Baldwin goes to Ron Paul rally; Barr to Freedom Fest

Reason’s David Wiegel covers the Ron Paul march in Washington, D.C. this past Saturday. Of the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin he writes:

The final speech before Paul’s came from Chuck Baldwin, the Pensacola, Florida pastor and Constitution Party candidate, who used the little time he had (graciously having given some of his minutes to Paul) to make a concise national sovereignty pitch. “You’re either a globalist or you’re an American,” Baldwin said. “And I… am an American!” Some of the Baldwin boosters in the crowd (many from Florida) started chanting “USA! USA!”

And why wasn’t Bob Barr there? He had opted to go to Mark Skousen’s Freedom Fest in Las Vegas instead:

Some of the people I talked to at the march wondered why Bob Barr had no presence there, ceding all the ground to Chuck Baldwin. I can’t speak for Barr, but I don’t think he lost anything that by going to Freedom Fest instead of the Revolution March. Both events were aimed at different segments of the Paul movement choir. I’ve seen enough go-nowhere groups (Palestinian solidarity types, white pride morons) fill the West Lawn with rallies to cure me of the thinking that “big rally” = “movement on the rise.” Yes, it’s awfully fun to see people walking in view of Washington monuments with signs like “READ ATLAS SHRUGGED” and “MISES SAVES.” What it achieved, I have no idea.

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  1. David K. Meller Says:

    It may have been nice of more Libertarian Party members and Bob Barr ‘08 supporters (with their signs) were present, but Mr. Barr can’t be in two places at once.

    I think that there are enough people in the Ron Paul movement to greatly expand both the Constitution and the Libertarian Parties without “poaching” on each others’ territory.

    Besides, competition is the name of the game, and it works to improve the quality of the product (the politics of liberty) in the market for ideas, just as it does in the area of goods and services!

    David K. Meller

  2. GoNolzOhio Says:

    I think David Wiegel is correct. In fact, I don’t think he went far enough. Barr was right to choose Freedom Fest over the Paul Rally. Too much of a cult of personality around Paul, and too many flakes in the movement. He would have gained very little there. Most of those people are conspiracy theorists to some degree, and aren’t interested in reality.

  3. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    You can go to the Baldwin 2008 Campaign website to see and hear Chuck and afterwards- Ron Paul speak before 10,000 people. Chuck graciously gave up most of his time allotted to Ron Paul. Chuck spoke for about 5 minutes. THAT was still enough time to get his message across! Many Baldwin For President supporters were there, shoulder to shoulder with many Ron Paulers.
    The video was great! Chuck was great! Ron was great! This was great exposure for Chuck. MORE are coming down the pike.
    CHUCK BALDWIN 2008 !

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF

  4. Hugh Jass Says:

    It really seems almost as though Barr is trying not to get Ron Paul supporters. Now Barr supporters as just writing off Paulites as sour grapes.

  5. Mike Says:

    GonolzOhio, I agree. The Ron Paul movement was great, but it did develop too many “cultish” followers. No point in Barr trying to get their vote, because the majoirity of these cultish followers plan on writting in Ron Paul on the ballot, and nothing will change their minds. Unfortunatley these votes could go to viable third party candidates, but instead, they will be discarded. What a shame it turned out to be when people started the “Write in Ron Paul” movement.

  6. John Lowell Says:

    “And why wasn’t Bob Barr there?”

    Well, if Baldwin were there, there were probably a reasonable number of pro-lifers with him with lots of curiosity. And Bob, of course, is known for having a decidedly shy streak when it comes to those embarrasing questions about his ex-wife’s abortion and whether he signed a check paying for it. Now I’d find it hard to believe, but can it be that Bob is ducking appearances that would tempt those questions? I mean Paul is pro-life, and Baldwin is pro-life, is Bob Barr really, really, pro-life? Kinda gets you to wondering, doesn’t it?

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