Democrats don’t want some votes to be cast

Dan Billings, a Republican, says this in an op-ed in the Kennebunk (Maine) Morning Sentinel:

During the controversy after the 2000 presidential election, Democrats cried “count every vote.” Unsuccessful with that strategy, the Maine Democratic Party is now trying to limit the choices Maine voters see on their ballots.

Their target this year is Herbert Hoffman, an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Sen. Susan Collins, who is being challenged by Democratic candidate Rep. Tom Allen.

See his op-ed for Dan Billings’ interesting take on why the Maine Democratic Party is going to extreme lengths to keep an independent candidate off the ballot.

4 Responses to “Democrats don’t want some votes to be cast”

  1. jason Says:

    Democrats are bound and determined to keep progressives out of Congress and the White House.

  2. Sivarticus Says:

    Dems do seem to spazz out more than the GOP about third party candidates. I don’t remember Dole trying to knock Perot off the ballots in 1996, despite the argument that Perot heavily spoiled Bush I in 1992. Yet, Nader gets a mere 3% in 2000, and the Dems turn into snarling, raving loons. But then, lefties have always been more inclined to eat their own children.

  3. Brandon Magoon Says:

    Maybe the reason Dems spazz out about 3rd party candidates more then the GOP does is because the GOP started as a 3rd party. The Dems have pretty much been in power for as long as the country has existed so they seem to have an entitlement mentality on the issue.

  4. Peter Says:

    While it is true that the GOP started out as a third party, nobody alive today remebers a time when the Republicans were not one of the two major parties. I think this is not an example of the republicans being good (they certainly do not go out of their way to make third party access to media and ballots any easier) but this is more an example of the way the Democrats are sore losers. The Democrats are a bunch of whiney children.

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