Barr video: ‘The Time for Liberty’

The Barr presidential campaign has produced a video, “The Time for Liberty,” with a stellar cast that includes rare footage of Ron Paul during his own 1988 run for the presidency as the Libertarian Party candidate.

George Dance discusses the video on Nolan Chart:

Paul is joined by Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, Ayn Rand, and comedian George Carlin. Barry Goldwater, John F. Kennedy, and TV host Glenn Beck also make brief appearances. (Blogger Steven Gordon, the founder of Third Party Watch, seems to have an important non-speaking role as Mr. Barr’s bodyguard.)

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  1. Timothy West Says:

    I believe that Austin Cassidy was the founder of TPW.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    An elected public official and FLorida registered REPUBLICAN!

  3. Timothy West Says:

    He never said or claimed otherwise. He started TPW because he thought third parties were interesting and undercovered by the MSM.

  4. George Dance Says:

    My bad; I didn`t do a fact-check on that. I changed `founder` to `former publisher,` and added a link to TPW.

  5. Robert Capozzi Says:

    Another strong effort, although I prefer the first campaign video. This one felt less thematic and more just a list of interesting quotes. I could do without Rand, as she’s very hard to understand with her thick accent.

    When it cuts to the war footage, and then the WTO riots, it’s just not obvious why we’re seeing that. I’m guessing it’s just chaos, but I suspect a lot of people will think this is liberty, especially because the music seems to underscore it. It also shows the weakness of the Goldwater quote: Are the cops defending liberty? Are the protesters?

  6. John Lowell Says:

    Do you think that Bob’s next video, The Time For Liberty Redux, will include a sequence showing his webmaster censoring his blog? I can see it now, the webmaster, his hand on a computer mouse, his neck straining to position him to read the next comment, perhaps one questioning whether Bob actually did sign a check paying for his ex-wife’s abortion as is alleged, his face now contorted with rage and the inevitable “click”. Another axed comment and all in the cause of liberty!

    Some people say that Bob looks like the groom on top of a wedding cake. I say he looks like the only person in the world capable of doing a video on liberty while at the same time throttling it in his own backyard. Bob’s campaign has deep totalitarian resonances. Can we just get him to shave off that mustache.

  7. kenneth Says:

    Nice video. Like the one Gordon and the self proclaimed pragmatists torpedoed when he became LNC political director to support the new platform, except he removed the JFK quote on the LP pledge.

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