Libertarian to run carbon-neutral House campaign

The following is a media release from the Thomas Knapp for Congress campaign:

POC Thomas L. Knapp
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St. Louis - Voters normally expect a certain amount of hot air from
politicians, but Libertarian congressional candidate Thomas L. Knapp
announced this morning that he intends to cool things down by running
a “carbon-neutral” campaign.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” says Knapp, 41, of Greendale.
“Every politician I see out on the stump has big plans for addressing
climate change … but those plans never seem to include leading by
example. I want to look back in November and know that I was part of
the solution rather than part of the problem.”

Knapp arrived at his campaign’s estimated carbon footprint by running
projected travel mileage and electricity use through several online
footprint calculators. “Then,” he says, “I added a fudge factor to
account for things like printing and shipping of campaign materials.”
He purchased a six ton Verified Emissions Offset credit for about $40
from a firm which in turn invests in emissions-reducing projects such
as generation of electricity from landfill gas in Illinois. He plans
to revisit his calculations in October and purchase additional offsets
if necessary to maintain carbon neutrality.

“Libertarians believe that the market provides the most efficient
avenue for addressing problems like pollution and climate change,”
says Knapp. “We also believe that Americans are, in general,
responsible individuals who will do the right thing when they can. I
switched to energy-saving CFL lightbulbs and a gasless ‘reel’
lawnmower without anyone in government forcing me to.” His campaign
platform includes ending corporate welfare that subsidizes polluting
industries, and leaving far more money in taxpayers’ pockets, where he
predicts that it will combat climate change more effectively than it
would in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

Knapp is unopposed in his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s
nomination in Missouri’s 2nd US House district. He’ll face off with
incumbent Republican Todd Akin of Chesterfield and an as-yet unchosen
Democratic nominee, in November. The Libertarian Party, founded in
1972, is America’s third largest political party and has been an
established party in Missouri since 1992. Their 2008 slate includes
candidates for statewide office as well as congressional, state
legislative and local seats.


4 Responses to “Libertarian to run carbon-neutral House campaign”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    I see Tom Knapp has now joined the Political Correctness Brigades of the Far Left. We will next see Knapp pledging his support to the Democrat/Pelosi bill to ban free speech rights through the Fairness Doctrine? After all, that’s Leftwing Libertarianism for ya.

  2. MPM Says:

    The politically correct thing to say would be that we need government to award a prize for a better battery (oops McLame already did that) or subsidize inefficient forms of power. Knapp’s corporate welfare line is a bunch of liberal bs though, the government gives ALL businesses tax credits for depreciation of value. I hope he’ll talk about how the government hurts the quest for less carbon emmissions through a ridiculous ethanol policy that drives up fuel and food prices, when we could get the same amount from Brazil without grossly wasting energy on Haber-process produced fertilizers. Along that same thread government farm bills always endorse big-time chemical farming companies like ADM and Cargill, virtually leaving farmers no choice when alternative organic farming could capture perhaps 40% of atmospheric carbon produced by humans. Also quotas on foreign vehicles and safety regulations make it difficult for lighter foreign cars (like Smart or Tata Motors produce) from being sold here. Finally, government regulation makes it much more difficult to build new nuclear reactors.

    Right wing folks might always say global warming is a hoax, but even if much of it is, the fact that greater carbon emmissions acidify the oceans isn’t really debated (except by maybe those who deny the validity of the geologic record because they say the earth can only be a few thousand years old…) At the current rate of emmissions we would reach carbon levels of 1000 ppm in about 400 years, maybe a bit less, and the geologic record shows us that causes an anoxic event. Even if that seems a long ways off, in the short term we could see plankton stocks die out, affecting the whole food chain and thus the entire fishing industry.

  3. Teddy Says:

    Global warming the big lie. Global warming is only a reason for the left and the government to steal more money from Americans.It suprises me because I thought Tom was a small government person. Go figure.

  4. MPM Says:

    How does a statement like this, “We also believe that Americans are, in general, responsible individuals who will do the right thing when they can” anything but a small government statement? You’re right, maybe global warming isn’t that important, but anoxic events are.

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