A mock funeral for Barr and the LP

Some of the losers in the Libertarian Party—those who didn’t want Bob Barr to get the nomination—just aren’t moving on. Here, a bunch of them in New Hampshire hold a mock funeral for Barr and the LP. If you have as much beer and perhaps other stuff as they apparently had, it might qualify as amateurish dark humor—call it the Barr Witch Project. Especially when “Bob Barr” loses his head, and a dog takes interest. Ohmigosh, is he really going to carry it off into the woods?!

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  1. drifter Says:

    People have some real issues. I am just curios, since they are so upset, are they going to vote for obama?

    If you are an LP or any other third party, the issues do not have to matter that much or match perfect.

    Step 1. Get on the ballot
    Step 2. Get some people elected
    Step 3. Change ballot access laws
    Step 4. Nominate what ever crazy you want and see how well they do against canidates when the deck is not stacked against them.

    We are at step 1. Just getting people to realize there are more then 2 parties is a Major feat. If we get that far, then we can worry about all this petty stuff like the issues

  2. Dave Englert Says:

    Wow, if the LP is dead now what were they before? I love New Hampshire, but these guys should worry about their own state, Since the free state project, the NH house and senate have been lost to democrats (The Republicans in that state weren’t that bad after all they were largely responsible for the conditions that drew the free state project there in the first place). There is a smoking ban, and from what my family tells me a host of new taxes, so fare they aren’t looking very effective to me. Maybe their time might be better served focusing on keeping NH one of the more free states in the union.

  3. Eric Dondero Says:

    Hmmn, towards the end of the video Seth Cohn goes nuts banging on the “coffin” of Bob Barr.

    I wonder how his boss George Phillies feels about such an explicit denunciation of Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party by his own Campaign Manager?

    Kind of destroys that line that Phillies is just running as a renegade Libertarian for President “for the good of the Party.”

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Thanks Eric for setting the record straight.

  5. bile Says:

    That was at Burning Porcupine. You guys realize that a good portion of those who were there are apolitical voluntarists. Some of them don’t vote as they see it as participating in violent system.

    There are some who are less willing to make compromises for their beliefs. Having the funeral is silly but so what? Burning Porc is a week long. Gotta pass the time somehow.

    As for worrying about NH. As I can tell these activists have made more obvious gains in NH then anything the LP has done. From civil disobedience to a couple dozen freedom activists running for state offices. Given the FSP only picked NH a couple years ago, only 500-600 have moved and it takes 2 years living in the state before you can run for office… I’d say they are doing just fine.

  6. Jeff Akston Says:

    Hey, remember when Bob Barr praised Jesse Helms and asked us all to thank God for his service?

    Yeah, he’s swell. I always vote Libertarian. Not this year. Barr is an ideological carpetbagger. (though I won’t be voting for Obama either)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What I’m about to say doesn’t necessarily relate 100% to what is being discussed here, but…

    The Libertarian Party has been around for what, 35+ years? I sure am glad we’ve worked to establish this party so the equivalent of a kid throwing a temper tantrum can take his ball and bat and go home. Whatever happened to ballot access? How about the future of the party? This is ridiculous, and I hope everyone that’s personified by the kid and his temper tantrum is ready and willing to go the extra mile to repair the damage they’re willfully doing to the party today if and when a candidate they fully support receives the nomination in 2012. I also hope, assuming the conspiracy theories of a coup within the LP prove true, that everyone who quit the field in the past several weeks and quickly surrendered the LP to outside forces will someday come to the realization that they failed to fight for principle as soon as the battle came to their doorstep. They conceded in a rash fit of emotion, and let that emotion get the best of them. Not even a symbolic shot was fired, but a retreat was surely mounted.

  8. George Phillies Says:

    Mr. Dondero notwithstanding, my campaign chair was Charles Wilhoit, and my campaign Chief of Staff was Jake Porter, those being the titles in my campaign closest to ‘campaign manager’. Wilhoit is now LPTN Vice Chair, and Porter is now an LNC alternate and state coordinator for the Barr campaign.

  9. Carl M Says:

    “Outside forces” included people who had joined the LP over a quarter century ago. Some of the hardcore whiners are, in fact, newbies.

    The LP had once before run a relatively moderate candidate for president—in 1980. The “outside forces” causing that “coup” included a party founder.

  10. disinter Says:

    Please donate to the LP for ballot access.

  11. Paul K. Says:

    I’m frankly getting disgusted with the constant attempts by the losing “radical” faction in the LP to sabotage Barr who was freely nominated at an open convention. Get over it. You lost.

    Rather than making juvenile demonstrations of your displeasure such as the above and constantly carping and slandering Barr online, you should support the nominee. If you can’t bring yourselves to do that, then you should work on local campaigns or other projects. There is a lot other positive work to do other than denigrate the LP candidate. The least you can do is stay out of the way and wait ‘til next time.

    If you are unwilling to be loyal to the LP’s choice then you should leave the Party altogether - and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    Many years ago, in ‘83, the “radicals” suceeded in capturing the nomination for Dave Bergland. In the process of a dirty nomination campaign they blew out most of the LP’s financial support and about 1/2 the membership. Bergland did about 1/4 the vote total of the Clark campaign. Ballot status dropped from 50 to 42. By ‘85 membership was in the low 4000’s, the LP News hadn’t been published in months and the Party was on the verge of being evicted from HQ (moved to TX by the radicals). It took about 25 years to recover.

    Maybe that is the objective - to control a small, ineffective party in order to indulge utopian fantasies of “pure” libertarianism.

  12. wtfk Says:

    You people don’t get it. The “whiners” are making it clear to people outside the Libertarian Party that the Libertarian Party is no longer libertarian. They’re now mostly an unprincipled batch of disaffected right wingnuts. People who are actually libertarian have no interest in a party that both probably can’t win and is unprincipled.

    Actually, that’s a blessing. Most of the libertarians who used to identify as Libertarians will no longer waste their time in politics and will participate in something that can actually advance liberty.

    Thanks for the (crappy) memories!

  13. wtfk Says:

    PS: Why else would Bob Barr and the Root of all evil be polling below 50% in their own party???

  14. bile Says:

    Sabotage? The man doesn’t stand for what these people believe. They, rightfully, are upset that a faux libertarian is the temporary figurehead of “the party of principle.” I fail to see how it’s principled to run a candidate for the highest position in government who can’t even say flat out that he’s against the drug war.

    And as I said before… many of these people ARE NOT LP members and at least a few who were, like Ian Bernard of FTL, have withdrawn from the party. So to say it’s sabotage is completely wrong. Just because you are a libertarian doesn’t mean you are a Libertarian. These people see no tangible progress in the LP and took a more active role in working towards liberty. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that the FSP members gets so much crap for actually getting their hands dirty on a local level, both politically and apolitically.

  15. FTL_Ian Says:

    The organizers of the funeral are in no way “losers in the Libertarian party”. They aren’t in the LP at all. They are done with politics and have moved into market based activism like noncooperation.

    Most of us at Free Keene couldn’t give a flip about party politics. That’s no way to achieve liberty in our lifetime.

    If you want to spend your free time, energy, and money trying to reform the system from the inside, I wish you good luck. We will certainly not stand in your way and will be here waiting if and when you finally realize that it’s all been a waste, as I eventually did.

    RIP LP.

  16. G.E. Says:

    Quality, objective journalism from Barr-owned propaganda mill TPW.

  17. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Gee, we sure agree on that squib, G. E. ——Don Lake

  18. FormerLPMember Says:

    drifter “are they going to vote for obama?

    NO!, They along with most eligble voters in the country (including Ron Paul republicans and Harry Brown libertarians), Will Act Responsibly:Don’t Vote!

    “Viewing the nation as divided into two camps ignores the largest single group of Americans, namely, those who don’t vote at all!”

  19. Roger Lee Says:

    This should have been the year that the LP made significant inroads into the mainstream mindset. Bob Barr did nothing but turn the casual voter even farther from ever even considering a third party. Of all the years to blow it, none of the third parties have fielded an inspiring candidate. This is why I am glad to have discovered the Modern Whig Party. We have only 7,000 members so far, but were labled “the new political movement of the military” by the Army Times, and have quite an innovative plan to raise funds and pursue some seats in 2010. http://www.modernwhig.org

  20. Robert Capozzi Says:

    Think of the energy wasted in this effort. I guess they couldn’t think of anything more productive to do.


  21. FTL_Ian Says:

    Not everything we do need be “productive”. This was for fun, and it was. It may even be productive in that it may produce more movers to NH because they will see what a good time we are having.

  22. Arizona Indie Says:

    Barr and Root aren’t worth the soul of a once proud Libertarian Party. I hope he does pathetic, finishing behind Nader, Baldwin AND McKinney. Maybe then the Libertarians will nominate someone who stands for something, besides flip flopping and massaging his oversized ego.

    Root’s condescending, back-stabbing, 30 pieces of silver withdrawal speech is what cemented the fact that this ticket isn’t worth the time of day.

  23. Seth Says:

    For the record, since Dondero continues to spread his total fabrications: I have never been George’s campaign manager. Webmaster, at one point, but not for quite some time.

    Within the ranks of the LPNH, we have a split, like all of the LP, between those who like Barr, and those who dislike Barr. Which side I’m on is quite clear…

    And that dog was my dog, BTW. Harley’s been featured in quite a few videos recently. He’s getting his own facebook page next.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Well, bile, apparently Bob Barr actually did say “flat out” that he’s against the drug war:


    Maybe you and yours were too busy getting your information from “objective” like-minded dissenters to ever hear about it. You know, in the same vein as G.E.’s jab about the slant of this article?

    Withdrawing support is one thing, and that’s definitely a neutral exercise of free choice. Those that are withdrawing support and then doing everything they can to harm the LP just because they don’t like its “temporary figurehead” are most certainly engaging in sabotage.

  25. Eric Dondero Says:

    Okay George, I humbly stand corrected. So, Seth is “not your campaign manager.” Fine. Then what exactly is his title?

    And, do you denounce his actions in this video of banging on the “coffin” of Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party?

    And please, no remarks on side issues, just a straight yes or no would suffice.

  26. Eric Dondero Says:

    A lot of the posters here are claiming that these Free Stater Porcupine Protesters are not Libertarian Party members at all, but rather non-political Anarchist types.

    Fine. That’s an acceptable explanation.

    But then why is the head guy of the protest - Seth Cohn - the leading advocate and petitioner for George Phillies, Renegade Libertarian for President in the State of New Hampshire?

  27. FTL_Ian Says:

    The organizers are voluntaryists. Seth was simply attending.

  28. TheOldCrocodile Says:

    Don’t vote? Don’t Bitch. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  29. Seth Says:

    I didn’t organize the “funeral”, but it was held directly after the LPNH annual summer picnic. In attendance at the picnic were most of the active LPNHers. Many had left by the time the funeral was held, but some of us were still there, including half of the Exec board, and funny enough, none of us were offended by it, and we enjoyed it immensely.

  30. Seth Says:

    BTW, again for the record, I’m ViceChair (2nd District) of the LPNH, so effectively one of the ‘leading Libertarians’ in NH, active politically, have no current title or standing in George’s campaign, was a delegate in Denver, proudly voted for him until he was eliminated from the balloting, and think that Bob Barr, while a nice guy, should NOT have been rewarded for his continuing to support Republicans financially thru his PAC, WHILE sitting on the LNC, when there were Libertarians in the same race. This is the case in NH, and one good reason why I will not support him in NH: He gave money to our opponents in one of only 2 races required for ballot access in NH.

    Dondero had the balls to complain to me on Tuesday about the fact they he’s still stuck in NH, in the pay of the national LP, instead of in WV. Too Bad, Eric. We told National that petitioning here wasn’t “easy” as they claimed it was all along ove the last 8 years. Maybe next time, they’ll listen.

  31. Fascist Nation Says:

    The NLP has been dead for years, but it is nice to see some people won’t give up on their patient even when ex?-Republicans Bob Barr/Wayne Allen Root become the Party’s representatives on the national stage:


    All hail the kinder, gentler Libertarians.

  32. George Phillies Says:

    Eric asks if I will condemn Seth Cohn’s actions as described by Eric.


    Mock funerals are a two century old American tradition.

    In my observation, Free Staters range from near-anarchists to conservative Republicans.


    Perhaps next time the LNC will listen. Of course, that requires that there is a next time.


  33. David Says:

    I am not a radical but am a registered Libertarian. I wont be voting for the freak Barr. In fact, from what I have seen from the LP I will be changing my registration on my next DMV visit. Sad the party of principle is dead. Well at least it got a proper funeral in NH.

  34. Clark Says:

    ANONYMOUTH SHITS: so the equivalent of a kid throwing a temper tantrum can take his ball and bat and go home. (END)

    ..’the ball and bat’ have been STOLEN by some neighborhood cretins, dumbass..

    THE OLD CROCKOFSHIT BLEATS: Don’t vote? Don’t Bitch. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. (END)

    ...actually dummy, your stinking ‘vote’ for/affirmation of any number of goddamned republicrat skunks is part of ‘the problem’..imagine, you dumb republicrat fucks, the effect of everyone doing what i’m going to do this november: stay home on election day and maybe curse every fucking republicrat politician on my local talk radio show! DON’T VOTE..IT ONLY ENCOURAGES THESE PIECES OF CRAP!!

    ROGER LEE WRITES: “This should have been the year that the LP made significant inroads into the mainstream mindset. Bob Barr did nothing but turn the casual voter even farther from ever even considering a third party. Of all the years to blow it, (END)

    ...exactly..and bile, good stuff too!.. ;o)

  35. Carl M. Cocksucker Says:

    Milsted is one of those freaks who will kill his wife and himself.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    So, Clark, the proper response is then to:

    (A) Take it back

    (B) Tell an adult

    (C) Sit on the curb and cry. After you’ve regained your composure ask your parents to take you to the store to buy a new ball and bat, and lie to both your parents and yourself about why.

    (D) Forget about it. You didn’t like playing baseball anyway, right?

    Sounds to me like there’s plenty of© and/or (D) going on in this situation.

  37. FormerLPMember Says:

    TheOldCrocodile Says:

    July 24th, 2008 at 7:23 pm
    Don’t vote? Don’t Bitch. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    Follow the link in my comment to the article Act Responsibly: Don’t Vote! by Wendy McElroy where she states “The opposite is true. By playing the game, voters agree to the rules. Only those who don’t play and withhold their consent have a right to complain about the outcome, especially since the winner will have his hand in the non-voter’s pocket.”

  38. Eric Dondero Says:

    Hah! Seth Cohn completely lies in his assertion that I “complained” to him on Tuesday night about “being stuck in New Hampshire.”

    For the record what I DID SAY to Seth and another woman in our company was that by the National LP having to send me and 3 other Pros to NH has diverted precious resources and time that could have been better spent in states like West Virginia. I pointed out to Cohn that if we hadn’t had to come to NH to do an entirely new petition drive, Pros like me could be in a truly crisis State right now like WV (or CT) helping the LP to get on the ballot.

    Let’s hope that the Libertarian Party still makes the ballot in West Virginia, despite our depleted petitioner forces being diverted to New Hampshire.

  39. Eric Dondero Says:

    Seth Cohn calls Bob Barr a “nice guy.”

    That’s a rather strange way to treat a “nice guy” by holding a mock funeral for him, and banging on his “coffin” all the while condemning him.

    If that’s the way Seth Cohn treats people he views as “nice guys” I’d hate to run into him in a dark alley in downtown Manchester, as a less than nice guy.

  40. K D Tunstall Says:

    As a former officer (I did not seek the nomination), I find that this type of behavior from the ‘radical’ wing of the party be despicable to say the least.
    Regardless of which wing a candidate hails from, it is a duty of a party officer to assist the party’s nominees. I did not wish to engage in campaigns this year and as such I have declined numerous requests to do so (including Barr). However, I would never overtly engage in activities that would be construed by either wing as negative or destructive.

    Had George, Steve or Mary garnered the nomination, you would not see the pragmatists, constitutionalist or reformers in the party holding or participating in such activity. You certainly would not be reading clarion calls to sabotage electoral efforts on the blogs and alternative web sites. This is all too reminiscent of the Smither campaign of ‘06 except ratcheted up to the n’th degree.

    George, you and I have talked a few times on the phone. Do you endorse this type of behavior? Do you consider this the actions of adult minds prone to reason? Or, would you agree with me that this is the behavior of spoiled children who have failed to get their way for the first time? Will you, as you should, denounce this type of activity and call for party unity? Or will you remain silent, and in doing so provide your tacit approval?

    Dondero, I am puzzled. As one who sings McCain’s praises, why are you working on ballot access for the LP? I would have assumed that you would be beating the pavement trying to rally GOP support.

  41. Eric Dondero Says:

    Tunstall, I’m puzzled by your puzzlement. Appartently you do not read my Blog - Libertarian Republican.

    I have said repeatedly, til I’m blue in the face that I am a PROUD REPUBLICAN FOR BOB BARR!

    I have not endorsed McCain. I am not supporting McCain.

    I hope he does well, well enough to carry some Libertarian Republicans into office like Tom McClintock running for Congress in California, and Allan West for Congress in Florida. But I will be voting for, and doing everything I can from now until Nov. 4, to help elect Bob Barr for President.

    And I plan to do that as a Republican.

    Even if McCain picks Sarah Palin as his running mater, someone I admire greatly and consider to be a hardcore Libertarian Republican, I’ll still be supporting Barr/Root.

    BTW, you do realize that I’m the very guy that recruited Root to run for the Presidency two years ago, don’t you?

    How could I possibly NOT support the Barr/Root ticket? That would be utter insanity.

  42. Eric Dondero Says:

    Yes, Tunstall, I am pounding the pavement for GOP support. Support for Tom McClintock for Congress, Allan West for Congress, Jeff Flake for Reelection to Congress, and a host of other Libertarian Republicans whom I hope will win election this year.

    There was a time when you felt the same way. What happened?

  43. George Phillies Says:

    Eric writes:

    “....I pointed out to Cohn that if we hadn’t had to come to NH to do an entirely new petition drive…”

    Given the way their ballot access law works, and the convention’s choice of nominees, there is not a credible alternative to doing, after the convention, the drive whose first phase you are now doing.

    Tunstall writes: “Had…Mary garnered the nomination, you would not see the pragmatists, constitutionalist or reformers in the party holding or participating in such activity…”

    I do not believe that you are right. It might have been superficially different, but if the favorite radical candidate had received the nomination, we would be having the same difficulties. Most people had not even noticed some of the more bizarre parts of her book, such as her claim that the chlorofluorocarbon ozone hole—was was chemically more general—is physically impossible. Also, there were large numbers of activists who viewed her position on page 43 and thereabouts of her book as being totally unacceptable.

  44. George Phillies Says:

    K D Tunstall Says:

    “George, you and I have talked a few times on the phone. Do you …”

    I didn’t like any of your choices, though you forgot to ask how often I beat my wife.

    I remind readers who may feel concern that I am a lifelong bachelor.

  45. K D Tunstall Says:

    Hmmmm…..OK so George you refuse to take a position.
    I equate that to tacet approval.
    Nice attempt at misdirecting my point.
    I believe that you have sealed my decision regarding any of your electoral efforts in the future.

    Dondero….why would I support a member of a party that violated the election code in order to maintain their leadership positions? That was the nail in the coffin as far as I was concerned. There will be many undervotes on my ballot this November.

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