McKinney picks Clemente for Green Party running mate

The Green Party will select its presidential and vice presidential nominees at its convention this Saturday in Chicago. Cynthia McKinney, one of the candidates for the presidential nomination, has selected Rosa Clemente as her vice presidential running mate.

Clemente’s website is On it she says:

I hope that my Vice Presidential run will inspire all people to recognize they have more then two choices. The time has come to stop talking about what we have to do, but do it by building a 3rd party. I hope you join me on this journey. Feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Rosa Alicia Clemente is a community organizer, journalist and hip-hop activist. Born and raised in the South Bronx, she is a graduate of the University of Albany and Cornell University. A much sought after commentator, political activist, community organize and independent reporter, Rosa has been delivering workshops, presentations and commentary for over ten years.

[email protected]

To schedule an interview or book Rosa for an event, call: 347-534-2994.

16 Responses to “McKinney picks Clemente for Green Party running mate”

  1. kombayn Says:

    It’s official, the Green Party is running a Black Panther ticket. I’m really disappointed in Cynthia McKinney. If this isn’t a wake-up call to all the Green Party activists to get behind and endorse/nominate the Nader/Gonzalez ticket, I don’t know what is. Truly hilarious a Hip-Hop activist as your VP selection. Simply retarded, way to go Cynthia McKinney. I don’t expect them to get anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 votes this election cycle. The Green Party truly needs a shake-up.

  2. will Says:

    im probably going to vote for nader, but i think her choice is a good one, the best ive seen so far, if Dead Prez does a music tour for them they may be about to pull 1% nation wide. its good for the party. but i still think nader is the only one right now worth considering. i hope the green party continues to pull minorities into the party.

  3. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Historically, minorities and under thirties are low turn out areas. [The Democrats have crippled themselves by driving away ‘angry white Boomer males’!] What’s her face might be a niche ‘star’ but by November 2008 she will be ‘huh’ to most of the VOTING POPULATION! By January 2009 she [and McKinney] will not even be Jeapordy! answers!

    Just another ‘no name’ shot in the dark. [If you wink at a potential romantic partner in a crowded elevator when the lights go out ——only you will know what’s going on!’

  4. Alica Lindsey Says:

    Thank You for the Green Party coverage.

    You should have more Green Party reporting.

    Espcially during this weekends convention.

    Thank You.

  5. Bo Says:

    I second Lindsey’s thanks for covering the Green Party. I think it’s an excellent choice on Cynthia’s part.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    The Green Party wanted to out Black Obama. not going to work. For real change vote Ralph Nader for President or Bob Barr for President, everything else is a nice atempt but no cigar

  7. joell Says:

    sadly, Mckinney reminds me of an aging star who fails to accept that her glory days, as a politician, has passed.

    Billy Mckinney, her father, please have a long talk with your daughter.

  8. jason Says:

    I think this is great. There is no real voice representing black America (Nader is right when he says Obama is talking white). I hope this increases black voter turnout, so they can vote for a ticket that would actually represent them.

  9. Jonathan Says:

    Black folks will vote for Obama since he has the best chance of getting elected. No matter how pure or impure his positions are. That’s the reality. The Green Party in 2008 will do as well as Cobb did in 2004 with just over 100,000 votes. If they were smart they would have drafted Ralph Nader who in 2004 as an independent and after being blamed for the election in 2000 still garnered over 400,000 votes. This 2008 election Ralph would have really done something under the Greens . Just look at the polls, the poor guy is getting 6% and he won’t even be on more than 34 ballots realistically. With the Greens he could have been on many more and actually use his resources to campaign instead of filing petitions for ballot access. Error by the Greens and Error by Nader

  10. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    jason: and do you agree with Harry Belafante when he said that former Chief of Staff Colin Powel was basically a [white] house nigger as compared to a field hand?

    And this disasterous choice as ‘excellent’? Let’s talk in mid November! Pass the Kool Aide plz!

    And progressives [including Nader and the Green Party USA] Circular Firing Sqaud[s]? Well it seems to be contageous, as in reformers, CP/AIP, Libs/ Boston Tea Party…....

  11. Green in Brooklyn Says:


    First of all - Nader didn’t want to run as a green. 2nd - her is not, nor has he ever been a Green party member, and is not interested in building a party. 3rd, Nader is old news, and most of the 3-6% he is seeing in the polls are people who are tired of the Democrats, and fed up with Congress’ inability to end the war in Iraq. Most of these people will gravitate to McKinney/Clemente when they find out about the Green Ticket. Remember - Mckinney has not been polled nationally yet - this will change in the next few weeks. Nader may get stuck under 400,000 votes this time around, but McKinney has a chance to exceed Nader’s 2000 numbers, and a slight chance to get 5%, especially if she gets on 43-45 ballots, and Obama continues revealing himself to be the social conservative that he seems to be showing us the past couple of weeks.

    Also, when I heard about Rosa as VP, I initially had a ‘Who?’ moment, and was disappointed that McKinney couldn’t find someone of higher profile, or at least one of the other Green prez candidates. After learning a bit about Ms. Clemente, and meeting her tonight, I am impressed by her passion and dedication, and also with her connectedness in the Hip Hop world and other constituencies which do no overlap with Green party base. Picking Kat Swift or Jesse Johnson as VP would not expand the base the way that someone like Cynthia and Rosa can How better to combat Obama than with two women of color, one of which has strong roots in the Bronx PR community?

  12. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Again, let’s get together in Mid November and rehash recent history. Hope you are right, but I see yet another Cobb/ LaMarche train wreck in the making. Hope you are right and I am wrong. ——Don Lake

  13. Wanda Parsons Says:

    Rosa Clemente is off her rocker and officially messes whatever hope McKinney was looking for. Clemente is one of these “don’t know what color I am today” people. Now she is Green, lawdy lawdy. Time to vote for Obama, y’all, cause McKinney done lost what little mind survived her hair explosions of a couple of years ago. Black people need to move forward, not backward with these two crazy cherry bomb twins.

  14. joell Says:

    Green In Brooklyn says:

    “Most of these people will gravitate to McKinney/Clemente when they find out about the Green Ticket. Remember - Mckinney has not been polled nationally yet - this will change in the next few weeks.”

    nothing is going to change. the very few people who do find out about the green ticket will laugh and move on. I believe she will be fortunate to get 100k votes. She won’t reach this figure if Nader is on the Calif. ballot. A good measure of her support is that she has generated, over many months, only around $1000 in donations in her home state.

    “.......if she gets on 43-45 ballots,........”

    after reviewing ballot access news and factoring in the many “paper states” only state GP’s, a realistic figure is 26-28 ballots.

  15. Bryan Says:

    Is it a bad choice…No. Is it the best choice…No.

    I feel the VP choice should compliment the Prez candidate. Be strong in different areas, appeal to different demographics, appeal to different geographical areas, and in the case of Cynthia, I feel the VP choice should represent the long time, activist Greens.

    We should be about growing the Party, and now I have doubts as to whether either of our “top of the ballot” candidates will even be in the Green Party in 2009.

  16. darolew Says:

    I see McKinney has picked someone who strongly shares her preference for crappy web design.

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