Socialist Party appeals for funds to seek ballot access

The following is a media release from the Brian Moore presidential campaign of the Socialist Party of the USA:

Brian Moore for President Committee—P.O. Box 5742 Spring Hill, Florida 34611
352-686-9936—[email protected]

Ballot access

16 July: Ballot Access Appeal for Funds

Please help the Moore/Alexander ‘08 presidential ticket gain ballot access in 20 states this election year, in November, and also “write-in” status in another 20 states as well, with an urgent donation. Any amount will be appreciated!

We have already qualified in the states of Vermont and Colorado, and we have targeted 20 other states for ballot access status by no later than September 9th, less than two months away!

Because of the time constraints, and limited resources, we need to compensate some of our volunteers to work extra hours, as well as hire professional petitioners, by paying them per signature, and in some cases, cover our volunteers’ gas and motel expenses.

Deadline dates for signatures, or convention elections, in each state vary, but they are due in the following targeted states:

* Washington (July 26th) * New Jersey (July 28th) * California (August 3rd) * Kansas (Aug. 4th) * Arkansas (August 4th) * New Hampshire (August 6th) * Delaware (August 12) * Iowa (August 15th) * Tennessee (August 21st) * Ohio (Aug. 21st) * Utah (Sept. 2nd) * Louisiana (Sept. 2nd) * Wisconsin (Sept. 2nd) * Florida (Sept. 2nd) * Nebraska (Sept. 2nd) * Rhode Island (Sept. 5th) * Mississippi (Sept. 5th) * Minnesota (Sept. 9th)

We expect petitioner expenses in the states of Washington ($2,000), Arkansas ($1,500), Iowa ($1,500), Ohio ($5,000), Minnesota ($2,500), and in the secondary states of Nebraska, New Hampshire and Kansas (a significant amount if we can achieve donations for the others). That is a total of $12,500 for those 5 targeted states, and probably another $9,000 for the three secondary states.

We also have upcoming state fees of $500 for Louisiana, and we have already had to pay $750 for three separate legal advertisements required by the state of Washington, in three separate city newspapers (Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver) and possibly more, to announce our upcoming petitioning efforts. Socialist Party member, and former presidential candidate, Walt Brown of Oregon, has already been gracious to pay our $500 fee for Colorado.

A list all of our contributors in a separate communication is forthcoming. The early contributors have also helped us immensely in this ballot access effort.

The campaign also will have expected expenses in July and August for campaign signs, bumper stickers, flyers; plus, travel and convention fees and publicity expenses to announce upcoming speeches, etc. This is not to speak of our efforts in September and October to pay for radio ads, cable TV spots, mass marketing e-mails and taped telephone calls in as many states as we can, both where we are on the ballot or in states where we have official “Write-In” status.

So any dollars you can donate would be most appreciated. $5.00 and up! Please ask your friends, family and acquaintances who you know that support the Moore/Alexander ‘08 platform and our Socialist Party’s efforts to radically alter our economic system to redistribute wealth, gain worker and citizen control, and achieve a quality of life with a more egalitarian and democratic process for all.

Please contribute now! Thank you.

To donate via our website, click here. Or, contribute by check to “Brian Moore for President Campaign,” P.O. Box 5247, Spring Hill, Florida, 34611.

Thank you.


Brian Moore for President
Moore/Alexander ‘08
Socialist Party
PO Box 5742
Spring Hill, Florida 34611
Tel: 352-686-9936

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  1. jason Says:

    I was going to vote for him, but I don’t think he’ll even be on the ballot in South Carolina. He was going to try to get the United Citizens’ Party to nominate him, but they’re nominating Barack Obama along with the SC Democrat Party, or the Working Families’ Party, but they I think are nominating Cynthia McKinney along with the SC Green Party.

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