP holds that. It is in the LP platform, but does Bob Barr hold that? Bob Barr has not answered the question, and Barr supporters like you inspire absolutely no confidence in the candidate due to your insistance that I’m not supposed to ask the question in the first place. The worst thing going for Barr is his supporters.

    A Methodist with a Jewish running mate … someone in a mainstream religion working with someone in a different mainstream religion. Big deal. It wasn’t Judaism he tried to forbid in military ranks. I’m not surprised you didn’t notice that little point. Yeah, there are Christians out there who would recognize Judaism and not recognize other faiths as having a right to exist.

    But I’m not supposed to ask the question, right? I’m not supposed to want a libertarian candidate who espouses libertarian positions, right? I’m not supposed to wonder if he has changed his mind on positions on which he has disagreed with the libertarian position, right?

    Barr needs better supporters. “Don’t you dare ask if he still has any of the anti-liberty positions he used to have” is not a statement that is going to engender any support. Do you want your candidate to succeed? Telling me I have no right to ask if Barr and the LP agree on an issue in which Barr and the LP have disagreed is, well, lame.

    No, I do not think he’s going to deport me to Haiti, nice straw man. Actually no, a nice straw man, while a caricature, is still somewhat similar to the position held by the person whose opinions you are making a straw man of. Your straw man is a pile of straw on which you’ve drawn a face with silly string.

  10. Bill Woolsey Says:

    On Barr’s website, one of the entries in the issues section is racism and equality. If you read that, you will see that he opposes religious discrimination. (And racial discrimination as well.)

    One of Barr’s press releases calls for the U.S. to champion religious liberty. While there is no mention of paganism, he does include Islam as a religion that deserves protection.

    Another press release calls for support of all parts of the Bill of Rights and specifically criticizes McCain for his failure to support the 1st amendment in the context of campaign finance. (The implication is that Barr supports the 1st amendment.)

    At the netroots blog convention, a blogger asked Barr about this “crusade” against the Wicca in 1999. The blogger said that Barr “repudiated” his position. The blogger said that Barr explained this by saying that he no longer believes that having Wicca ceremonies on military bases interferes with good order and discipline and so has no problem with such activity. He said it was similar to his view on “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” He had thought that openly gay people in the military would interfere with good order and discipline. He doesn’t think that is true now, and supports gay people serving openly.

  11. MPM Says:

    Oh snap, sounds like you gotta pay up Ayn.

  12. Ayn R. Key Says:

    Ah, he finally and recently came out against his old position. And he came back with a marvelously weak response, that his previous position was based on “reports” he had from military commanders about it causing problems. Reports he didn’t want to go into detail on (what a surprise). What a limp wristed response considering statements he made at the time.

    Bob Barr Kinda Sorta Recants

    What you say is true Bill. And more helpful than Johnathan’s “You are a bad person for asking that question” response.

  13. Ayn R. Key Says:


    Bob Barr Kinda Sorta Recants

    Fascinating reading.

    By the way, when a Republican says he is in favor of religious equality, it often means “only for real religions, not for ones I don’t consider to be religions.” The Netroots answer is the first answer that would indicate any other position at all.

  14. Jonathan Says:

    your question is a DUH question

  15. Ayn R. Key Says:

    Well, it’s a step in the right direction.

  16. Ayn R. Key Says:

    Your answer is a D U H answer.

  17. svf Says:

    Thanks for your generous donation to Barr 2008, Ayn!

  18. RockHoward Says:

    Well I have donated to the Barr campaign and will do so again, but to answer the question: Yes Russ, you did say several things that offended me when we talked at the LP convention.

    Specifically you said that the LP was no different than other third parties you have been involved with. I did not like that response as the other third parties you are talking about were basically “cult of personality” type endeavors. The LP is not. It is rooted in ideas and principles. (On the downside, the LP can be classified as a “cult of no personality” endeavor which is a tough sell in modern America.)

    You also said that you had no interest in attracting disgruntled voters from a liberal mindset even though a significant fraction of the LP’s base including much of the hard core membership are refuges from the left. That is short-sighted and basically means you atre trying to make this campaign fly with only one wing. If this were done for pragmatic reasons, I could maybe accept it, but the attitude you projected said to me that you had no interest in attracting anyone but disgruntled conservatives to the LP. Well sorry bud. I have no interest in being a member of the disgruntled conservative party. I am a Libertarian.

    While I have little hope for you ever really getting with the Libertarian Party, Russ, I continue to grudgingly admire Barr’s work on the campaign trail. He is clearly doing a lot of good and not too much harm to the movement and so I am down with that and will continue to support him. But the more you make this the “Russ show”, the less you will get from me.

  19. svf Says:

    Interesting comment, Rock… and whatever Russ’s opinion on the “go for the disgruntled conservatives only” approach, I admire Barr for making a play for disgruntled civil libertarian lefties and blue collar democrats and taking as many potshots at Obama as McCain when given the opportunity. Showing up at Netroots Nation and teaming up with the Strange Bedfellows anti-FISA folks is also good stuff.

  20. Eric Dondero Says:

    This is absolute crunch time for ballot access. Believe me. I’m on the ground right now in a critical New England State. We’re pinching pennies. We’re busting our asses, working round the clock.

    It doesn’t get any more critical than this week. It’s make or brake.

    Please, please, please, donate to the Barr Campaign and the LP ballot access efforts right now. Just a couple thousand $$$ could make the difference in one or two critical states.


  21. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Russ Show: your brand of the political circus set the stage for the implosion of the Reform Movement. Or so I am told. I am also told, often after a spit on the ground, that you used much of the same verbage in the 1990s. Or so I am told!

    Eric Dondero: any word, recommendation, or endorsement from Roma?

  22. MPM Says:

    “Specifically you said that the LP was no different than other third parties you have been involved with.”

    Yeah I don’t see how Russ can make any link between his past affiliation with the Reform Party (see: Ross Perot’s comments on the Constitution being inapplicable in modern times; protectionism) and his current association with the LP.

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