How do the candidates compare to Ron Paul?

For most of this political cycle, Ron Paul has been the lodestone and top newsmaker for libertarians and constitutionalists. Now Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin are vying for this vote. But how do they (not to mention the other candidates) stack up against Paul? We know only Ron Paul can be 100% Paul, but how close do they come to his pro-liberty positions?

A libertarian or constitutionalist can disagree with Paul on certain issues, of course, without being thrown out of the church. Not to mention that any rating system is somewhat subjective and therefore imperfect. Nevertheless, Liberty Maven (Marc Gallagher) is to be commended for making the effort.

Liberty Maven’s “Ron Paul Paul-O-Meter,” he says, “rates the candidates on how closely they resemble Ron Paul on the issues.” As Gallagher says, “Who needs a Ron Paul endorsement when you have the Paul-O-Meter?” Click here to get the complete description and methodology.

And we now have these results with current candidates. The figures show just how much they are in agreement with Ron Paul on the issues:

Bob Barr
88 out of 99 possible points

Chuck Baldwin
88 out of 99 possible points

Ralph Nader
26 out of 99 possible points

John McCain
25 out of 99 possible points

Barack Obama
17 out of 99 possible points

Liberty Maven also gives you an opportunity to weigh in yourself on this comparison of the candidates.

17 Responses to “How do the candidates compare to Ron Paul?”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    Bob Barr is a former 4-term United States Congressman.

    Chuck Baldwin is not.

    There’s a serious resume gap between the two. Not too mention, an enormous ballot access gap.

  2. Eric Dondero Says:

    This is funny.

    You mean John McCain is closer to Ron Paul than Obama? That’s gonna raz some people for sure.

    Can’t wait to see the Leftwinger Libertarians like Rockwell, and Justin Raimondo explain that one???

  3. RJ Says:

    Bob Barr is a flip flopper Chuck Baldwin is not.

  4. Corey Says:

    Barr (and his party) are for open borders, unlimited immigration, and the abolishment of all nations via globalism.

    Baldwin (and his party) are for border control, limited immigration, and the preservation of this nation via the constitution.

  5. Corey Says:

    What follows is the latest official Libertarian position on open borders. From the 2000 libertarian website:

    “We welcome all refugees to our country. Furthermore, immigration must not be restricted for reasons of race, religion, political creed, age, or sexual preference. We therefore call for the elimination of all restrictions on immigration, the abolition of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Border Patrol, and a declaration of full amnesty for all people who have entered the country illegally.”

    In other words, Libertarians are for open borders. The Libertarian party has never renounced this position.

  6. Donna Says:

    Thanks, Corey, for bringing this to our attention. In other words, the Libbys source of law comes from man and whatever feels good instead of the freedoms and liberty that comes from the U.S. Constituition? Wow! our founding fathers were brilliant! That’s why Libbys will never become CPers, and visa versa.

  7. Corey Says:

    Donna, I doubt it’s “what feels good” which guides Libertarianism, rather, I suspect it’s “what makes the most money in the shortest time”. If that means selling their nation piece by piece, replacing its population demographically, or importing half a billion “willing workers” when the citizens aren’t servile enough, you can count on Libertarianism to capitalize accordingly. Short term profits precludes long term thinking in the Libertarian Party.

    I wonder if Libertarians contemplate prostituting their mothers? It is after all profitible…

  8. Antony Says:

    Just to clarify for Donna…
    Freedom and liberty do not come from the Constitution. It was created to limit goverment. The Bill of Rights just enumerates a few rights that are inherant to each individual. So, if the Constitution itself lists all that government is ALLOWED to do, then the BOR is there to merely reinforce this idea, giving them another list demonstrating what they are NOT allowed to do.

    The Founders were clear about this in their writings, if anyone bothers to read them any more.

  9. MPM Says:

    “Barr (and his party) are for open borders, unlimited immigration, and the abolishment of all nations via globalism.”

    Have you actually paid attention to anything Barr has said? On Glenn Beck or anywhere else (...more recent than 2000)?

  10. Eric Dondero Says:

    RJ, sorry to bust your bubble, but regular Americans prefer someone for President of the United States who has a little experience under their belt. Being a former 4-term US Congressman qualifies. Being a radio talk show host and Preacher, really does not.

  11. jj Says:

    This the the difference between McCain and Ron Paul..
    Tho’ numerically closer than Obama, the difference is much bigger and important to understand..
    NAFTA as it is, we will need what ever the Democrats will offer in the way of help to the American people how ever socialistic that may be is our only rationale choice with our jobs leaving the country, big Walmarts with all that china made merchandise putting mom and pop out of business and farmers becoming a thing of our past, we are going to get poorer and poorer with no rope to hold under continued policies of McBUSH. Democrats will throw us a bone every now and then, at least..

    You either have to be Republican 100% or the republic does not work..

    The best thing we could have done this election was to vote for Ron Paul.
    A statesman for We the people and for the good of America. America FIRST. Is Ron Paul the last of the REAL Grand old Party?
    Ron Paul is a protector of the republic. The people..Liberty, Prosperity and PEACE.
    We had our chance and we blew it.

  12. Jeff Becker Says:

    Comparing Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr’s numbers side by side, we find:
    1) Bob Barr scored 4 or less to Chuck Baldwin’s perfect 5 on FIVE key issues: monetary policy, taxes, immigration, gun control, and welfare.
    2) Both were tied with a score of 4 on internet regulation.
    3) Bob only scored one point higher than Chuck on the drug issue because Mr. Baldwin defers that issue to the states, which is the Constitutionally correct position. Refer to 10th Amendment.
    4) Bob Barr scored a 1 for his less-than-liberty voting record and Chuck Baldwin a 1 because he is a minister. Hmmm, which of these will the voters percieve as a bigger negative?
    5) Bob Barr outscored Chuck Baldwin 5 to 2 because of his “ability to deliver the liberty message” - thanks to being the current FAUX “NEWS” darling. Remember, the MSM went out of its way to silence Dr. Paul.
    6) Chuck Baldwin scored fifteen perfect fives to Bob Barr’s twelve.

    1 1 1
    2 0 1
    3 1 2
    4 6 1
    5 12 15

    Statistical edge: BALDWIN

  13. George Dance Says:

    Chuck Baldwin originally scored lower than Barr. His score was raised to a tie after his campaign complained.

  14. Eric Dondero Says:

    George, do you have evidence for that? If so, that’s a big bit of news. I’d like to report on that as an UPDATE! over at Libertarian Republican blog.

    Would you mind emailing me separately at [email protected] with info on that? Thanks

  15. Infamous0ne Says:

    Mr. Dondero-

    Your support of Bob Barr is a big part of why i will not be supporting him with my vote. Your blog is mistitled, it should read “neoconservative libertarian”, as the only thing you differ with neoconservatives is thier moral legislation. True republicans do not believe in nation building and the fiscal irresponsibility it entails.
    I would also like you to answer a question for us all - how can you support Bob Barr if he intends to withdraw troops from Iraq? I have an archived post saved where you told people on this very message board that al-qaeda terrorists were going to march through the streets of america if we withdrew from Iraq. (i can post it back here if you would like to refresh your memory). It seems that you would disagree with Bob Barr on this vital point, please explain how you can still support him.

  16. Jeff Becker Says:

    George and Eric,

    Chuck Baldwin’s campaign did not “complain”. His Communication Director, Mary Starrett, provided an update to missing information PER THE RON PAUL-O-METER STATEMENT: “If our readers can point us to direct quotes that refute some of the things we were able to find through our research we will happily adjust the score accordingly.”

  17. joey Says:

    This page: is about all the proof you need that this guy is no Ron Paul. I haven’t seen this type of collectivist fearmongering since Alan Keyes. Whereas RP made arguments based on logic, this guy’s parroting religious tripe from the farthest wing of the Christian Right.

    The reason RP attracted so many different voters is because he shared an individualist message, a message that government isn’t here to judge you by religious, moralistic standards, but by laws. And not just laws we want to make up, but laws that have a philosophical basis in individual liberty. Chuck Baldwin seems like the type of guy who wouldn’t mind firebombing a gay bar if no one was looking.

    As for Barr, campaigning on reversing all of your legislative victories is shady shady shady, and those of us who have been libertarians all along should be wary of his newfound, religiostic redemption. Looks like I might vote for “none of the above” this year.

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