Who is Rosa Clemente?

Who is Rosa Clemente? We know she is Cynthia McKinney’s vice presidential running mate on the Green Party ticket, but who was she before that? This Chicago Sun-Times blog says “this is a ground-breaking pick” and provides links to her biography and website.

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  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Cobb/ LaMarche

    Cobb/ LaMarche

    Cobb/ LaMarche

  2. kombayn Says:

    I really can’t take this ticket seriously. They’re going to be promoting the Black Panther Party here, it’s really stupid. Cynthia McKinney wants slave reparations apart of her platform and the Green Party voted against the platform for some of the controversial things that McKinney was trying to promote. The GP failed and will get less than 200,000 again this year, this may well indeed crush the entire party. No wonder Ralph Nader left after trying to help push the GP after the 2000 Election. Too much bickering and nominating tickets that have no shot at winning. I’ll be shocked if the GP gets 0.5% this election cycle.

  3. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    kombayn: are you talking about Green Party of California? California’s Peace and Freedom Party? both? ———Don Lake, PFP 1992-2003

  4. shawn Says:

    kombayn: I think blacks have a right to seek damages for a whole host of things both from the days of slavery to the present day. That is all McKinney supports is a serious look at the grievances. Under the constitution americans citizens have a right to have these things looked into.

    It’s really chilling when you put together all the things that has been done to those people and all of the things we are doing now. Its buried and no one ever is able to uncover it because blacks are not really represented. I think the Greens have done a great thing by nominating McKinney she really speaks for the black population where Obama is seeking to destroy these groups seeking reform. The Obama campaign wants to point fingers at McCain’s advisers for saying the recession is mental Obama did that on father’s day when he fed into the stereo-type that black men are not good fathers. He was trying to say that the problem the black community faces is all mental. Obama doesn’t speak for those people so no change there. What a great day in american politics.

  5. Mike Says:

    Clemente will hold McKinley back from getting any support besides a few black nationalists from the 60s who wake up every morning to speeches by Malcolm X. This is a terrible ticket for the GP, and can see this being their downfall. I see the majority of Green voters voting for Nader.

  6. monte letourneau Says:

    reparations are party of the GPUS platform:

  7. Julia Willebrand Says:

    A wonderful ticket! Two womyn, a first in US politics, on the ballot in 21 states right now. Not only is this a powr to the people campaign, it is also an about-time power to womyn campaign.

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