Joe Farah: Ralph Nader, not Rush Limbaugh, is the REAL welfare queen!

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily does a masterful job of demolishing Ralph Nader’s recent assertion that Rush Limbaugh is on welfare and the mis-named Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated.

Farah shows that Limbaugh makes his living solely through private enterprise, not public welfare. The story is different, however, for Nader himself:

Do you know how Ralph Nader makes money?

If not, don’t feel bad. Few others do, either. You see, Nader refuses to open his books to the public to see which lobbyist groups support him. We do know from previous investigations that, not surprisingly, he’s a favorite of the trial lawyers. But his Public Interest Research Groups and his Public Citizen organization get direct taxpayer subsidies.

In other words, it is Nader who is the real welfare queen here - not Limbaugh.

There’s more of interest in Farah’s article—to start with, the lifetime welfare doles given NPR and PBS, and how Rush Limbaugh actually SAVED the AM radio industry.

For the full story, Farah of course touts his own good book on the subject, but you may also want to look at the book Richard A. Viguerie and I wrote on this and much more: America’s Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power.

24 Responses to “Joe Farah: Ralph Nader, not Rush Limbaugh, is the REAL welfare queen!”

  1. Anti-Corporate Says:

    I wouldn’t call the article “masterful” at all. It presents a perspective opposed to Nader’s. But it does so in a very one-sided way. It will appeal to people who already disagree with Nader and lionize Limbaugh. But there is no argumentation or analysis that anyone sympathetic to Nader will find compelling at all.

  2. G.E. Says:

    Buy Viguerie’s book

  3. ralph fan Says:

    Huh? Horrible article.

    Ralph doesn’t even get paid by those organizations. A little research would have shown that he is not a salaried employee. He doesn’t work for them any more. Blah.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    I am a strong critic of Nader, Limbaugh and Farah, as they all have harshly disrespected the Catholic libertarian trotskyist movement and the international socialist Obama revolution. NPR and PBS are great friends of this holy and world-saving movement, and I do not appreciate Limbaugh’s and Farah’s moves against them. I also disagree with Farah’s supportive stance on Israel. Yet I applaude Farah for his exposition of the fascist/stalinist criminal Ralph Nader. Limbaugh is right on his criticisms of Nader, and is much less of a threat to the Obama Revolution than Nader is.

    God bless Dennis Kucinich. God bless Mike Huckabee. God bless the pope as he stands with the righteous on World Youth Day. God bless Ted Kennedy. Amen, hallelujah.

  5. Mike Says:

    Bad article.

  6. Alex Neiwirth Says:

    The airwaves on which Limbaugh’s show is broadcast—are owned by the public, you and I.

    The author notes that the stations (not the airwaves) are private enterprises. This is true, but does not negate Nader’s point that Limbaugh’s success depends on free use of the public airwaves.

    Also Nader no longer has anything to do with Public Citizen or the PIRGs the author mentions. Those organizations made that pretty clear back in 2004.

    Masterful? It sure doesn’t take much to impress some folks, just throw out a fallacy coupled with some movement dogma, and thirdpartywatch will call you “masterful.” I won’t give the author the benefit of the doubt and say he is being willfully ignorant, I think he was being intentionally deceptive.

    Boy, I just lost a lot of respect for Mr. Viguerie. And I never had any for David Franke, so no loss there, but at least now I know.

    I recommend everyone check out, so you can get the full story, because I don’t think you’re gonna get it here.

  7. Bob Marston Says:

    Joe Farah’s piece shows once again that you don’t have to know anything about a subject to write a book about it, just have a connection with a publisher.

    The first Licensed Public Radio Radio Station was founded by a Quaker named Lew Hill in 1946. KPFA began broadcasting in 1949. It was joined by its sister stations KPFK and WBAI in 1959 and 1961. During that era Public Radio was ENTIRELY SELF SUPPORTING. As such the stations were free to do what ever they wanted. Not having to answer to commercial advertisers Pacifica became the Iconoclast of broadcasting. They covered topics no other radio stations would touch which included Political Economy from a Marxist, Capitalist and Anarchists perspectives. Quite often side by side. The participation of Communists troubled the power structure who set about to destroy Pacifica. To even attempt to outline every trick the government pulled would take far to long. If you want to find out search around for Pacifica, NFCB NAEB (National Association of Educational Broadcasters) and the 1968 Carnegie Commission on Public Broadcasting.

    After many attempts to destroy Pacifica, all of which were unsuccessful, the Carnegie Commission was empaneled to find a solution to “the Pacifica Problem” problem. Their Report presented in 1968, proposed a number of measures including Government Grants Grants to progrmmers and stations that whose work reflected the government’s point of view. These grants took two forms Programming Grants made direct to programmers and Matching Grants made directly to the Stations themselves. The Programming Grant Program was implemented almost immediately but the Matching Grant Program didn’t not get underway until 1978 almost 30 years after KPFA went on the air. Yes that’s right Public Radio was entirely self supporting and did not take a single penny from the government for almost 30 years until some self appointed McCarthyites decided that Big Government is really a force for good when it attacks views they I don’t like ! The fact remains Matching Grants were set at 20% of every dollar raised and have not changed in 30 Years.

    There other numerous errors through Farah’s piece like NPR is public radio. The fact of the matter is NPR is a programming service and does not hold a single radio station license. As to Farah’s claim that Rush Limbaugh isn’t on welfare. Technically he may be right but the radio stations that air his programs most definitely are on welfare. The FCC over the last 20 years has stripped commercial broadcasters of their responsibilities to the communities which they claim to serve and allow them to select programing that need only serve the bottom line of their balance sheets. As Nader has pointed out on many occasions the administrative costs incurred from the station licensing process is smaller than that of the average automobile license.

    Public Radio Stations do have mandates to the community imposed on them by the FCC however weak they may be. Commercial Broadcasters have none.

    Mister Farah like Rush Limbaugh is another Conservative Gasbag out to indoctrinate the public by presented unchallenged his conservative doctrine wrapped in misinformation.

  8. Andy Says:

    “Farah shows that Limbaugh makes his living solely through private enterprise, not public welfare.”

    Rush Limbaugh makes his living by spreading lies and propaganda for the Republican establishment.

  9. Stefan Says:

    Is this really relevant on this site?.. supposed to promote third parties, yet now deals with criticism on a third party, not by another third party, but by supporters of one of the big parties.

  10. Porter Rockwell Says:

    Joe Farah is a Neo-Con pimp…

  11. Mark Says:

    Farah should get his facts straight. NPR is a private not-for-profit company - not “government sponsored” at all. It gets a small part of its budget (about 1%) from government grants that it has to bid for in a competitive process. Most of the rest of its money comes from selling its programming to member stations (a small portion comes from selling underwriting on its web site). I don’t know much about PBS, but I would guess that it’s funding structure is similar.

  12. Eric Dondero Says:

    Ralph Nader is a Safety Nazi. He is the man solely responsible for the Federal Government forcing the States to adopt Mandatory Seat Belt laws in all 50 States. For that reason, and for that reason alone every freedom-loving individual in the Nation should condemn him in the strongest terms possible.

    Sure, it’s nice to attack him on his lack of support for free speech rights too. And of course, he’s a complete Communist on Economics. Fine. Attack him there, as well.

    But let’s all remember that this is the man who had taken a complete Adolph Hitler stance on Safety issues, wanting to eliminate risk from our soceity and personal choice.

    He is the ultimate Safety Nazi.

  13. Laine Says:

    Seat belts=electric chair straps? LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL. Dear lord you can’t get much more ridiculous than that.

  14. kombayn Says:

    Are you kidding me Dondero? Ralph Nader was the one who got the companies to install the seat-belts and pushed for the law, I’m glad he did it. He’s saved a ton of lives and now we have a higher safety standard. He’s a top consumer advocate, and you’re just trying to smear him as a Nazi? No wonder you were fired from the Ron Paul Campaign.

  15. Eric Dondero Says:

    “Fired from the Ron Paul Campaign.” Could you kindly provide the evidence for that? Or, are you just engaging in some internet smear.

    And no, quoting Lew Rockwell or Justin Raimondo doesn’t equal evidence.

    Ron Paul himself had the chance on NBC News to address the issue of my employment status when Tim Russert confronted him with a quote from me about 9/11. Paul backed off, dithered and refused to answer.

    So, get your facts straight before mouthing off on shit you know nothing about.

    Here’s a phone number you should call if you want to know more about my past employment status with Ron Paul - 202-225-2831. Ask for Paul’s longtime Chief of Staff Tom Lizardo. Ask Lizardo if “Eric Dondero was fired.”

    If you don’t make the call, then kindly keep your mouth shut.

  16. Eric Dondero Says:

    Hey, why not ban fatty foods? They save lives too. Why not ban driving all together? That would save lives.

    In fact, if we all lived more like those characters in Wall-e, going around on specially made chairs, where we never had to do anything for ourselves, and never left our environment, we’d all live nice long lives.

    Of course, we’d weigh 400 pounds. But hey, it’s for safety’s sake, ‘eh?

    Gotta pass all the laws we can to make everyone safe. Pretty damned consistent for Marxists. Take away all of life’s risks in the market, and in one’s personal lives. That’s the Ralph Nader way…

  17. MPM Says:

    “The airwaves on which Limbaugh’s show is broadcast—are owned by the public, you and I.”

    But from a libertarian standpoint, they shouldn’t be collectively owned and he has the right to say whatever the hell he wants on his station.

    To add to what Dondero was saying, why not ban cars altogether? They’re surely our greatest preventable public safety threat:

  18. Clark Says:

    ...thank-you bob marston for bitch-slapping the republicunts who wail about, among other things, ‘the liberal media’ etc..great piece..

    ..farrah appears a babylonian republicunt piece of shit..limbaugh merely a republicunt piece of shit..

    ..CLARK FANS AND FOES ALIKE: as a complete aside i must $hare some nagging thoughts about the recent republicrat ‘media portrayal’ of ‘our money/financial woe$’..

    ..i’ve heard one stooooooopid republicrat fuck after another wagging about a massive ‘run’ on certain banks..(some stooooooopid republicrat fucks call them ‘bank panics’).. seems to me ‘bank runs/panic$’ are anachronistic..although once upon a time long gone…the stoooooooopid republicrat fucks were lining up to turn their green ragcloth rectangles emblazoned with number$, symbols, the visages of dead republicrats, etc. and bank ‘book entrie$,’ etc. into ‘dollars’ of gold/silver..

    ..but apparently nowadays the stooooooooooopid republicrat fucks are lining up to merely get the green ragloth rectangles emblazoned with number$, symbols, the visages of dead republicrats, etc.. i recently tried to explain to one stooooooooopid republicrat fuck:..’you see, dummy, back then, when a ‘bank run/panic’ was underway ‘the banker’ was truly in an impossible position..after all, he couldn’t tell ‘the boy$ in the backroom’ to “HURRY UP AND DIG MORE GOLD/SILVER!!..THE LINE IS GETTING LONGER”..he was in an impo$$ible $ituation..

    ...but nowadays when a ‘bank run/panic’ is underway “the bank$ter$” surely can calmly tell ‘the boy$ in the backroom’ to ‘turn the printing machine up a few notche$’..maybe add a zero to the number$ on the ragcloth, etc… ;o)

    ...this would seem more just/decent than cheating the ‘little people’ who hold deposit$ there, DIRECTLY TAXING US TO PAY FOR SOME STINKING BAILOUT, continuing to hide/protect the stinking money (issuance) system, etc.. other words THIS would be a great time to have ‘the talk’..

    ...but unfortunately, it appears the only people doing the talking are stooooooopid republicrat fucks who work their cheeseburger chutes about illion$ whilst WORSE THAN IGNORANT of the origin, nature, etc. of even one..

    ..have a good day, republicrats and sane decent people too! ;o)

  19. DebbieKat Says:

    There is no comparison between Nader and Limbaugh. Limbaugh earns his living by smearing people, while Nader has spent his entire life protecting citizens from corporations who are only looking at their bottom line and care nothing about consumer safety.

    What a ridiculous article.

  20. Matt Walker Says:

    I don’t know anything about Eric Dondero, but basic Googling came up with this:

    To quote the article, it says,
    “Reason: Your former staffer Eric Dondero is challenging you for your House seat in 2008.

    Paul: He’s a disgruntled former employee who was fired.”

    Which is according to Reason Magazine directly from an interview with Ron Paul himself.

  21. Eric Dondero Says:

    Yup, and he said this the same day he was quoted in the Brazoria Facts, our local Texas newspaper praising me for my service to him for 12 years.

    Again, if you want the truth, versus internet smears, about my employment status with Ron Paul, call Ron Paul’s Chief of Staff Tom Lizardo at 202-225-2831 in Washington DC.

    Once again, that number is 202-225-2831. Ask for Tom.

  22. steve conn Says:

    Ralph Nader focused on public ownership of the air waves and how none of us get direct or indirect payment for their use whether by El Schmucko or Big Bird. If Farah wants to go down on El Schmucko, he should make it a private act between consenting adults and leave the rest of us in peace.For the next ten minutes of so, we still have free use of the internet. Don’t count on either major party candidate to protect it.

  23. Jim Morr Says:

    Pretty sad. This is about 3rd grade level.

    Nader was commenting on the fact that WE own the airways.
    Also, Nader doesn’t WORK for Public Citizen. What kind of article is this? Masterful? No, 3rd grade.

    As for Libertarians… they should go back to reading what this country was founded upon. The freedom and liberty they tout is reserved for the PEOPLE not only a FEW people. The democratic principles of our Representational gov’t is for PEOPLE to be able to use the organizational dynamics of GOV’T to hold in CHECK out of control Corporate elites.

    Have we all lost our minds? The only check against tyrannical corporate power is a Gov’t where the PEOPLE make the rules… NOT worship the elite! That is the whole point of the USA The British East India Co. basically OWNED and CONTROLLED Britain’s policies (inc. the King). Try reading a bit about the history, and how we dealt with corporate power for decades after forming this country….

    Libertarians would allow some guy “Frank” run their local police force, even if “Frank” is not all that honest… because BIG gov’t is a “bad thing”... what mindless slogan-filled nonsense. NOT allowing a company to DUMB POISON in our rivers is OUR right… they serve US not the other way around. Wake up!

  24. Gary Baumgarten Says:

    Joseph Farah will be my guest at 5 PM New York time Monday August 25 on News Talk Online on

    To talk to him please go to and click on the link to the show. There is no charge.


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