Why Ron Paul really, really, really wants to fly Air Force One now

The following report is taken from the Trail Blazers blog of the Dallas Morning News:

9:48 PM Tue, Jul 22, 2008
Dave Levinthal

In part, because it probably wouldn’t depressurize while skirting the stratosphere.

Paul, a Texas congressman and former 2008 Republican presidential candidate, was among seven Texas congressmen on Continental Airlines Flight 458 which made an emergency landing tonight in New Orleans. The others: Ted Poe, John Carter, Solomon P. Ortiz, Ciro Rodriguez and Henry Cuellar.

After the pilots detected a loss in cabin pressure, they made a rapid descent, and the plane landed safely at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Paul, a former Air Force flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force, and his congressional cohorts are reportedly unhurt.

But the reason for their flight? Attempting to return to the nation’s capital in time to vote on the Aviation Safety Enhancement Act, reports the Associated Press’s Chevel Johnson.

Good Lord. You can’t make stuff like that up if you tried.

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  1. chuckv Says:

    Actually, I’m pretty sure Paul opposes using public money to transport politicians.

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