Statement of Bob Barr after Al Gore’s ‘We’ campaign

The following is a media release from the Bob Barr presidential campaign:

WASHINGTON, July 17, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/——After former Vice President Al Gore’s “We” Campaign event at D.A.R. Constitution Hall concluded, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr issued the following statement:

Former Vice President Al Gore and I have met privately to discuss the issue of global warming, and I was pleased and honored that he invited me to attend the “We” Campaign event. Global warming is a reality as most every organization that has studied the matter has concluded, whether conservative-leaning, liberal oriented or independent. I am, however, also aware that scientists differ on its causes, impact and remedies. I remain firmly committed to free market solutions and innovations to address this issue; not tax-driven policies.

I commend Mr. Gore for his efforts and leadership in this area, and urge Senators Obama and McCain to join me in studying, debating, and finding solutions to the problem of energy needs, consumption and effects. The American people deserve to hear all of our views and proposals on this issue and others. I am particularly pleased that Mr. Gore agrees that the public debate of this issue should include me so that the American people can make an informed choice after hearing a range of views. However, the fact that neither of the two major party candidates attended this event may indicate their unwillingness to address this important issue. Mr. McCain, for example, seems to have adopted already the internationalist approach and relying on the cumbersome and costly “cap and trade” formula and he may therefore be unwilling to engage in a real debate that would reveal how flawed that approach truly is.

Barr represented the 7th District of Georgia in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003, where he served as a senior member of the Judiciary Committee, as Vice-Chairman of the Government Reform Committee, and as a member of the Committee on Financial Services. Prior to his congressional career, Barr was appointed by President Reagan to serve as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, and also served as an official with the CIA.

Since leaving Congress, Barr has been practicing law and has teamed up with groups ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to the American Conservative Union to actively advocate every American citizen’s right to privacy and other civil liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Along with this, Bob is committed to helping elect leaders who will strive for smaller government, lower taxes and abundant individual freedom.

Paid for by the Bob Barr 2008 Presidential Committee

19 Responses to “Statement of Bob Barr after Al Gore’s ‘We’ campaign”

  1. Bryan Says:

    That’s actually not as bad as a lot of folks were making it….Without a doubt, the earth is getting warmer, there’s no denying that. But whether this is man-made or natural (and I lean toward the natural cause), Barr addresses that…and most importantly, states that he’s committed to “free market solutions”, not government mandated policies….

    Barr is being careful here…..he’s trying to appeal not only to free-market libertarians, but also environmentalists who may feel Obama doesn’t represent them….not a bad political move, actually.

  2. dodsworth Says:

    “Without a doubt?” Temperatures have cooled over the last seven years. Doesn’t that sew some “doubt” for you.

    Barr just several hundred thousand votes with this bone-headed move. Please note that he says nothing about property-rights solutions. He only mentions the “market” (which could, of course, socialist trading in pollution, etc.) This has been a bad two weeks. First, Barr supported a bail-out to Fannie Fae/Freddie Mac (thus putting him to the left of Rush) and now this.

  3. dodsworth Says:

    That’s Barr “lost several hundred thousand votes.”

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