GOP base throwing McCain under the bus?

That’s what it looks like to Peter B. Young, columnist for the Milford Daily News in Massachusetts. He was reporting on Mark Skousen’s Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, where it was harder to find a McCain supporter than an anti-gambling agitator. Instead, Young says, “the Las Vegas event had a strong tilt towards Libertarian and Constitution Party advocates”:

In that connection, it is noteworthy that Libertarian presidential candidates Bob Barr and Ron Paul, both of them Republican representatives in the U.S. House, were also listed on the roster of speakers. The Republican Party’s presumptive Presidential candidate, John McCain, was not listed among the speakers or attendees.

11 Responses to “GOP base throwing McCain under the bus?”

  1. Rich Says:

    John McCain, was not listed among the speakers or attendees.

    Hitler and Stalin also gave the event a miss, despite being slightly less dead than McCain.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Snarkie, snarkie, snarkie

  3. GoNolzOhio Says:

    Why would a national socialist like McCain waste his time at an event called “Freedom Fest?” What part of McCain’s campaign has even the faintest whiff of freedom?

  4. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Gee, where has this guy been? That was a decided GOP plan months ago.

    The only problem is that the flaw in the plan is that the GOP expects to repeat Dole ‘96 with McCain ‘08. But the circumstances surrounding it are very different (no war, no recession, govt gridlock, public optimism then vs war, recession, runaway govt and public pessimism now), and the reuslt may be that by throwing McCain under the bus they kill the GOP with him.

  5. William C. Bigelow Says:

    I think electing a fake conservative like McCain would be worse for the GOP than losing.

  6. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    I think electing a fake patriot and almost flunked out of USNA and killed 200 sailors on the USS Forrestal and Hanoi Hilton Songbird and USS Liberty cover up artiste and all round ‘third rater’ Insane McCain [sp] would make President Cheney and Puppet Boy Bush League look like geniuses.

    Worse idea? Insane McCain [sp] and Juda Liebermann. I mean what if they want to cash their Mossad agent pay checks on the same day?

  7. Gene Trosper Says:

    If the GOP was actually throwing McCain under the bus, they would shockingly be doing this nation a favor for once.

  8. darren Says:

    An off-the-radar event dissing the McCain campaign? How will he recover?

  9. Mike Says:

    McCain simply doesn’t stand for freedom, explaining why none of his supporters were present at the event.

  10. Stefan Says:

    Skousen actually rooted for McCain (in a humanevents article) and had some misrepresentation of Paul’s views, which Rand Paul corrected nicely. Of course he will not be so dumm as to invite McCain, who will only make a fool of himself and has nothing to contribute to the theme of liberty.

  11. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    Why are you guys surprised? John “McAmnesty McCain” has made his bed…(he is sleeping on a bed of nails…the nails spell AMNESTY)..and this opportunist, CFR member (Council on Foreign Relations) is an ‘internationalist’ FIRST (aka: globalist) and AMERICAN “last”!
    What he did in the Navy is the past. We need to ask him instead…”Senator what have you done for America lately”? Absolutely NOTHING!
    He is the illegal alien’s very best friend!

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.)USAF

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