From the Green Party convention

According to Drew Pritt:

Reportedly, former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska, former State Representative Jim Lendall of Arkansas, Boston City Councilman Chuck Turner of Massachusetts, and Madison Common Councilwoman Marsha Rummel of Wisconsin are on Johnson’s shortlist of running mates.

Also, Pritt says, “There’s no confirmation, but I understand McKinney is falling short on winning on the first ballot and she lost a few delegates by naming Clemente [as her running mate].”

5 Responses to “From the Green Party convention”

  1. MPM Says:

    lol Mike Gravel. The man of three parties now. He already said his political career is over.

  2. Sobriquet Says:

    Gravel always said he did not want a VP slot. If he does end up on the ticket, though, the Greens may pull me from Nader…

  3. Arizona Indie Says:

    The nomination is as good as McKinney’s with this assessment. Pritt has a deep enough track record to not believe a single thing he says.

  4. Drew Pritt Says:

    Arizona Indie is obviously a McKinney plant who is trying to attack me after my letter to the Greens opening questions about McKinney’s questionable public record.

  5. kombayn Says:

    If the Green Party delegates are smart, they’ll promote the Nader/Gonzalez ‘08 ticket and I’m hoping that Jesse Johnson, kat swift & Kent Mesplay fall short that they endorse the Nader/Gonzalez ticket to be nominated. Cynthia McKinney has had controversy with statements made by her, picking up donation support and choosing a running mate with no Green Party experience. It’s not the time to elect the Black Panther/Power to the People [fist pump into the air] ticket this year. Not when Barack Obama is running or the Greens may be in a very serious embarrassing situation this November. I already hear the GP convention needed a $15,000 loan for this convention, speaks wonder about fund-raising this year. Do the smart thing and endorse the Nader/Gonzalez ‘08 ticket.

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