Barr campaign seeks help on ‘money bomb’

The following is a release from Barr supporter Mitchell Abeln:

Barr Bomb Supporters!

You all did a great job participating in the last money bomb. On July 2nd we raised over $40,000 in one day! This was a great success for the Barr campaign and is the kind of help that they need from us again. Right now, millions of dollars just isn’t realistic, it would be great, but we need small victories to help Bob get out on the campaign trail. Your participation encourages other people to join the crew… so it’s imperative that we continue to build! Encourage your friends and family to help give us a voice on November 4th by pledging for the new $100,000 ‘Axe the Tax’ money bomb day on August 5th.

This might seem like a tall task, but if we can get 1,000 pledges to donate $100 we will easily hit our goal. I participated in the Ron Paul money bombs, and worked hard to spread the word then. At first our numbers were small, but as word got out and as videos like the new ‘Time for Liberty’ video came out - the numbers exploded! Right now we just need hard working people to get the word out and help us!

We could also use your help in graphic creation, videos, anything at all. Post it on the blog and we will feature it in our blog!

We have about a week and a half. Lets go out there and earn Bob $100,000!!

- Charlie

3 Responses to “Barr campaign seeks help on ‘money bomb’”

  1. Cade Thacker Says:

    Just to set the record straight. I do not believe this has anything to do with the official “Barr campaign”. This is a grassroots effort just like they were for Ron Paul. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, the campaign can not promote the money bombs in any official capacity. Just wanted to make that clear because the title of the article is misleading. You should change the title from “Barr campaign …” to “Barr grassroots supporter …”

  2. tj Says:

    Paul supporters should realize they have someone who does agree with them on many issues who could have a national stage. I am jumping on the Barr bandwagon and will donate.

  3. beacon007 Says:

    Time to unite the third partys to save the people of the U.S.A. United we stand divided we fall. I am sure you can come up with ideas to make this happen. Perhaps, diplomacy. Think about it. A concerned Canadian. Love to the people and God bless. Gord.

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