Advice for Bob Barr

Matthew Towery heads the polling and political information firm InsiderAdvantage. His column is distributed by Morris News Service. He recently penned a column of advice for Bob Barr, noting that “Barr does have some things going for him. If he takes advantage of them, he could yet toss a huge monkey wrench into the contest.” Essentially, his argument is that “Barr will have to conduct an intense, targeted campaign” and not waste money on hopeless causes.

Towery also has an intriguing take on the impact of the Ron Paul campaign earlier this year:

If one goes back and looks at the earliest of contests, Iowa and New Hampshire, an argument can be made that Paul’s performance was strong enough to kill off any chance that either Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson ever had. In Iowa, Paul’s 10 percent of the vote could easily have gone to either Romney or Thompson, or both if Paul had stayed out, allowing their campaigns to appear stronger going into New Hampshire.

And by the time of the New Hampshire primary, Paul was still polling just less than 10 percent. That performance basically sank Thompson. Had Paul been missing from the race and his supporters gotten behind Romney, then John McCain might not be the presumptive nominee today. While many in the media wrote Ron Paul off, his impact on the GOP election was immense.

3 Responses to “Advice for Bob Barr”

  1. timothy west Says:

    “Barr will have to conduct an intense, targeted campaign” and not waste money on hopeless causes


  2. Stefan Says:

    One wonders why Towery does not discuss the scenario how Huckabee, Romney and to a lesser extent Thompson hindered Ron Paul’s chances to perform much better in the early primaries. Thompson entered the race only later and after all Paul outraised all of them and represents a contrast with the others. I very much doubt strong anti-Iraq war supporters would have supported a candidate like Romney, Huckabee or Thompson…. Towery, like his previous boss Newt probably preferred Romney or Thompson - not that they really represented limited govt and civil liberties - but they forgot some party bosses “awarded” the nomination to McCain in January, also as a “reward” for the 2000 primary loss and as they thought with his “maverick” status John McCain is the furthest from Bush of these candidates and subsequently has the best chance to win against a Democratic opponent.

  3. Sean Scallon Says:

    Romney or Thompson would have been lucky to get 1% of Paul’s supporters. Do you honestly think if Romney and Thompson were that popular with Paul supporters that Paul would have even ran? That’s crazy!

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