Numbers USA gives Baldwin an A+++

Numbers USA founder and CEO, Roy Beck, graded each Presidential candidate. Besides McCain and Obama, he also graded Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, and Chuck Baldwin.

Unsurprisingly, Chuck Baldwin got the highest ratings on all the issues dealing with immigration.
Bob Barr got the worst rating on the issue of Amnesty.

To view the candidates ratings on each subject, click here.

12 Responses to “Numbers USA gives Baldwin an A+++”

  1. Alex Peak Says:

    That link makes Obama look good.

    I don’t like that link. I want us to look good.

    Well, at least we don’t look as bad as Mr. Baldwin. But still.

  2. Susan Hogarth Says:

    You got that right, Alex. How embarrassing to have the LP candidate score so well on an anti-immigration test.

  3. Cody Quirk Says:

    Too bad Chuck beats out the LP candidate that’s supposedly “tough” on immigration.

  4. Mike Says:

    Too bad this thing is an opinion created by one guy. Who gives a flying fuck what the guy has to say?? Look how cheaply made his website is anyways.

  5. Deran Says:

    I’m somewhat disturbed Ralph nader didn’t do worse in this guys mind!

    But, the real “tell” about NumbersUSA, is on their front page. Upper right; that faceless horde of dark figures seeming to impinge on the pure white of the rest of the header. This is just the same “know nothing” jingoism that always plagues the US, and especially in toughing economic times.

    It’s NIMBYism as national policy. “We got here first, so, you, go away.”

    NumbersUSA really have focus grouped their message. They equate non-natives as leading to sprawl and congestion, and the absence of non-natives is equated with a really perverse and jingoistic (imho) use of the terms environmental sustainability and economic Justice.

    Mr. Beck appears to appropriate whatever helps his neo-Know Nothingism, from whomever, to gloss over the core of fear-mongering and nationalist chauvinism.

    The answers to ending mass economic migration are economic and political, and not paramilitary.

  6. David Tomlin Says:

    Barr has been all over the map on immigration. He told Neal Boortz illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay if they passed a background check. He agreed with Glen Beck that any illegals detected should be deported and ‘crippling fines’ imposed on companies that hire them.

  7. Jane Seymour Says:

    Well Mike,

    His site isn’t any more cheaply made than this site that you are using to post comments on.


  8. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    This website…NUMBERS USA, is highly respected in many “anti-illegal immigration circles”, nationwide. So is F.A.I.R. , CCIR (Barbara Coe) and THESE are the biggies. THESE are the ones radio talk show hosts confer with. Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck seem to think they are too, because, even they go to these folks for ‘stats’ and information.
    Representatives from THESE groups are often invited on radio & TV shows.
    THAT is because THEY have credibility!
    THESE are the folks ANY serious-minded presidential candidate, who is serious about really securing our borders, stopping the flow of illegals, building a REAL fence, freeing the border patrol agents RAMOS & COMPEAN,stopping the North American Union scheme, stopping the NAFTA Superhighway scheme, and saying NO AMNESTY to 30 million illegal aliens (already here in our country)...would try to get in their corner.
    Enter CHUCK BALDWIN! This issue is ALL Chuck’s for the taking! NO OTHER CANDIDATE is taking a pro-active stand to protect our borders.
    Not even BOB BARR…aka: “Mr. Potato Head”...aka: “OPEN BORDERS BARR”. Certainly “McAmnesty McCain” will NOT! Certainly “Obamanation” will NOT! Patriot Ron Paul has been on the forefront to protect our borders too, but, now the torch has been passed on to Chuck!
    Go Chuck go!

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.)USAF
    Chrm. Orange County Central Commiittee,
    AIP/CP, Anaheim Hills, Calif.

  9. MPM Says:

    “Barr has been all over the map on immigration”

    Yeah and now his official campaign literature says he wants to end birthright citizenship. Lame. I get the sense that, like many in the LP, he didn’t care a great deal about the issue at the start of the year, and then as his campaign has developed, he and Russ Verney have been saying “we’ve gotta coax the ‘they tuk our jerbs’ conservatives!”

  10. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Larry Breazeale, Master Sgt. (ret.) USAF: Lots and lots of reform movement types would agree with you!

  11. Lance Brown Says:

    Cody, you might want to check your facts. Bob Barr did not score worst on amnesty. “Abysmal” is worse than “bad”.

    Not that I want Barr to be winning the NUMBERS USA competition or anything, but what you said isn’t accurate.

    OK, wait, I get what you meant. You meant Barr’s worst rating was on that issue, as compared to other issues. Not that he was the worst of the candidates on that issue. That wasn’t clear to me at first. Maybe it’s just me though.

    NUMBERS USA can screw off anyway. Here’s hoping Barr’s ratings there go down before election day. Though for what it’s worth, two of his “EXCELLENT”s are actually somewhat libertarian. Most of the rest of that quiz isn’t something I’d want to score well on.

  12. Cork Says:

    Baldwin’s plans to crack down on victimless crimes and economic freedom are not something to applaud. The fence he wants to build, along with his harsh economic nationalism, will lead to a police state (one with more poverty). He probably won’t even let us go on vacations. If he does, he won’t allow us to trade with anyone while on vacation. That would “kill American jobs.”

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