Libertarians’ political director to address Landham controversy tonight

The following is a media release from “The Weekly Filibuster” radio show:

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Washington, DC - Libertarian Party National Political Director Sean Haugh will address the Sonny Landham controversy, and his party’s slow response on a special edition of The Weekly Filibuster airing live tonight at 10PM EST at

We expect him to announce the final decision regarding Landham on the show, and are working to secure some other special guests for our broadcast tonight.

Haugh will take listener calls at (347) 205-9993.

The Weekly Filibuster was launched in January 2008 and brings together a panel of student politicos including Matt Cavedon of Harvard University, Tom Dec of Connecticut, Robert Burack and Bob Bowen of Michigan, and Sage Koontz of the University of Virginia as well as other panelists from around the country.

ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT from “The Weekly Filibuster”: Kentucky Libertarian Senate candidate Sonny Landham will make his first comments regarding the Kentucky Libertarian Party’s soon-to-be-released decision on tonight’s special edition of “The Weekly Filibuster.”

NOTE & Addendum from Third Party Watch: See this previous posting for background on the Landham controversy, and this one.

25 Responses to “Libertarians’ political director to address Landham controversy tonight”

  1. Larry West Says:

    If you listen to Sonny Landham’s previous statements on this show, I noticed in the discussion regarding poppy production in Afghanistan that in regards to the Libertarian Party drug policy, he states “I don’t care what their view is.” If Landham were truly a Libertarian, why would he use the word “their” instead of “I don’t agree with our party’s viewpoint on this one issue.” or something similar?
    Thus, by his own admission, Sonny Landham is NOT a Libertarian. He needs to not be submitted as the Libertarian candidate for US Senator from Kentucky. We Kentuckians need to have someone who is not a supporter of genocide and an out-and-out racist and kook.
    That being said, I believe that there DOES need to be a third-party candidate for US Senate since Kentucky does not have “none of the above” option on the ballot. Please find someone other than Sonny Landham.

  2. Adam Says:

    So, Larry, I was right, people from Kentucky aren’t that stupid? Yeah, it’s friggin’ terrible that he claims to be a libertarian. He’s about as much of a libertarian as Hitler or Stalin.

  3. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Like the blogger[s] whom assume that ‘reform’ is a branch of the Liberation movement and not the Party, wave, aggregate that shot Henry Ross Perot to 20% of the popular vote per P1992?

  4. Michael Seebeck Says:

    If Haugh is smart, his statement will be simply this:

    “The Libertarian Party does not agree with Mr. Landham’s remarks and defers to our Kentucky state affiliate to determine any disposition in the matter.”

    US Senate, while being a federal office, is a staewide office. Therefore the state party should properly deal with it.

    That is exactly what the LP did in 2002.

    I went through this $#!t with Rick Stanley in CO in 2002. Stanley got censured for his comments, and he should have been removed from the ticket-heck, he wasn’t the legitimate nominee in the first place, but that was a convention screwup that everybody in the room missed at the time. (The convention goofed by accidentally removing NOTA from the second nominating ballot instead of Stanley since he was the lowest vote-getting person in the first ballot. NOTA should always be on the nominating ballot! In that case, nobody noticed, and the error was noticed long after the election was over, and it induced a Bylaws change in 2003.)

    LPKY needs to save itself from this Landham nutcase before he does irreparable damage to LPKY.

  5. Andy Craig Says:

    I was under the impression that this was a LPKY decision, not an LNC one.

    Either way, I think it’s pretty clear this guy’s getting the boot. And then the reformers and moderates can get back to their previously scheduled cat fights.

  6. Adam Says:

    you know what’s amazing, Landham himself is American Indian (Seminole and Cherokee, don’t stereotype, we don’t all look alike), we are taught to love all people (regardless of race or ethnic origin)...err…at least I was taught that we, as Indians, shouldn’t hate people because they are different, but love them because they are the same.

  7. ciborium Says:

    He’s making it hard to win people over to Bob Barr. Everytime I say Libertarian around here lately, they think of Landham, and assume Barr is a similar kook. Unfortunately, around here (northern KY), Bob Barr isn’t a household name, but Sonny Landham is. The sooner LPKY gives him the boot the better.

  8. Nexus Says:

    “He’s making it hard to win people over to Bob Barr.”

    I agree. We have a high profile candidate with Barr and an oppertunity to grow the LP. An embarrassment like Landham just keeps us in the fringes. LPKY, get rid of this loser!

  9. Larry West Says:

    The best thing for the LPKY would be to have Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son), who lives in Bowling Green, KY, to take Sonny Landham’s place. I don’t know if he would be interested in the job, however.

  10. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Andy Craig: You mean LIBERTARIAN reformers and LIBERTARIAN moderates ????

  11. NewFederalist Says:

    It appears the KY SoS is offering the LP some relief on this matter. See B.A.N. for the details.

  12. Dr.Gonzo Says:

    This guy is doing nothing but damage to the LP. He isn’t even close to a Libertarian, and don’t know how he was able to run on the ticket in the first place.

  13. Jonathan Says:

    On seperate topic, the Barr campaign needs money in the worst way. Please send emails, write editorials, write to TV stations. We need new donors and more money. If we don’t get some money now you can forget about the polls rising, forget about ballot access, forget about being a player in this election.

    Please remind everyone that the money bomb is August 5th check out but if you can send money NOW. I know the economy is tough for everyone but even $10 will help

  14. George Phillies Says:

    Unfortunately, political damage is almost never irreparable, because if it were, the George Bush war and depression party would be one with the Federalists by now.

  15. Jonathan Says:

  16. Timothy West Says:

    Ron Paul soaked up all the bucks available. Now everyone is tight up and cant give.

  17. Ken Moellman Says:

    Hey everyone. I’m glad this is now over.

    I would like to address the one particular poster, who is from Northern Kentucky:

    We have a monthly meetup group, if you’d like to join.

    We are just beginning to get the word out for Barr in Northern Kentucky. Expect more soon. I hope to get him on some local talk shows in the near future, as a way to “prime the pump”.

    We’re also fighting the proposed smoking bans. We need more help doing this as well.

    If you’d like to help with any of these efforts in Northern Kentucky, please contact me through the LPKY website,

    Any and all damage should be repaired and/or forgotten in the coming weeks. Most people aren’t even paying attention yet. The last 60 days are the most critical.

  18. Eric Dondero Says:

    This is a good compromise. Haugh and Meollman deserve a lot of credit for pulling this off, and playing this thing right smack dab in the middle: satisfying Landham’s critics while not pissing off Landham’s supporters.

    Ironically though, the way I read this story, it seems that the KY Secretary of State is the Big Hero here too. He/She made the decision to allow Landham to be listed as an Independent, thus still adhering to the wishes of KY voters, while also giving the LP an out.

    Now it’s time to move on and organize a “Libertarians for Landham” campaign in KY. Libertarians supporting a libertarian-leaning Independent is no different from Libertarians supporting libertarian-leaning Republicans.

  19. Clark Says:

    DR BOZO CHOKES: “This guy is doing nothing but damage to the LP. He isn’t even close to a Libertarian, and don’t know how he was able to run on the ticket in the first place.” (END)

    ...more negativity from ‘LP purists’..

    ..please grow up!..nobody is perfect!..get behind your party leaders and stop griping!..


    (btw west..i’ve noted many of your comments involve ‘money’ the reality would be…i believe..that you comment frequently about thing$ about which you are worse even than a fucking ignoramu$!) ;o)

  20. MPM Says:

    Clark needs to get laid. In a pile of money.

  21. John Killian Says:

    Is Sonny Landham laughing up his sleeve at the developments? You can find out at

  22. Dr. Gonzo Says:

    Clark, please stop responding to posts like you possess an extra chromosome. It would make it far easier to read. I am clearly dealing with an 11 year old because no non retarded adult is going to try to insult someone by changing their name.

    And I am far from a purist. the man just profiled a whole group of people and advocated mass murder for their resources. That’s neocon not Libertarian.

  23. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Sonny for Kentucky State John Birch Society?

  24. Ayn R. Key Says:

    The compromise is out. The KY Secretary of State said “nope, either he’s LP or he’s off the ballot.” So the KY LP will not have the easy way out and will have to make the tough choice: do they pull the endorsement of a racist non-libertarian that only Dondero could call a libertarian, or do they endorse a racists non-libertarian.

    Let us hope that more sensible heads prevail, and maybe perhaps even a little bit of (gasp) purism.

  25. Larry West Says:

    Apparently they are considering endorsing racist non-Libertarians, Ayn.
    Current status, as of Wednesday mid-day, can be found at
    (Landham back on the ticket as Libertarian? Maybe)

    I can’t believe they are seriously re-thinking of keeping him on the ballot as a Libertarian. Even if he apologizes for saying what he said, he needs to apologize for believing it as well and change his mindset before he’d be allowed back on.
    Murdering millions of people for retaliation of what 19 did is wrong.

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